2020 continues to be the rollercoaster ride year with twists, turns and ups and downs and loop-de-loops and one can’t seem to find a way off. But really all in all I’m going to keep riding the ride where it goes. I’ve got some good company along the way and we just take care of each other and stay safe with masks on.

Funny thinking of the before fore, before pandemic life. Some stuff feels like just yesterday. My Guy Dave (MGD) and I were just talking about how a long road trip we took and our wedding didn’t feel like years passed. But going to restaurants and movies, that feels like it’s been forever, ever.


A year ago…we were excited for X-mas and having an almost one year old at the time was making it fun, but after a family gathering the Sunday before someone was germy and Dave woke up X-mas day feeling ick, that night he had a fever and then the next night our kiddo started coughing, her temperature rose and we found ourselves in the ER (first time parents we had to be sure) and yup kiddo’s first virus was doozy.

Who knew then what 2020 would be…

But it’s just a reminder to me that we have to stay safe and keep taking care. We’re doing our part to stay healthy and that makes me feel good.

Movie watching happens here and there, Saturday night is the night we try for movie nights. The kiddo knows Saturdays are movie nights, we make popcorn and eat candy, she likes gummy bears. Some nights we get through a movie, but it’s fun quality time. I’m not very good at keeping my movie list this year, I feel like I’ve left some stuff off, but since I last shared movies I’ve seen some fun things.


13. AIRPLANE (1980) – 7/26/20 – HULU/NETFLIX – RESEE
14. THE LAND UNKNOWN (1957) – 7/27/20 – SVENGOOLIE
17. DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD (2019) – 8/11/20 – Hulu (KIDDO’S FIRST MOVIE!!!!!)
18. Bill & Ted Face The Music (2020) – 8/29/20 – Google Rental
20. GOLDEN EYE (1995) – 9/6/20 – Netflix – Reese
21. CRAWL (2019) – 9/24/20- Hulu
22. Hocus Pocus (1993) – 10/4/20 – Disney+ – Resee
23. SAVE YOURSELVES! (2020) -10/10/20 – Hulu
24. CHARLIE’S ANGELS (2019) – 11/8/20 – Starz –
25. PERRI (1957) / – 10/15/20 (FINISHED) – DISNEY+
27. Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) – 10/17/20 – Starz
28. SPONTANEOUS (2020) – 10/18/20 – STREAMING
29. CHARLIE’S ANGELS (2019) – 11/08/20 – Starz
30. Elf (2003) – ?? – Hulu
31. Tremors Shriekers Island (2020) – 11/16/20 – Netflix
32. WHITE CHRISTMAS (1954) – 11/29/20 – Netflix

YAY! MOVIES!!! Yup, DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD (2019) is my kiddo’s first movie, she watched it with interest most of the way through, I had to assure her things would be okay. SWIPER THE FOX is the coolest Fox ever and well Dora was kick-ass! I loved the movie. I watched a lot of DORA back in the day with my nieces as they were growing up and so the movie got me from beginning to end. My kiddo is quite the Dora fan now. And sometimes when we want something silly to watch we watch the SWIPER scene and the finale song from the movie now and again, a few times in a row. (Kid TV watching is something.)

BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC was the best and it was a movie I needed more than anything with all going on in the world.

CHARLIE’S ANGELS was a lot of fun and I’m sorry I missed the action on the big screen in 2019.

TREMORS Shriekers Island should have been better…yes I have a standard for my TREMORS movies.

WHITE CHRISTMAS is fantastic, I’m glad I finally watched it all and my kiddo enjoyed those dance numbers right along with me. That’s a movie that makes me love movies more. And it was the right movie to kick off the Christmas holiday season. (I’m listening to more Christmas music this year than ever!!!!!)

We really are getting into the holiday spirit and feel Christmas this year will be fun, all for the kiddo. The tree is up, the lights twinkle, she is excited for Santa Claus and sings SANTA CLAUS IS COMING…TO TOWN. (Melts me every single time!)


18. DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE – Robert Louis Stevenson – audiobook
20. DEVOTION – Patti Smith – audiobook
21. THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS – Ursula Le Guin – audiobook (BBC adaptation of the book)
22. ART MATTERS – Neil Gaiman – audiobook
24. BARRAYAR – PART 2 OF CORDELIA’S HONOR – Lois McMaster Bujold
25. ZEN IN THE ART OF WRITING – Ray Bradbury
27. FALLING FREE – Lois McMaster Bujold
28. THE WATER BABIES – Charles Kingsley
29. YEAR OF THE MONKEY – Patti Smith – audiobook
30. ON THE BEACH – Nevil Shute

YAY BOOKS!!! I’ve been able to read so much and that makes me happy. I usually go to my books whenever I get a moment, with glasses now! The audiobooks are fun too, getting fun stuff via Libby and the library!

MGD recommended the author Lois McMaster Bujold to me and she is now one of my favorites ever! CORDELIA’S HONOR captivated me every moment and it’s so full of life and real characters. Glad I read that after having my kid, yup. MGD likes to remind me he read it while I was pregnant and it was tough. I’m on to the MILES series and it gets real intense I have to take breaks.

THE WATER BABIES was unusual fun, old fashioned style and still so relevant. I grew up on the movie THE WATER BABIES and the movie is much different, I absolutely enjoyed the adventure I read.

And I finally read ON THE BEACH. I was sad the entire way, but also hooked where I read that book every chance I could to get to the end, though I knew how it would end. I will say that the movie did a pretty good job of capturing the book. Nevil Shute is also one of my top faves since I discovered him last year. He can write people and places that are so vivid and heartbreaking. WAHHHHHHH!!! People read ON THE BEACH or see the movie, but it’s so sad!!!!

I am grateful for movies and books during these crazy day.

Life has it’s moments and I get more happy times with MGD and my kiddo. They are my all. Our little kiddo, Hilde; she’s amazing, growing fast, almost 2 and she fills us with Joy every moment. I’m grateful to be working at home to see her every day. It’s been one of the most fortunate things to come from all that’s going on. And though she keeps me on the edge of the bed most nights (yea we co-sleep) I wouldn’t trade it for anything else out there.


I’ve been anxious to try and find time to ramble on and on, and I finally took the time to get here. It’s really just for me, memory wise, to get a few things spilled out. I’m not going to spew it all, but all that matters right now is I’m happy and healthy and so is my family. I’m doing all I can to keep them so and that goes for my folks too, who we live with, and I’m extremely THANKFUL that they’re here along for the ride and spoiling my kiddo.

I just want everyone to stay safe, stay healthy and be happy. It’s not easy. Every day I just take it as it goes or comes. I’m thankful a change is coming, with a Madam Vice President! OH it makes me excited for my kiddo to have that too.

As life is going to continue to be a ride I hope all out there keep on going. We got to keep going together, encourage each other, and be nice. Be nice, yup.

Keepin’ it cute! 2020!

Hey! The Year 2020 has sure been a ride and half so far, hasn’t it? As July warps up my kiddo will be turning 18 months and growing. In just a blink of an eye she’s gone from teenie tiny babe to a walking, talking, spinning in circles, cool cool (sayin’ cool cool), hungry, grubbin’ little toddler. It’s what parents all say, but yeah poof time zips fast and the kiddo is growing like woosh. I’m happy.

It’s kinda awesome right now that I can be with my kid all the time, catch all the milestones and watch her as the growing up adventure unfolds. My Guy Dave (MGD) and I sure are lucky and happy parents. Yup, yup.


This current life in quarantine is quite the reality check and not always fun. We have not been going out except to buy groceries or pick up food. I realized that’s really been our MO. We go on walks, and walk around the park and let kiddo do some running, that’s nice stuff. We’re lucky that we have a nice place for her to run around, play in the dirt and those kind of things. There’s drives here and there, but their aimless drives (or not so when it’s to the shopping stops) and the germaphobe in me is at the forefront worrying about germs and other germies.

But I’m lucky to have what I have, so I just have to remember that and be thankful each day. It’s not easy watching the rest of the world going through all it’s going through. It makes me mad and sad all at the same time. I don’t bring up politics or deep emotions here often, if ever, but the world has a lot of hurt and it’s being recognized. I try and do my part to help make things better and encourage others to do so. Just taking it a day at a time as I go along. I’ll still be optimistic for the future. As always, Black Lives Matter!

Giving my kiddo my attention is what’s keeping me sane and happy and I love seeing her happy, having fun, learning new things and I’m learning along with her. I say she spoils me as much as I spoil her. Yup. Another bright side is Kiddo has her grandparents around to hang out with and have more fun with. Talk about awesome bonus there. It’s fun seeing the three of them play together. Yup.

This year I’m way behind in my movie watching, and though it may sound like a complaint, it’s really, really not. It’s just frustrating when the only thing I had wanted for my birthday this year was to go to a movie theater and enjoy a movie, I was going to go by myself too. (Something I’ve always loved to do, watch a movie solo.) But then, my birthday being in March, the end of March, it didn’t happen. It never even got close to happening. But so it goes…Life happens. Pandemic life began.

When I do watch movies it’s bits at a time, between kiddo sleeps, or during our meal times. I’ll take what I can get to watch a movie. Yup, Yup.

So far I’ve seen 12 flicks! We did even get to rent a few flick from good old VIDÉOTHÈQUE  in South Pasadena at the start of Stay At Home days…(Help your favorite businesses!)


1. TROOP ZERO (2019) – 3/3/20 – Amazon
2. THE SIGN OF ZORRO (1958) – 3/14/20 – DISNEY+
3. HELLBENDERS (1967) – 3/17/20 – DVD
4. KNIVES OUT (2019) – 3/21/208* – BluRay
5. JOJO RABBIT (2019) – 3/21/20* – BluRay
6. COLOR OUT OF SPACE (2018) – 3/26/20 – BluRay
7. A TOWN LIKE ALICE (1981) TV MINI-SERIES – 3/30/20 – DVD
8. ONWARD (2020) – 4/5/20 – DISNEY +
9. FAST COLOR (2018) – 5/13/20 – HULU*
10. NATIONAL TREASURE (2004) – 6/28/20 – DISNEY+
11. THE LOVEBIRDS (2020) – 7/11/20 – Netflix
12. PALM SPRINGS (2020) – 7/15/20 – HULU*

The * movies are my favorites so far and they got a 5 rating, so they’re grrrrrreat! PALM SPRINGS really was perfection in my book. It was so exciting when we got to finish that one all in one day. It’s the kind of movie I really needed right now. I recommend it, yup.

PALM SPRINGS – Perfection!

And yes, I really only saw NATIONAL TREASURE for the first time this year. MGD has long been a fan and now I must admit I enjoyed the heist, treasure hunt adventure. Yup.

Reading and audio books have been my main go to entertainment as of late. I can always relax with books and have gotten through a few more at night listening to audio books.


  1. On What Grounds – Cleo Coyle
  2. The Face In The Frost – John Bellairs
  3. A Town Like Alice – Nevil Shute
  4. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards – Lillian Jackson Braun (audiobook)
  5. The Case of The Velvet Claw – Erle Stanley Gardner (audiobook)
  6. The Ghost and Mrs. Mcclure – Alice Kimberly
  7. The Case of The Sulky Girl – Erle Stanley Gardner (audiobook)
  8. The Case of The Lucky Legs – Erle Stanley Gardner
  9. Sonnets – Shakespeare – read by Sir John Gielgud (audiobook)
  10. Beowulf (audiobook)
  11. The Demu Trilogy – F.M Busby
  12. The Canterville Ghost – Oscar Wilde (audiobook)
  13. Elevation – Stephen King (audiobook)
  14. PET – Akwaeke Emezi (audiobook)
  15. The Case of The Howling Dog – Erle Stanley Gardner (audiobook)
  16. The Poet X – Elizabeth Acevedo (audiobook)
  17. Miss Fisher Cocaine Blues – Kerry Greenwood (audiobook)

I was really happy I got to finish another Nevil Shute novel since I discovered him last year. A Town Like Alice was a wonderful story and I got to watch the mini-series done in Australia (mentioned on my movie list). There’s another version of the movie out there, but I’ve got to track it down. MGD also got me a copy of Shute’s ON THE BEACH but I’m working my nerve up to read that one. I did watch the movie last year! Woah, so good, so sad, and heavy.

The Perry Mason books by Erle Stanley Gardner are a ton of fun. They’re not all set in a courtroom and Perry is cooler than cool. After listening to those I just didn’t quite feel I could dive into the new Perry show, it’s just not the same vibe, but maybe one day I’ll check it out. After those first books though, I do think that Raymond Burr fit the Perry Mason vibe pretty well when that show got started.

The Demu Trilogy was really out to be a good book when I first dove in, I was really excited by this future/space one man against aliens adventure and was telling my dad all about it along the way. I was hooked, but then…then as I got to the third part, everything and every kind of sink got thrown in, I’m not sure I’m satisfied after all. Ugh.

So rambles, rambling, rambling. I’ve finally got a chance to type type here and just share some things I’ve been enjoying. Maybe next I can sit down and do some crafting junk, but my current favorite crafting hobbies aren’t very kiddo friendly (felting/cross stitch needles!) YIKES! So that stuff stays on the back burner a while longer. Yup.

I just hope all out there are doing as well as they can be! Thanks for reading if you’ve come this far. Please, stay good, stay healthy, and be happy. Yup. Find your happy place and stay a while. Yup.

Hasta la pasta party peeps. I’m going to dive into my latest book while kiddo still sleeps. Yup Yup Yup! 😀

Finally I have found some time to share my movie list from 2019, I just barely had a chance to type it up, it’s taken me three days or nights to do so! I’ve got some favorites I’ll jot down at the bottom and discoveries that will be shared in full detail elsewhere soon as I can get that written too.

Mommy brain and mommy days sure keep me on my toes and don’t really give me much of a chance to write. But I just spoil myself with baby time, truth be told, so I put my rambling time on the back burner. But, it sure does feel nice to ramble now…type, type, yup yup yup.

In 2019 I got to see 74 movies, that’s between new and re-sees, 56 new movies and 18 re-sees. It’s quality, not quantity, right? I sure did spoil myself with my years of many more movies watched, but as I said I spoil myself with baby raising time now. Near the end of the year the movie watching really fell off, my guy Dave and I did a lot more TV watching, the short format is easier with baby around and she’s not getting the screen time. She’ll have plenty of movies in her future, I’m sure. Yup.

Below is my list of movies seen! I’ll was happy I did get a chance to watch my all time favorite DARKMAN once as a great re-see! So yay!


  1. HIS KIND OF WOMAN (1951) | 1/6/19 | TCM Noir Alley
  2. FREE FIRE (2016) | 1/9/19 | Kanopy
  3. HELL FEST (2018) | 1/10/19 | DVD
  4. SUMMER OF ‘84 (2018) | 1/12/19 | Kanopy
  5. NIGHT OF FEAR (1972) | 1/14/19 | Kanopy
  6. THE MAD ROOM (1969) | 1/20/19 | Amazon
  7. MOON 44 (1990) | 1/20/19 | Amazon | (maybe re-see) 
  8. WEREWOLF (1956) | 1/26/19 | Svengoolie/MeTV
  9. INCREDIBLES 2 (2019) | 2/10/19 | Netflix
  10.  HAPPY DEATH DAY (2017) | 2/13/19 | Amazon Rental
  11.  LADY ICE (1973) | 2/17/19 | Amazon
  12.  DRIVING FORCE (1989) | 2/18/19 | Amazon
  13.  THAT’LL BE THE DAY (1975) | 2/22/19 | Kanopy
  14. FORCE FOUR (1975) | 2/24/19 | Amazon
  15. HARRY AND WALTER GO TO NEW YORK (1978) | 3/8/19 | DVD
  16.  RETURN ENGAGEMENT (1990) a.k.a. HONG KONG CORRUPTOR | 3/9/19 | DVD
  17. SHOOT DOWN THE SUN (1978) | 3/18/19 | Kanopy
  18. AGATHA & THE TRUTH OF MURDER (2019) | 3/24/19 | Netflix
  19. THE QUAKE (2018) | 3/27/19 | Google Rental
  20. AQUAMAN (2018) | 3/28/19 | Google Rental
  21. SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (2018) | 3/29/10
  22. BORDER (2018) | 4/19/19 | Blu-Ray
  23. SOMEONE GREAT (2019) | 4/25/19 | Netflix
  24. JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. THE FATAL 5 (2019) | 4/25/19 | Google Rental
  25. IF BEAL STREET COULD TALK (2018) | 4/27/19 | HULU
  26. LUCKY LOGAN (2017) | 5/1/19 | Kanopy
  27. LAW OF THE LAWLESS (1964) | 5/4/19 | HULU
  28. THE PREDATOR (2018) | 5/4/19 | HBO GO or SHOWTIME
  29. SUSPIRIA (2018) | 5/16/19 | Amazon
  30. BLACK SPURS (1965) | 5/18/19 | HULU
  31. HAPPY DEAD DAY 2U (2019) | 5/18/19 | Rental
  32. PROJECT KILL (1976) | 5/22/19 | HULU
  33. OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY (1991) | 5/26/19 | STARZ
  34. DEADWOOD (2019) | 5/31/19 | HBO
  35. ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE (2019) | 6/5/19 | Netflix
  36. THE JIGSAW MAN (1983) | 6/7/19 | Amazon
  37. BULLWHIP (1958) | 6/9/19 | Amazon
  38. CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) | 6/13/19 | Rental
  39. L’iceberg (2005) | 7/6/19 | DVD
  40. AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) | 7/25/19 | AMC Monterey Park
  41. SHAZAM (2019) | 7/31/19 | Rental
  42. ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL (2019) | ?? | Rental
  43. THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME (2019) | 8/3/19
  44. INVADER ZIM MOVIE (2019) | 8/17/19 | Netflix
  45. COLD PURSUIT (2019) | 8/24/19 | DVD
  46. UP THE RIVER (1930) | 8/29/19 | DVD
  47. ON THE BEACH (1959) | 9/2/19 | DVD
  48. IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE (2014) | 9/2/19 | DVD
  49. ISN’T IT ROMANTIC (2019) | 9/8/19 | Blu-Ray
  50. GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS (2019) | 9/29/19 | DVD Redbox
  51. SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME (2019) | 10/13/19 | DVD
  52. DOLEMITE IS MY NAME (2019) | 10/27/19 | Netflix
  53. FRYE FRAUD (2019) | 10/15/19 | HULU
  55. ANNA & THE APOCALYPSE (2017) | 12/2/19 | Rental
  56. JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM (2019) | 12/31/19 | Plex


  2. THE MUMMY (1999) | 1/5/19 | Netflix
  3. DARKMAN (1990) | 1/12/19 | Cinemax
  4. CLUE (1985) | 1/16/19 | Kanopy 
  5. WILD IN THE STREETS (1968) | 1/23/19 | TCM 
  6. BUBBA HO-TEP (2002) | 3/15/19 | Amazon
  7. THE MATRIX (1999) | 3/16/19 | Amazon 
  8. HISTORY OF THE WORLD PART 1 (1981) | 4/21/19 | Archive.org 
  9. I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND (1978)  | 4/22/19 | Blu-Ray 
  10. ROMANCING THE STONE (1984) | 5/12/19 | HBO 
  11. TAPEHEADS (1988) | 5/17/19 | Amazon
  12. SERIAL MOM (1994) | 5/26/19 | STARZ 
  13. SHAKES THE CLOWNS (1991) | 7/6/19 | Blu-Ray (watched 2 times, second time w/ Commentary) 
  15. VISITANTS (1986) | 8/19/19 | Stream 
  16. THE DARK CRYSTAL (1982) | 8/31/19 | Netflix 
  17. THE GATE (1987) | 9/28/19 | Stream 
  18. LOTR: FELLOWSHIP | 12/25/10 | Blu-Ray

My favorite movie of new movies was DOLEMITE IS MY NAME. It was just a refreshing happy blast from beginning to end. We did a re-watch of DEADWOOD series (My Guy Dave watched the 2nd-3rd seasons for the first time) and I loved the DEADWOOD movie.

Two of favorite discovery films, oldies but new to me were L’iceberg and ON THE BEACH. A bonus about ON THE BEACH was that it introduced me to the author Nevil Shute and though I haven’t read ON THE BEACH yet, I did read two of his other books; BEYOND THE BLACK STUMP and THE RAINBOW AND THE ROSE and they were both special reads, thanks again Library. (I did read 19 books, that’s a mix of mostly books and then graphic novels.) List below!

ON THE BEACH, tough watch, but so good!


  1. THE TIME MACHINE – H.G. Wells – 1/15/19
  2. RELISH: MY LIFE IN THE KITCHEN – Lucy Kinsley (GRAPHIC NOVEL) – 1/25/19
  3. THE HOLLOW HILLS – Mary Stewart – 1/29/19
  4. KID GLOVES – Lucy Kinsley (GRAPHIC NOVEL)  – 3/10/19
  5. MILLENNIAL WOMEN (Shorts/Novella) –  4/13/19 
  6. WAR OF THE WORLDS – H.G. Wells – 5/14/19
  7. NO NIGHT WITHOUT STARS – Andrew Norton – 6/29/19
  8. THE WARLOCK IN SPITE OF HIMSELF – Christopher Stasheff – 7/17/19
  9. THE ROSE OF I.O. – Wesley Chu – 8/5/19
  10. UNDEAD GIRL GANG – Lily Anderson – 8/22/19
  11. SILVER SCREEN FIEND – Patton Oswalt – 8/29/19
  12. BEYOND THE BLACK STUMP – Nevil Shute – 9/21/19
  13. THE RAINBOW & THE ROSE – Nevil Shute – 10/6/19
  14. MY BROTHER’S HUSBAND (VOL.1)  – Gengoroh Tagame (GRAPHIC NOVEL) – 10/20/19
  15. DISPLACEMENT: A TRAVELOGUE – Lucy Kinsley (GRAPHIC NOVEL) – 10/24/19
  16. THE CRYING CHILD – Barbra Michaels – 10/24/19
  17. OSCAR WILDE STORIES FOR CHILDREN – Oscar Wilde – 10/29/19
  18. PUNKY BREWSTER – Joelle Sellner (GRAPHIC NOVEL) – 10/31/19
  19. MISTER MIRACLE – Tim King (GRAPHIC NOVEL) 10/31/19

Yea, list round up, tally ho! And just to think back at a year ago, I was pushing out the baby that’s turning 1 on January 31st! Time sure zips and it’s been a blast through this roller coaster year. I’m lucky I’ve got what I got, yup yup yup.

I have watched a bunch of TV this year, and no movie yet, but I will soon enough…movies rule! Yup!