I love groot 1GROOT, but then again who doesn’t? And, what about BABY GROOT? Well he’s just plain adorable!

After watching GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY I decided to get crafty and do some felting. I happened to have the right wool colors at my disposal and so I began my work.

Felting is shaping wool by poking it with a special needle to tighten all the fibers together. I first got into felting it thanks to discovering Wool Buddy at a Comic Con. (I highly recommend their patterns/boxes with all you need to start felting!) Since that moment I’ve gone and felted other things and right now felting BABY GROOTS is my obsession.

I can’t wait to get more supplies and make even more! Now that I’ve seen GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY twice now I’m even more inspired! Yup.

me and groots


groot and chairy groot and comic

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