Happiness, A Time For Happy!

cat fangirlI know things aren’t easy out there right now. A lot of people are scared and frustrated and dwelling in the fear and frustration.

It seems like a dark cloud looms, I’m seeing my pessimistic friends be even more so, and a lot of complaining is going around. That doesn’t change things, actions and attitudes change things. We have to speak up, show we’re serious. I don’t want to think that violence will be the next step. I’m not someone who wants violence. I don’t want to see people I love get hurt. I don’t want to see any person get hurt!

I am a generally happy person, I love sharing a smile and seeing others be happy. It feels like it’s going to be harder to smile, to be happy. But that’s why we, I, have to try even harder.

We all should be able to have good and happy lives!

It’s time for Happiness, to do what you love, to share what you love and put out what you want to see. It’s not easy and again just saying and typing this seems naive. But, I’m not going to be silent about what’s going on, and I feel we have to show it with our passions, put our passion into the fight.

Be good to others, help people who are hurt, and remind others we can get through it together, working together, sharing together and standing up together.

No Retreat, No Surrender! Be happy! Be good! Be Excellent! Together we can move forward and not take steps back.

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