I am happy 2021 is here, but it’s already been a rollercoaster ride, hasn’t it, with all the politics getting cranked to 11 soon after it all started?! But, now with a new Pres. and woman Vice Pres., it feels a bit more hopeful than usual. Still, I know we got to keep paying attention to what’s happening out there in the big world.

I am doing my best to keep focusing on my family, staying home, keeping safe and taking it day by day.

My kiddo is now 2 yeas old! WHOOOO! We fed her lots of chocolate cake, and spoiled her with new toys. She’s an amazing, fun, sweet and super awesome kid who just amazes me each and every day. YUP.

I’m utterly grateful I get to work from home and be there to hear all the fun she’s having when I’m busy. I often can’t believe where we were a year ago and what it’s like now. Once again I’m just glad/thankful we’re doing all we can to stay healthy and happy. That’s really all I ask for; Happy and Healthy. Yup, Yup, Yup.

Just to warp up 2020 (better late than never), I’m going to list all my movies watched and books read to have the list compiled together in once place:


1. TROOP ZERO (2019) – 3/3/20 – Amazon
2. THE SIGN OF ZORRO (1958) – 3/14/20 – DISNEY+
3. HELLBENDERS (1967) – 3/17/20 – DVD
4. KNIVES OUT (2019) – 3/21/208* – BluRay
5. JOJO RABBIT (2019) – 3/21/20* – BluRay
6. COLOR OUT OF SPACE (2018) – 3/26/20 – BluRay
7. A TOWN LIKE ALICE (1981) TV MINI-SERIES – 3/30/20 – DVD
8. ONWARD (2020) – 4/5/20 – DISNEY +
9. FAST COLOR (2018) – 5/13/20 – HULU*
10. NATIONAL TREASURE (2004) – 6/28/20 – DISNEY+
11. THE LOVEBIRDS (2020) – 7/11/20 – Netflix
12. PALM SPRINGS (2020) – 7/15/20 – HULU*
13. AIRPLANE (1980) – 7/26/20 – HULU/NETFLIX – RESEE
14. THE LAND UNKNOWN (1957) – 7/27/20 – SVENGOOLIE
17. DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD (2019) – 8/11/20 – Hulu (KIDDO’S FIRST MOVIE!!!!!)
18. Bill & Ted Face The Music (2020) – 8/29/20 – Google Rental
20. GOLDEN EYE (1995) – 9/6/20 – Netflix – Reese
21. CRAWL (2019) – 9/24/20- Hulu
22. Hocus Pocus (1993) – 10/4/20 – Disney+ – Resee
23. SAVE YOURSELVES! (2020) -10/10/20 – Hulu
24. CHARLIE’S ANGELS (2019) – 11/8/20 – Starz –
25. PERRI (1957) / – 10/15/20 (FINISHED) – DISNEY+
27. Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) – 10/17/20 – Starz
28. SPONTANEOUS (2020) – 10/18/20 – STREAMING
29. CHARLIE’S ANGELS (2019) – 11/08/20 – Starz
30. Elf (2003) – ?? – Hulu
31. Tremors Shriekers Island (2020) – 11/16/20 – Netflix
32. WHITE CHRISTMAS (1954) – 11/29/20 – Netflix
33. THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES PART 2 (2020) – 12/25/20 – Netflix


  1. On What Grounds – Cleo Coyle
  2. The Face In The Frost – John Bellairs
  3. A Town Like Alice – Nevil Shute
  4. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards – Lillian Jackson Braun (audiobook)
  5. The Case of The Velvet Claw – Erle Stanley Gardner (audiobook)
  6. The Ghost and Mrs. Mcclure – Alice Kimberly
  7. The Case of The Sulky Girl – Erle Stanley Gardner (audiobook)
  8. The Case of The Lucky Legs – Erle Stanley Gardner
  9. Sonnets – Shakespeare – read by Sir John Gielgud (audiobook)
  10. Beowulf (audiobook)
  11. The Demu Trilogy – F.M Busby
  12. The Canterville Ghost – Oscar Wilde (audiobook)
  13. Elevation – Stephen King (audiobook)
  14. PET – Akwaeke Emezi (audiobook)
  15. The Case of The Howling Dog – Erle Stanley Gardner (audiobook)
  16. The Poet X – Elizabeth Acevedo (audiobook)
  17. Miss Fisher Cocaine Blues – Kerry Greenwood (audiobook)
  18. DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE – Robert Louis Stevenson – audiobook
  20. DEVOTION – Patti Smith – audiobook
  21. THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS – Ursula Le Guin – audiobook (BBC adaptation of the book
  22. ART MATTERS – Neil Gaiman – audiobook
  24. BARRAYAR – PART 2 OF CORDELIA’S HONOR – Lois McMaster Bujold
  25. ZEN IN THE ART OF WRITING – Ray Bradbury
  27. FALLING FREE – Lois McMaster Bujold
  28. THE WATER BABIES – Charles Kingsley
  29. YEAR OF THE MONKEY – Patti Smith – audiobook
  30. ON THE BEACH – Nevil Shute

Yea! Movies and Books! YAY!!! Yup!

So what else is going on? Well days just zip on by. I keep wanting to find time to ramble and ramble about want to ramble about movies or nerdy things…and well here I am! YAY!

Movies and Popcorn and Topo Chico!

Movie Rambles! Our Saturday movie nights have been filled with popcorn and candy. We’ve been diving into musicals, the musicals are fun for kiddo, as she likes the singing and dancing, dances along (making us dance around too) and when the songs are over gets to go back to her toys. Sometimes though she drags me to another room and that stops the movie time. Oh, we have been able to get back to renting a few fun things from VIDÉOTHÈQUE! Yay! (Keep helping those local businesses!)

We’re really digging old Doris Day flicks, the most recent one ON MOONLIGHT BAY (1951) was super cute, she’s a tomboy but that changes when she meets her new neighbor…but do they believe in marriage? The little brother stole the show. ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS (1948) was adorable and fun with characters swapping names, falling in love and singing.

BORN TO DANCE (1936) Happy Feet and Happy Songs!

Kiddo loved ANCHORS AWEIGH (1945) and watching Gene Kelly makes me so happy. Our favorite discoveries include BORN TO DANCE (1936) and BEST FOOT FORWARD (1943). BORN TO DANCE had amazing dance numbers, a fun cast including Eleanor Powell, Buddy Ebsen and Jimmy Stewart and ended just right. I wished I could have watched it twice. BEST FOOT FORWARD had Lucille Ball playing herself; she is trying to get some career publicity and gets caught up in a mix up when she attends a dance with a fanboy cadet at Winsocki Military Academy.

All these movies have been fun, I really just want to keep watching things that make me happy. I’ve got an ever growing list of serious stuff to watch, but there will be a time and place for that later down the line. Give me my happy place…

Oh, we did get to watch AN AMERICAN PICKLE (2020) in one sitting! That was a very awesome accomplishment here. It was fun, not all that I expected and that was a good thing.

Last night we had a Sunday movie night with more Doris Day in MY DREAM IS YOURS (1949) and we have 40 minutes to go, hoping to finish that tonight or soon.

As life keeps on going on this spinning world, I’m sending out good vibes. We’ve had family and friends in Texas dealing with hard times during the bad weather. I’m happy to report they’re doing well though it all, yup.

There’s not much else excitement wise to share, just happy to have some chill times, but you never know what twists and turns could come your way. Today we found a lost dog and happy that we helped it find it’s way home, yup. So good juju, yup.

Now, let’s all just stay safe, mask up and be well. Before I know it I’ll be another year older, and that’s fine with me. (March b-day for me and My Guy Dave coming…) I truly hope all out there keep taking care too and find a happy place every chance you can, yup! YUP!

2020 continues to be the rollercoaster ride year with twists, turns and ups and downs and loop-de-loops and one can’t seem to find a way off. But really all in all I’m going to keep riding the ride where it goes. I’ve got some good company along the way and we just take care of each other and stay safe with masks on.

Funny thinking of the before fore, before pandemic life. Some stuff feels like just yesterday. My Guy Dave (MGD) and I were just talking about how a long road trip we took and our wedding didn’t feel like years passed. But going to restaurants and movies, that feels like it’s been forever, ever.


A year ago…we were excited for X-mas and having an almost one year old at the time was making it fun, but after a family gathering the Sunday before someone was germy and Dave woke up X-mas day feeling ick, that night he had a fever and then the next night our kiddo started coughing, her temperature rose and we found ourselves in the ER (first time parents we had to be sure) and yup kiddo’s first virus was doozy.

Who knew then what 2020 would be…

But it’s just a reminder to me that we have to stay safe and keep taking care. We’re doing our part to stay healthy and that makes me feel good.

Movie watching happens here and there, Saturday night is the night we try for movie nights. The kiddo knows Saturdays are movie nights, we make popcorn and eat candy, she likes gummy bears. Some nights we get through a movie, but it’s fun quality time. I’m not very good at keeping my movie list this year, I feel like I’ve left some stuff off, but since I last shared movies I’ve seen some fun things.


13. AIRPLANE (1980) – 7/26/20 – HULU/NETFLIX – RESEE
14. THE LAND UNKNOWN (1957) – 7/27/20 – SVENGOOLIE
17. DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD (2019) – 8/11/20 – Hulu (KIDDO’S FIRST MOVIE!!!!!)
18. Bill & Ted Face The Music (2020) – 8/29/20 – Google Rental
20. GOLDEN EYE (1995) – 9/6/20 – Netflix – Reese
21. CRAWL (2019) – 9/24/20- Hulu
22. Hocus Pocus (1993) – 10/4/20 – Disney+ – Resee
23. SAVE YOURSELVES! (2020) -10/10/20 – Hulu
24. CHARLIE’S ANGELS (2019) – 11/8/20 – Starz –
25. PERRI (1957) / – 10/15/20 (FINISHED) – DISNEY+
27. Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) – 10/17/20 – Starz
28. SPONTANEOUS (2020) – 10/18/20 – STREAMING
29. CHARLIE’S ANGELS (2019) – 11/08/20 – Starz
30. Elf (2003) – ?? – Hulu
31. Tremors Shriekers Island (2020) – 11/16/20 – Netflix
32. WHITE CHRISTMAS (1954) – 11/29/20 – Netflix

YAY! MOVIES!!! Yup, DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD (2019) is my kiddo’s first movie, she watched it with interest most of the way through, I had to assure her things would be okay. SWIPER THE FOX is the coolest Fox ever and well Dora was kick-ass! I loved the movie. I watched a lot of DORA back in the day with my nieces as they were growing up and so the movie got me from beginning to end. My kiddo is quite the Dora fan now. And sometimes when we want something silly to watch we watch the SWIPER scene and the finale song from the movie now and again, a few times in a row. (Kid TV watching is something.)

BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC was the best and it was a movie I needed more than anything with all going on in the world.

CHARLIE’S ANGELS was a lot of fun and I’m sorry I missed the action on the big screen in 2019.

TREMORS Shriekers Island should have been better…yes I have a standard for my TREMORS movies.

WHITE CHRISTMAS is fantastic, I’m glad I finally watched it all and my kiddo enjoyed those dance numbers right along with me. That’s a movie that makes me love movies more. And it was the right movie to kick off the Christmas holiday season. (I’m listening to more Christmas music this year than ever!!!!!)

We really are getting into the holiday spirit and feel Christmas this year will be fun, all for the kiddo. The tree is up, the lights twinkle, she is excited for Santa Claus and sings SANTA CLAUS IS COMING…TO TOWN. (Melts me every single time!)


18. DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE – Robert Louis Stevenson – audiobook
20. DEVOTION – Patti Smith – audiobook
21. THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS – Ursula Le Guin – audiobook (BBC adaptation of the book)
22. ART MATTERS – Neil Gaiman – audiobook
24. BARRAYAR – PART 2 OF CORDELIA’S HONOR – Lois McMaster Bujold
25. ZEN IN THE ART OF WRITING – Ray Bradbury
27. FALLING FREE – Lois McMaster Bujold
28. THE WATER BABIES – Charles Kingsley
29. YEAR OF THE MONKEY – Patti Smith – audiobook
30. ON THE BEACH – Nevil Shute

YAY BOOKS!!! I’ve been able to read so much and that makes me happy. I usually go to my books whenever I get a moment, with glasses now! The audiobooks are fun too, getting fun stuff via Libby and the library!

MGD recommended the author Lois McMaster Bujold to me and she is now one of my favorites ever! CORDELIA’S HONOR captivated me every moment and it’s so full of life and real characters. Glad I read that after having my kid, yup. MGD likes to remind me he read it while I was pregnant and it was tough. I’m on to the MILES series and it gets real intense I have to take breaks.

THE WATER BABIES was unusual fun, old fashioned style and still so relevant. I grew up on the movie THE WATER BABIES and the movie is much different, I absolutely enjoyed the adventure I read.

And I finally read ON THE BEACH. I was sad the entire way, but also hooked where I read that book every chance I could to get to the end, though I knew how it would end. I will say that the movie did a pretty good job of capturing the book. Nevil Shute is also one of my top faves since I discovered him last year. He can write people and places that are so vivid and heartbreaking. WAHHHHHHH!!! People read ON THE BEACH or see the movie, but it’s so sad!!!!

I am grateful for movies and books during these crazy day.

Life has it’s moments and I get more happy times with MGD and my kiddo. They are my all. Our little kiddo, Hilde; she’s amazing, growing fast, almost 2 and she fills us with Joy every moment. I’m grateful to be working at home to see her every day. It’s been one of the most fortunate things to come from all that’s going on. And though she keeps me on the edge of the bed most nights (yea we co-sleep) I wouldn’t trade it for anything else out there.


I’ve been anxious to try and find time to ramble on and on, and I finally took the time to get here. It’s really just for me, memory wise, to get a few things spilled out. I’m not going to spew it all, but all that matters right now is I’m happy and healthy and so is my family. I’m doing all I can to keep them so and that goes for my folks too, who we live with, and I’m extremely THANKFUL that they’re here along for the ride and spoiling my kiddo.

I just want everyone to stay safe, stay healthy and be happy. It’s not easy. Every day I just take it as it goes or comes. I’m thankful a change is coming, with a Madam Vice President! OH it makes me excited for my kiddo to have that too.

As life is going to continue to be a ride I hope all out there keep on going. We got to keep going together, encourage each other, and be nice. Be nice, yup.

Keepin’ it cute! 2020!

Hey! The Year 2020 has sure been a ride and half so far, hasn’t it? As July warps up my kiddo will be turning 18 months and growing. In just a blink of an eye she’s gone from teenie tiny babe to a walking, talking, spinning in circles, cool cool (sayin’ cool cool), hungry, grubbin’ little toddler. It’s what parents all say, but yeah poof time zips fast and the kiddo is growing like woosh. I’m happy.

It’s kinda awesome right now that I can be with my kid all the time, catch all the milestones and watch her as the growing up adventure unfolds. My Guy Dave (MGD) and I sure are lucky and happy parents. Yup, yup.


This current life in quarantine is quite the reality check and not always fun. We have not been going out except to buy groceries or pick up food. I realized that’s really been our MO. We go on walks, and walk around the park and let kiddo do some running, that’s nice stuff. We’re lucky that we have a nice place for her to run around, play in the dirt and those kind of things. There’s drives here and there, but their aimless drives (or not so when it’s to the shopping stops) and the germaphobe in me is at the forefront worrying about germs and other germies.

But I’m lucky to have what I have, so I just have to remember that and be thankful each day. It’s not easy watching the rest of the world going through all it’s going through. It makes me mad and sad all at the same time. I don’t bring up politics or deep emotions here often, if ever, but the world has a lot of hurt and it’s being recognized. I try and do my part to help make things better and encourage others to do so. Just taking it a day at a time as I go along. I’ll still be optimistic for the future. As always, Black Lives Matter!

Giving my kiddo my attention is what’s keeping me sane and happy and I love seeing her happy, having fun, learning new things and I’m learning along with her. I say she spoils me as much as I spoil her. Yup. Another bright side is Kiddo has her grandparents around to hang out with and have more fun with. Talk about awesome bonus there. It’s fun seeing the three of them play together. Yup.

This year I’m way behind in my movie watching, and though it may sound like a complaint, it’s really, really not. It’s just frustrating when the only thing I had wanted for my birthday this year was to go to a movie theater and enjoy a movie, I was going to go by myself too. (Something I’ve always loved to do, watch a movie solo.) But then, my birthday being in March, the end of March, it didn’t happen. It never even got close to happening. But so it goes…Life happens. Pandemic life began.

When I do watch movies it’s bits at a time, between kiddo sleeps, or during our meal times. I’ll take what I can get to watch a movie. Yup, Yup.

So far I’ve seen 12 flicks! We did even get to rent a few flick from good old VIDÉOTHÈQUE  in South Pasadena at the start of Stay At Home days…(Help your favorite businesses!)


1. TROOP ZERO (2019) – 3/3/20 – Amazon
2. THE SIGN OF ZORRO (1958) – 3/14/20 – DISNEY+
3. HELLBENDERS (1967) – 3/17/20 – DVD
4. KNIVES OUT (2019) – 3/21/208* – BluRay
5. JOJO RABBIT (2019) – 3/21/20* – BluRay
6. COLOR OUT OF SPACE (2018) – 3/26/20 – BluRay
7. A TOWN LIKE ALICE (1981) TV MINI-SERIES – 3/30/20 – DVD
8. ONWARD (2020) – 4/5/20 – DISNEY +
9. FAST COLOR (2018) – 5/13/20 – HULU*
10. NATIONAL TREASURE (2004) – 6/28/20 – DISNEY+
11. THE LOVEBIRDS (2020) – 7/11/20 – Netflix
12. PALM SPRINGS (2020) – 7/15/20 – HULU*

The * movies are my favorites so far and they got a 5 rating, so they’re grrrrrreat! PALM SPRINGS really was perfection in my book. It was so exciting when we got to finish that one all in one day. It’s the kind of movie I really needed right now. I recommend it, yup.

PALM SPRINGS – Perfection!

And yes, I really only saw NATIONAL TREASURE for the first time this year. MGD has long been a fan and now I must admit I enjoyed the heist, treasure hunt adventure. Yup.

Reading and audio books have been my main go to entertainment as of late. I can always relax with books and have gotten through a few more at night listening to audio books.


  1. On What Grounds – Cleo Coyle
  2. The Face In The Frost – John Bellairs
  3. A Town Like Alice – Nevil Shute
  4. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards – Lillian Jackson Braun (audiobook)
  5. The Case of The Velvet Claw – Erle Stanley Gardner (audiobook)
  6. The Ghost and Mrs. Mcclure – Alice Kimberly
  7. The Case of The Sulky Girl – Erle Stanley Gardner (audiobook)
  8. The Case of The Lucky Legs – Erle Stanley Gardner
  9. Sonnets – Shakespeare – read by Sir John Gielgud (audiobook)
  10. Beowulf (audiobook)
  11. The Demu Trilogy – F.M Busby
  12. The Canterville Ghost – Oscar Wilde (audiobook)
  13. Elevation – Stephen King (audiobook)
  14. PET – Akwaeke Emezi (audiobook)
  15. The Case of The Howling Dog – Erle Stanley Gardner (audiobook)
  16. The Poet X – Elizabeth Acevedo (audiobook)
  17. Miss Fisher Cocaine Blues – Kerry Greenwood (audiobook)

I was really happy I got to finish another Nevil Shute novel since I discovered him last year. A Town Like Alice was a wonderful story and I got to watch the mini-series done in Australia (mentioned on my movie list). There’s another version of the movie out there, but I’ve got to track it down. MGD also got me a copy of Shute’s ON THE BEACH but I’m working my nerve up to read that one. I did watch the movie last year! Woah, so good, so sad, and heavy.

The Perry Mason books by Erle Stanley Gardner are a ton of fun. They’re not all set in a courtroom and Perry is cooler than cool. After listening to those I just didn’t quite feel I could dive into the new Perry show, it’s just not the same vibe, but maybe one day I’ll check it out. After those first books though, I do think that Raymond Burr fit the Perry Mason vibe pretty well when that show got started.

The Demu Trilogy was really out to be a good book when I first dove in, I was really excited by this future/space one man against aliens adventure and was telling my dad all about it along the way. I was hooked, but then…then as I got to the third part, everything and every kind of sink got thrown in, I’m not sure I’m satisfied after all. Ugh.

So rambles, rambling, rambling. I’ve finally got a chance to type type here and just share some things I’ve been enjoying. Maybe next I can sit down and do some crafting junk, but my current favorite crafting hobbies aren’t very kiddo friendly (felting/cross stitch needles!) YIKES! So that stuff stays on the back burner a while longer. Yup.

I just hope all out there are doing as well as they can be! Thanks for reading if you’ve come this far. Please, stay good, stay healthy, and be happy. Yup. Find your happy place and stay a while. Yup.

Hasta la pasta party peeps. I’m going to dive into my latest book while kiddo still sleeps. Yup Yup Yup! 😀

Finally I have found some time to share my movie list from 2019, I just barely had a chance to type it up, it’s taken me three days or nights to do so! I’ve got some favorites I’ll jot down at the bottom and discoveries that will be shared in full detail elsewhere soon as I can get that written too.

Mommy brain and mommy days sure keep me on my toes and don’t really give me much of a chance to write. But I just spoil myself with baby time, truth be told, so I put my rambling time on the back burner. But, it sure does feel nice to ramble now…type, type, yup yup yup.

In 2019 I got to see 74 movies, that’s between new and re-sees, 56 new movies and 18 re-sees. It’s quality, not quantity, right? I sure did spoil myself with my years of many more movies watched, but as I said I spoil myself with baby raising time now. Near the end of the year the movie watching really fell off, my guy Dave and I did a lot more TV watching, the short format is easier with baby around and she’s not getting the screen time. She’ll have plenty of movies in her future, I’m sure. Yup.

Below is my list of movies seen! I’ll was happy I did get a chance to watch my all time favorite DARKMAN once as a great re-see! So yay!


  1. HIS KIND OF WOMAN (1951) | 1/6/19 | TCM Noir Alley
  2. FREE FIRE (2016) | 1/9/19 | Kanopy
  3. HELL FEST (2018) | 1/10/19 | DVD
  4. SUMMER OF ‘84 (2018) | 1/12/19 | Kanopy
  5. NIGHT OF FEAR (1972) | 1/14/19 | Kanopy
  6. THE MAD ROOM (1969) | 1/20/19 | Amazon
  7. MOON 44 (1990) | 1/20/19 | Amazon | (maybe re-see) 
  8. WEREWOLF (1956) | 1/26/19 | Svengoolie/MeTV
  9. INCREDIBLES 2 (2019) | 2/10/19 | Netflix
  10.  HAPPY DEATH DAY (2017) | 2/13/19 | Amazon Rental
  11.  LADY ICE (1973) | 2/17/19 | Amazon
  12.  DRIVING FORCE (1989) | 2/18/19 | Amazon
  13.  THAT’LL BE THE DAY (1975) | 2/22/19 | Kanopy
  14. FORCE FOUR (1975) | 2/24/19 | Amazon
  15. HARRY AND WALTER GO TO NEW YORK (1978) | 3/8/19 | DVD
  16.  RETURN ENGAGEMENT (1990) a.k.a. HONG KONG CORRUPTOR | 3/9/19 | DVD
  17. SHOOT DOWN THE SUN (1978) | 3/18/19 | Kanopy
  18. AGATHA & THE TRUTH OF MURDER (2019) | 3/24/19 | Netflix
  19. THE QUAKE (2018) | 3/27/19 | Google Rental
  20. AQUAMAN (2018) | 3/28/19 | Google Rental
  21. SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (2018) | 3/29/10
  22. BORDER (2018) | 4/19/19 | Blu-Ray
  23. SOMEONE GREAT (2019) | 4/25/19 | Netflix
  24. JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. THE FATAL 5 (2019) | 4/25/19 | Google Rental
  25. IF BEAL STREET COULD TALK (2018) | 4/27/19 | HULU
  26. LUCKY LOGAN (2017) | 5/1/19 | Kanopy
  27. LAW OF THE LAWLESS (1964) | 5/4/19 | HULU
  28. THE PREDATOR (2018) | 5/4/19 | HBO GO or SHOWTIME
  29. SUSPIRIA (2018) | 5/16/19 | Amazon
  30. BLACK SPURS (1965) | 5/18/19 | HULU
  31. HAPPY DEAD DAY 2U (2019) | 5/18/19 | Rental
  32. PROJECT KILL (1976) | 5/22/19 | HULU
  33. OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY (1991) | 5/26/19 | STARZ
  34. DEADWOOD (2019) | 5/31/19 | HBO
  35. ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE (2019) | 6/5/19 | Netflix
  36. THE JIGSAW MAN (1983) | 6/7/19 | Amazon
  37. BULLWHIP (1958) | 6/9/19 | Amazon
  38. CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) | 6/13/19 | Rental
  39. L’iceberg (2005) | 7/6/19 | DVD
  40. AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) | 7/25/19 | AMC Monterey Park
  41. SHAZAM (2019) | 7/31/19 | Rental
  42. ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL (2019) | ?? | Rental
  43. THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME (2019) | 8/3/19
  44. INVADER ZIM MOVIE (2019) | 8/17/19 | Netflix
  45. COLD PURSUIT (2019) | 8/24/19 | DVD
  46. UP THE RIVER (1930) | 8/29/19 | DVD
  47. ON THE BEACH (1959) | 9/2/19 | DVD
  48. IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE (2014) | 9/2/19 | DVD
  49. ISN’T IT ROMANTIC (2019) | 9/8/19 | Blu-Ray
  50. GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS (2019) | 9/29/19 | DVD Redbox
  51. SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME (2019) | 10/13/19 | DVD
  52. DOLEMITE IS MY NAME (2019) | 10/27/19 | Netflix
  53. FRYE FRAUD (2019) | 10/15/19 | HULU
  55. ANNA & THE APOCALYPSE (2017) | 12/2/19 | Rental
  56. JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM (2019) | 12/31/19 | Plex


  2. THE MUMMY (1999) | 1/5/19 | Netflix
  3. DARKMAN (1990) | 1/12/19 | Cinemax
  4. CLUE (1985) | 1/16/19 | Kanopy 
  5. WILD IN THE STREETS (1968) | 1/23/19 | TCM 
  6. BUBBA HO-TEP (2002) | 3/15/19 | Amazon
  7. THE MATRIX (1999) | 3/16/19 | Amazon 
  8. HISTORY OF THE WORLD PART 1 (1981) | 4/21/19 | Archive.org 
  9. I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND (1978)  | 4/22/19 | Blu-Ray 
  10. ROMANCING THE STONE (1984) | 5/12/19 | HBO 
  11. TAPEHEADS (1988) | 5/17/19 | Amazon
  12. SERIAL MOM (1994) | 5/26/19 | STARZ 
  13. SHAKES THE CLOWNS (1991) | 7/6/19 | Blu-Ray (watched 2 times, second time w/ Commentary) 
  15. VISITANTS (1986) | 8/19/19 | Stream 
  16. THE DARK CRYSTAL (1982) | 8/31/19 | Netflix 
  17. THE GATE (1987) | 9/28/19 | Stream 
  18. LOTR: FELLOWSHIP | 12/25/10 | Blu-Ray

My favorite movie of new movies was DOLEMITE IS MY NAME. It was just a refreshing happy blast from beginning to end. We did a re-watch of DEADWOOD series (My Guy Dave watched the 2nd-3rd seasons for the first time) and I loved the DEADWOOD movie.

Two of favorite discovery films, oldies but new to me were L’iceberg and ON THE BEACH. A bonus about ON THE BEACH was that it introduced me to the author Nevil Shute and though I haven’t read ON THE BEACH yet, I did read two of his other books; BEYOND THE BLACK STUMP and THE RAINBOW AND THE ROSE and they were both special reads, thanks again Library. (I did read 19 books, that’s a mix of mostly books and then graphic novels.) List below!

ON THE BEACH, tough watch, but so good!


  1. THE TIME MACHINE – H.G. Wells – 1/15/19
  2. RELISH: MY LIFE IN THE KITCHEN – Lucy Kinsley (GRAPHIC NOVEL) – 1/25/19
  3. THE HOLLOW HILLS – Mary Stewart – 1/29/19
  4. KID GLOVES – Lucy Kinsley (GRAPHIC NOVEL)  – 3/10/19
  5. MILLENNIAL WOMEN (Shorts/Novella) –  4/13/19 
  6. WAR OF THE WORLDS – H.G. Wells – 5/14/19
  7. NO NIGHT WITHOUT STARS – Andrew Norton – 6/29/19
  8. THE WARLOCK IN SPITE OF HIMSELF – Christopher Stasheff – 7/17/19
  9. THE ROSE OF I.O. – Wesley Chu – 8/5/19
  10. UNDEAD GIRL GANG – Lily Anderson – 8/22/19
  11. SILVER SCREEN FIEND – Patton Oswalt – 8/29/19
  12. BEYOND THE BLACK STUMP – Nevil Shute – 9/21/19
  13. THE RAINBOW & THE ROSE – Nevil Shute – 10/6/19
  14. MY BROTHER’S HUSBAND (VOL.1)  – Gengoroh Tagame (GRAPHIC NOVEL) – 10/20/19
  15. DISPLACEMENT: A TRAVELOGUE – Lucy Kinsley (GRAPHIC NOVEL) – 10/24/19
  16. THE CRYING CHILD – Barbra Michaels – 10/24/19
  17. OSCAR WILDE STORIES FOR CHILDREN – Oscar Wilde – 10/29/19
  18. PUNKY BREWSTER – Joelle Sellner (GRAPHIC NOVEL) – 10/31/19
  19. MISTER MIRACLE – Tim King (GRAPHIC NOVEL) 10/31/19

Yea, list round up, tally ho! And just to think back at a year ago, I was pushing out the baby that’s turning 1 on January 31st! Time sure zips and it’s been a blast through this roller coaster year. I’m lucky I’ve got what I got, yup yup yup.

I have watched a bunch of TV this year, and no movie yet, but I will soon enough…movies rule! Yup!

What a year 2018 has been! Now, I’m not going to get into the heavy duty stuff that weighs one down day to day as it is tough for everyone and I wish the country was in better shape. Know I’m not giving up on it now or ever, but I’m here,right now, I’m rambling to focus on things I love and that’s MOVIES!

I always hope to blog more throughout the year, but time slips by pretty fast and I’m easily distracted. Also this year I’ve been prepping for a big change coming up in my life and that’s ‘THE COMING THING!” My TCT is due in 2019, so we’ll see what that does to my movie watching. YUP! BABY SHEMP!!!

During 2018 I did some some movie sharing blogs and eventually got around to my movie tallys.

A major 2018 highlight:

GREASE 2 on the big screen with my little sis!!!! I got a picture with the C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R himself! Squeeeeeeeeeeee! So awesome!

C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R!!!!!!!!!!

When it comes to my movie watching I have managed to watch more than a few, woot, woot; new ones and old ones and re-sees of favorites! I also watched a lot of television keeping up with shows, finding new ones (THE GOOD PLACE), doing that binge thing! Yup.  HULU even gave me the numbers: Minutes Watching Hulu: 11,692, 420 Episodes & Movies Watched and I watched a lot of HULU on Fridays!

So far (I hope to watch a movie or two on New Year’s Eve!) I have watched 130 new movies and 49 re-sees. That brings my movie total to 179 movies in 2018!

Of the 130 movies I gave 7 movies a 5 (my 1-5 scale with 5 being the best!). My most favorite movies in 2018 were:

  1. TOKYO DRIFTER (1966)
  2. BLACK PANTHER (2018)
  3. TIME TO DIE / Tiempo de Morir (1966)
  4. DEADPOOL 2 (2018)

*Honorable mention goes to TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES as that movie made me laugh a lot (I LOVE THE TEEN TITANS) and I got to see it with my sister and her family, all the kiddies. It was a blast. YUP!


My favorite movie discoveries came from some DVD’s/Blu-rays I rented and movies I streamed on Kanopy! The one movie that stands out most for my discovery of the year is MUSHROOMS (1995). It’s still on Kanopy and I think everyone should check it out! It’s quirky, a bit gross and sweet all at the same time! Two older ladies living together have a room for rent when a convict and a policeman both vie for the space. After a little mishap occurs you will be surprised by what hoops the women have to jump through to keep on living in their sweet little home.

and I think everyone should check it out! It’s quirky, a bit gross and sweet all at the same time! Two older ladies living together have a room for rent when a convict and a policeman both vie for the space. After a little mishap occurs you will be surprised by what hoops the women have to jump through to keep on living in their sweet little home.

What a movie!

So you could look back at my old blog posts but here is my full list of movies I’ve watched and that will be followed by my Re-See list! Yay Movies!!!!


  1. SPIRITS OF THE DEAD (1968) | 1/2/18 | FilmStruck
  2. FREEWHEELIN’ (1976) | 1/2/18 | Amazon .
  3. THE HOUSE OF FEAR (1945) | 1/3/18 | YouTube
  4. OVER THE MOON (1939) | 1/6/18 | Filmstruck
  5. LOVE ON THE RUN (1979) | 1/6/18 | Filmstruck
  6. BAY OF ANGELS (1963) | 1/7/18 | Filmstruck  
  7. SON OF MONTE CRISTO (1940) | 1/8/18 | DVD  
  8. MIKEY AND NICKY (1976) | 1/14/18 | Filmstruck
  9. TOKYO DRIFTER (1966) | 1/14/18 | Filmstruck
  10. MAN’S CASTLE (1933) | 1/14/18 | Filmstruck
  11. SATURN 3 (1980) | 1/16/18 | Amazon
  12. UNDERWORLD : BLOOD WARS (2016/2017) | 1/16/18 | STARZ App
  13. THE FIRST POWER (1989) | 1/27/18 | STARZ App  
  14. SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE VOICE OF TERROR (1942) | 1/28/18 | Amazon
  15. GEOSTORM (2017) | 1/31/18 | DVD
  16. XxX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE (2017) | 2/4/18 | Amazon
  17. CLOVERFIELD PARADOX (2018) | 2/4/18 | Netflix
  18. ASSIGNMENT REDHEAD (1956) | 2/16/18 Amazon
  19. THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) | 2/17/18 | DVD
  20. BLACK PANTHER (2018) | 2/18/18 | Edwards Alhambra  
  21. CHERRY FALLS (2000) | 2/18/18 | DVD
  22. ST. MARTIN’S LANE (1938) | 2/23/18 | FilmStruck  
  23. THE HAUNTED STRANGLER (1958) | 2/23/18 | FilmStruck
  24. TIME TO DIE / Tiempo de Morir (1966) | 2/23/18 | DVD
  25. DEVIL’S EXPRESS / GANG WAR (1976) | 2/27/18 | Amazon
  26. THE DEAD PIT (1989) | 2/28/18 | Amazon
  27. EARLY MAN (2018) | 3/4/18 | Edwards Alhambra
  28. ANNIHILATION (2018) | 3/4/18 | Edwards Alhambra
  29. WINCHESTER (2018) | 3/4/18 | Edwards Alhambra
  30. MUTE (2010 | 3/7/18 | Netflix | Rating: 3
  31. STORM IN A TEACUP (1937) | 3/9/18 | Filmstruck | Rating: 4.6
  32. DEMON WIND (1980) | 3/9/18 | Amazon | Rating: 2
  33. NIGHTMARE AT NOON a.k.a. DEATH STREET USA (1988) | 3/10/11 | Amazon
  34. $ (1971) | 3/16/18 | DVD |
  35. SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING (2017) | 3/18/18 | STARZ
  36. SEASON OF THE WITCH (1972) | 3/20/18 | Amazon
  38. ALASKA (1944) | 3/23/18 | Amazon
  39. JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (2017) | 3/27/18 | CABLE
  40. THE DISASTER ARTIST (2017) | 3/28/18 | Redbox
  41. READY PLAYER ONE (2018) | 3/29/18 | Arclight Pasadena
  42. TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (1946) | 3/29/18 | DVD | Watched with Mom, Dad & Dave
  43. MARTHA GRAHAM DANCE ON FILM *Shorts* A Dancer’s World (1957), Appalachian Spring (1958) | 3/29/18 | DVD
  44. THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (2017) | 3/31/18 | Amazon
  45. CONTAINMENT (2016) | 3/31/18 | Amazon
  46. ROCK SLYDE (2009) | 4/3/18 | Amazon
  47. OUT THERE (1995) | 4/4/18 | Amazon
  48. THE TIGER HUNTER (2016) | 4/10/18 | Netflix
  49. REVOLT (2017) | 4/12/18 | Netflix
  50. SPLIT (2016) | 4/14/18 | HBO GO
  51. LOGAN (2017) | 4/15/18 | Cable
  52. FINDING YOUR FEET (2018) | 4/19/18 | Pasadena Playhouse
  53. POLICEWOMAN (1974) | 4/21/18 | Amazon
  54. ANDRE THE GIANT (2018) | 4/23/18 | HBO/DV-R  
  55. THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE (1959) | 4/27/18 | DVD
  56. BEYOND SKYLINE (2017) | 4/29/18 | Netflix  
  57. FIRST MAN INTO SPACE (1957) | 4/30/18 | DVD
  58. AVENGERS: INFINITY WARS (2018) | 5/8/18 | Edwards Alhambra  
  59. THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (1970) | 5/11/18 | Filmstruck  
  60. NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH (1948) | 5/12/18 | Filmstruck
  61. THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD (2017) | 5/12/18 | Cable  
  62. TREMORS: A COLD DAY IN HELL (2018) | 5/13/18 | Stream  
  63. PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES (2013) | 5/18/18 | STARZ  
  64. CATTLE DRIVE (1951) | 5/19/18 | SHOWTIME  
  65. HOUSE OF BLACKMAIL (1953) | 5/19/18 | Amazon  
  66. DEADPOOL 2 (2018) | 5/22/18 | Edwards Alhambra  
  67. MOST LIKELY TO MURDER (2018) | 5/26/18 | Amazon rental  
  68. TALE OF TALES (2015) | 5/27/18 | Netflix
  69. SMALL TOWN GIRL (1953) | 5/28/18 | Filmstruck
  70. TEEN TITANS: THE JUDAS CONTRACT (2017) | 6/2/18 | HULU  
  71. HURRICANE HEIST (2018) | 6/8/18 | Amazon Rental  
  72. SPECIES II (1998) | 6/17/18 | HBO GO  
  73. THE BEING (1983) | 6/14/18 | Amazon
  74. JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK (2017) | 6/18/18 | HULU
  75. THE EMBASSY (1972) | 6/22/18 | Amazon  
  76. JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM (2018) | 6/24/18 | Harkins Theater Moreno Valley
  77. REMEMORY (2017) | 6/27/18 | Amazon
  78. TELL ME SOMETHING (1999) | 7/7/18 | DVD
  79. IT (2017) | 6/30/18 | HBO GO  
  80. THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT (1951) | 7/9/18 | Filmstruck
  81. BATMAN: RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS (2016) | 7/11/18 | Amazon
  82. NEVER SO FEW (1959) | 7/13/18 | TCM
  83. THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR (2008) | 7/1/18/ | HULU  
  84. ANTMAN &  THE WASP (2018) | 7/18/18 | THE LOT  
  85. TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES (2018) | 7/27/18 | AMC Monterey Park
  86. EXTINCTION (2018) | 7/28/18 | Netflix
  87. OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE (1984) | 8/2/18 | THIS!
  88. HOW TO BEAT THE HIGH COST OF LIVING (1980) | 8/3/18 | THIS!  
  89. SCOOBY-DOO: SCARE CAMP (2010) | 8/3/18 | Rental
  90. OUTLAND (1981) | 8/4/18 | Filmstruck  
  91. HANDSOME: A NETFLIX MYSTERY MOVIE ( 2017) | 8/518 | Netflix
  92. A QUIET PLACE (2018) | 8/7/18 | Blu-Ray
  93. KEDI (2016) | 8/9/18 | Kanopy
  94. MUSHROOMS (1995) | 8/10/18 | Kanopy  
  95. BLOOD RAGE a.k.a. SLASHER (1987) | 8/21/18 | Kanopy  
  96. MURDER AT THE GALLOP (1963) | 8/19/18 | Filmstruck  
  97. UPGRADE (2018) | 8/28/18 | Google Rental
  98. MYSTERIOUS HEROES (1970) a.k.a. WU TANG SWORDSMAN | 8/19/18 | Amazon |
  99. DEEP STAR SIX (1989) | 8/9/18 | Amazon  
  100. SCOOBY-DOO: FRANKENCREEPY (2014) | 9/10/18 | Amazon Rental
  101. TAG (2018) | 9/12/18 | Rental  
  102. I SHOT JESSE JAMES (1949) | 9/15/18 | Filmstruck
  103. SCOOBY-DOO AND THE ALIEN INVADERS (2000) | 9/14/18 | Rental
  104. OCEAN’S EIGHT (2018) | 9/21/18 | Blu-Ray Redbox
  105. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (2013) | 9/29/18 | Kanopy
  106. SCOOBY-DOO AND THE GOURMET GHOST (2018) | 10/1/18 | DVD Redbox
  107. DREAMCATCHER (2003) | 10/5/18 | Netflix
  108. DOBERMAN COP (1977) | 10/7/18 | Egyptian Beyond Fest (Sonny Chiba Q&A!)
  109. THE SEVENTH VICTIM (1943) | 10/13/18 | TCM
  110. SKYSCRAPER (2018) | 10/13/18 | Blu-Ray Redbox  
  111. GREEN ICE (1981) | 10/18/18 | Amazon
  112. THE DARK (1979) | 10/19/19 | Amazon  
  113. THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS (2018) | 10/20/18 | Redbox
  114. GANJA & HESS (1973) | 10/26/18 | Kanopy   
  115. GENOCIDE (1968) | 10/28/18 | Filmstruck  
  116. VAMPYR (1932) | 10/31/18 | Filmstruck
  117. CORRIDORS OF BLOOD (1959) | 11/1/18 | Filmstruck
  118. THE THREAT (1949) | 11/11/18 | TCM  
  119. OUTLAW KING (2018) | 11/11/18 | Netflix  
  120. THE MEG (2018) | 11/13/18 | Redbox Rental
  121. PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING (2018) | 11/1718 | HBO GO  
  122. THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS (2018) | 11/19/18 | Netflix  
  123. MURDER AHOY (1964) | 11/28/18 | Filmstruck
  124. SORRY TO BOTHER YOU (2018) | 11/29/18 | HULU  
  125. RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET (2018) | 11/30/18 | AMC Monterey Park
  126. CRACK-UP (1946) | 12/2/18 | TCM
  127. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT (2018) | 12/2/18 | BLU-RAY Redbox
  128. CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES (2018) | 12/7/18 | Netflix (mom watched too!)
  129. CONSTANTINE CITY OF DEMONS (2018) | 12/19/18 | Amazon Rental
  130. BLOCKERS (2018) | 12/24/18 | HBO GO

Now for my re-see movies! I love re-watching movies I love! I re-watched JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE a lot, it just made me happy and I got my folks to watch it too. GREASE 2 has been on cable a lot and after watching it on the big screen with my sister I still can’t get enough. My all time favorite movie DARKMAN has been on cable a lot too and I watch from whatever part I find it on and one night watched it all the way through. One of my most favorite re-sees, which I mentioned on my last blog was seeing HAROLD AND MAUDE at the Nuart with my niece Celia. She loved it so much and we both had tears at the end. Ahhhhh, good times.


  1. KONG: SKULL ISLAND (2016) | 1/5/18 | HBO (w/ Celia and Dad)
  2. HIGHLANDER (1986) |  1/5/18 | HULU (w/ Celia)
  3. EVOLUTION (2001) | 1/15/18 | AMAZON
  4. JUMANJI (1995) | 1/15/18 | STARZ APP
  5. TAMPOPO (1985) | 2/6/18 | Filmstruck
  6. THE PERFECT WEAPON (1991) | 2/10/18 | HULU
  7. SUPERGIRL (1984) | 2/19/18 | DVD
  8. BARBARELLA (1968) | 2/22/18 | AMAZON
  9. XANADU (1980) | 3/1/18 | DVD
  11. GREASE 2 (1982) | 3/12/18 | Ahrya Fine Arts Theater (w/ Sara, cast Q&A)
  12. THE SECRET OF MY SUCE$S (1987) | 3/22/18 | AMAZON
  13. GREASE 2 (1982) | 3/24/18 | DVR
  14. DOOMSDAY (2008) | 4/7/18 | STARZ
  15. CRY DANGER (1951) | 4/21/18 | TCM (w/ dad)
  16. DRAG ME TO HELL (2009) | 4/24/18 | LOS FELIZ 3 (Q&A event)
  17. THEM! (1954) | 4/27/18 | DVD
  18. EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (1987) | 5/5/18 | DVD (w/ Celia)
  19. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (1974) | 5/14/18 | AMAZON
  20. DANCE OF THE DEAD (2008) | 5/19/18 | Hollywood Chinese (Q&A with Gregg and cast)
  21. ARACHNOPHOBIA (1990) | 5/27/18 | ROSEMEAD HIGH SCHOOL 24hr fest finale
  22. BLACK PANTHER (2018) | 6/7/18 | ACADEMY (With Dad, Ramone, Celia, Effie)
  23. HOT FUZZ (2007) | 6/11/18 | Netflix
  24. SPECIES (1995) | 6/16/18 | HBO GO
  25. SPECIES II (1989) | 6/17/18 | HBO GO
  26. IT (1990) | 6/19-6/22/18  | HULU
  27. KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE (1988) | 6/22/18 | TUBI
  28. ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK (1988) | 7/2/18 | HULU
  29. JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (2017) | 7/7/18 | CABLE
  30. JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (2017) | 7/10/18 | CABLE
  31. THE WOLF MAN (1941) | 8/11/18 | SVENGOOLIE ME TV
  32. RABID (1977) | 8/18/18 | KANOPY
  33. MATINEE (1993) | 8/22/18 | BLU-RAY Library
  34. DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS (1963) | 8/26/18 | AMAZON
  35. THE FUGITIVE (1993)
  36. PASSENGER 57 (1992) | 8/30/18 | HBO GO
  37. WHAT WE DO IN SHADOWS (2014) | 8/3/18 | AMAZON
  38. MEN AT WORK (1990) | 9/15/18 | AMAZON
  39. HAROLD AND MAUDE (1971) | 9/16/18 | NUART (w/ Celia)
  40. DARKMAN (1990) | 9/24/18 | CABLE
  41. BAD MOON (1996) | 9/29/19 | TUBI
  42. INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE (1994) | 10/5/18 | NETFLIX
  43. REC 3 (2012) | 10/17/18 | HULU
  44. THE BRIDE (1985) | 10/21/18 | AMAZON
  45. WORLD WAR Z (2013) | 11/8/18 | Blu-ray
  46. WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (1944) | 11/18/18 | TCM
  47. NIGHT OF THE COMET (1984) | 12/23/18 | Amazon
  48. LOTR: FELLOWSHIP (2001) | 12/25/18 | Blu-ray
  49. LOTR: TWO TOWERS (2002) | 12/25/18 | Blu-ray

So here’s to watching movies, my favorite thing to do! I’m really looking forward to squeezing more movies in with some extra company and have an idea to write more about my movie views of the past, so here’s hoping in 2019 can achieve my ambitious movie watching/writing goals!

Here’s more well wishes to everyone out there, may you find the things they enjoy and share them!  I absolutely hope I can keep on sharing my movie watching fun, which I know will slow up some, but for a great cause. Let’s all make the world better by being good, doing good, having fun and sharing fun. “No matter where you go, there you are!” Happy New Year everyone! YUP YUP YUP!

(From my tumblr post!!)

This past Tuesday I went out to the movies, it’s been a while since I’ve been out to a movie on a week night! (Weird for me to say that right?!?!)

It was actually for a TERROR TUESDAY event, sponsored by the Alamo Drafthouse, yup! At the screening we heard that, the L.A. Alamo is coming; “Sometime in the near future.”



The movie of the night was DRAG ME TO HELL! Directed by Sam Raimi! Because it was a RAIMI night I wore my DARKMAN shoes!!! Yes, I have DARKMAN SHOES!

DARKMAN SHOES, a gift from someone who knows me well!

I saw DRAG ME TO HELL when it first came out in theaters, I loved it and had a blast. If I ever find it on TV, I watch it.

It’s about a girl, Christine, who crosses a gypsy, get cursed and has 3 days of torture that may lead to a trip to Hell!

Should she go to hell???

Watching it again I jumped, closed my eyes and got the creepy feels. It’s classic Raimi who assaults you with sound and makes inanimate objects horrific! A floating lacy handkerchief was never more sinister.

At the screening there was a slew of guests; actor Dileep Rao, Producer Grant Curtis, Composer Christopher Young, and fellas from the sound department; Jussi Tegalman, Marti D. Humphrey, and Chris Jacobson then lastly Christian Cordella who worked on storyboards and the titles. (I hope I got all the name right, I was scribbling fast!)

Q&A Time!

All the fellas gushed about working with Sam Raimi, and shared how they created the sounds of hell for the big screen.

Watching it again I jumped, closed my eyes and got the creepy feels. It’s classic Raimi who assaults you with sound and makes inanimate objects horrific! A floating lacy handkerchief was never more sinister.

On the way out of the theater I was able to thank Dileep for coming out! Woot! He stayed through the whole movie!

I really do miss going to the movies, and this movie energized me, taking me to my happy place, mostly because it was a Sam Raimi movie! Yup!

Now, don’t upset gypsies, and just be nice! YUP!!

GREASE 2 is a great movie, I prefer GREASE 2 to GREASE and I’ll stand by that statement all my live long days!

What is it about GREASE 2 that I love? Well everything of course, as soon as it starts it just keeps on rolling. We’re going BACK TO SCHOOL at Rydell High! There’s familiar faces of the principal Miss McGee (Eve Arden) and her assistant Blanche (Dody Goodman) ready for a brand new year in the 60’s. Then our T-Birds come in on Motorcycles! What a gang of boys, lead by Nogerelli (Adrian Zmed) and then there’s Goose (Christopher McDonald), DiMucci (Peter Frechette) and Davey (Leif Green). Frenchy (Didi Conn) shows up and she welcomes the hunky new kinda square kid on the block (who happens to be Sandy’s cousin!) Michael Carrington (Maxuell Caulfield). Next up we get the PINK LADIES in their sporty pink jackets! We see the girls, Sharon (Maureen Teefy), Paulette (Lorna Luft) and Rhonda (Alison Price) who are all waiting on their leader Stephanie (Michelle Pfeiffer) oh and I can’t forget Pink Lady in waiting Dolores (Pamela Adlon). With everyone on the scene we just dive into school life, clique life that is Rydell High.

They’re Ready To Go PROWLIN’

The big story in GREASE 2 is Stephanie who’s a Pink Lady is no longer interested in Nogerelli having outgrown him over the summer. Nogerelli doesn’t want to let go, he’s got a rep to protect and a code to uphold. (Pink Ladies are T-Bird girls, at least until grad!) As Stephanie has come into her own dreaming of a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R, Michael hopes he can fit the bill and win Stephanie’s heart. The songs and dances fit into all of that perfectly. (I have them all in my head playing on repeat as I ramble on here.)

Who’s That Guy?!? How Can I Get One?

GREASE 2 came out in 1982! I never got to see it in theaters back then but we (my family and I) saw it on video and cable! Any time we found it playing you can bet we would watch it again and again. We had the soundtrack on cassette and listened to it almost every time we drove some where far. I vividly remember singing along to every song with my sister. I took that cassette tape with me to college and listened to it as I would drive back and forth from L.A. to Nor Cal. The tape started to loose some juice, but it still delivered the musical goods.

GREASE 2 gets a lot of flack, but never from me! It hit a nerve in me as I know it has with others. When you find a kindred spirit that loves GREASE 2 as well, you know that’s a good friendship! It is a musical that keeps the tunes coming and every song and dance scene makes me happy. Yup, even “that” song.

I am happy that in recent years GREASE 2 has had some well deserved recognition not just as a cult classic but as a feminist movie. Yup, for reals!

Look at it, GREASE 2 empowers the women! It’s frank in it’s talk about sex! GREASE 2 was directed by a woman, Patricia Birch, and she did the choreography as well.

The first time I got to see GREASE 2 on a big screen was back in 2003! (I found my ticket stub to be sure!) 15 FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO! It was a midnight screening in June at The NUART theater in West L.A. with a shadow cast! Christopher McDonald was there, and I think Alison Price may have been there too, but Christopher for sure! My sister and my dad were with me at that screening. It was one of the best nights EVER! The shadow cast did an amazing job recreating the costumes and their C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R came down on a tricycle! My sister and I never thought that experience could be topped! But hey 15 years later, here I am gushing over GREASE 2 because a 35th ANNIVERSARY screening put on my fans just happened in Los Angeles!

Monday March 12th at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater (by Laemmle) in Beverly Hills hosted a free fan screening with a big cast/crew Q&A for GREASE 2! (As soon as I heard about it I got tickets and made sure my sister could go with me.) We got there early and were second and third in line (almost first like Riff Randall) and totally a buzz with GREASE 2 geekiness. Talk about happy feelings just gushing over something you love with strangers because you’re all there for the same reason, GREASE 2! Even the few drops of rain while waiting outside didn’t dampen the mood.

The line grew, CHRISTOPHER MCDONALD showed up and greeted the line. The main guy behind organizing the event also came out to thank everyone and that was Brian Herzlinger (My Date With Drew, where he and Drew gushed over GREASE 2, Yup!).




Once inside the theater the soundtrack was blaring and people started singing along. My sister and I got seats in the second row, right in the middle!  As the theater filled and the place buzzed with good vibes more of the cast was around and hanging in front of the theater. My sister who had gone off for a moment came back with a picture of herself and Maxwell Caulfield and so it was my turn to take a try. Yup! I found Maxwell in the lobby and asked for a photo, he commented on my pink jacket and asked if I had seen the movie on a big screen. I told him about the shadow cast show and then he gave me a grab hug as I snapped our picture! AHHHHH!! C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R himself! Yeah, I’m giddy!


Maxwell Caulfield is COOL! C-O-O-L COOL!

Brian came on down to kick off the screening, he thanked everyone for coming and promised a fun Q&A after the show!

GREASE 2, in 35mm, hit the screen. My sister and I squealed and giggled and sang along. Everyone in the theater clapped, sang, said the lines. A few guys next to us were a glow every time Michael/Maxwell was on screen just as my sister and I were. 😉 Screening like this are what makes a movie go-er like me so happy. It’s sharing the happiness, the geekiness and thinking hey people can just get along when you find great things to share. (But I digress…)


The print was beautiful! Slouched in my seat and looking up at the screen from the second row the movie was as great as ever. On a big screen you can see more of the background, notice something new and just feel like you’re there in the halls of Rydell High.

When the movie was over Brian came back down to introduce the cast, Christopher McDonald was the first one down followed by Alison Price (Rhonda), then Maureen Teefy (Sharon) and Leif Green (Davey), Adrian Zmed (Nogerelli), the cheerleader twins Jean Sagal and Liz Sagal, Maxwell (Michael) and the director Patricia Birch. The stage was full!



Reunited! GREASE 2

Brian was ready to ask some questions and first shared some facts; GREASE 2 came out in 1982 and there were only 3 movies directed by women that year, it was GREASE 2 (Patricia Birch) obviously, FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH (Amy Heckerling) and SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE (Amy Holden Jones). Brian then gave a shout out to Lorna Luft who is currently dealing with medical issues. (Later during the talk Adrian said he had talked to Lorna’s husband and she could use all our good vibes and thoughts.)

35 Years Later!

As the Q&A went on Brian asked Patricia about directing and she shared her method, she was good at what she did and she came right out to tell her crew what she knew and what she didn’t so she could get the help she needed. The opening scene is one of her favorites, she loved her cast and let them improv. She is still amazed at how she pulled off the Luau scene with so many motorcycles going around and she loved the bowling alley song. Patricia shared that she had watched the movie 2 month ago to check out the sound and was energized by the warmth and emotional appeal of high school anxiety presented on film.

There was talk about how YES the film does embody female empowerment.

Chris McDonald says he forces his kids to watch the movie every Sunday (haha!) and how when he auditioned he was trying for the part of Nogerelli.

I learned that Alison Price is actually Patricia Birch’s daughter (learned something new!) and she shared that her mom gave her a cabbage with candles for her birthday on set instead of a cake!

Brian said he did get an email from Tab Hunter who is the awesome teacher Mr. Stuart in the film and Tab sent his well wishes and thanks to all who would attend the show that night.

Maureen was asked about the song DO IT FOR OUR COUNTRY and she said how she didn’t exactly think about what she was singing about back then. That Monday night it was the first time she ever saw GREASE 2 on a big screen as she was on a honeymoon when it first came out.


The twins Jean and Liz shared that they had been cast in the film separately but it was Patricia who decided to play up their twin angle.

Adrian really did put a real cigarette in his mouth, he said he practiced a lot up until the day it was filmed, but he didn’t actually swallow it. Adrian commented on how there’s just an innocence to the film of trying to be cool when you feel like you’re not cool.

Everyone would gush that it was one of the best times of their lives and they all thanked Patricia for the opportunity.

Maxwell said how he just fell in love with Michelle again seeing her on the big screen. He talked about his stuntman who was the lucky one riding through Griffith Park with Michelle and that he beat out a lot of other teen idols for the roll.

Leif shared a fun story about the idea of saying his character Davey could have been related to Rizzo and that’s how he was in the T-BIRDS and one day on set he got the cast to join in watching the dailies by dressing up as Rizzo.

Brian’s last question before going to the audience was asking Maxwell about what he whispers to Dolores at the end of the movie. Maxwell shared! It was a naughty little nursery rhyme! Then Leif chimed in saying how Pamela (Dolores) was the youngest on set and she cussed like a sailor!

Adrian said a lot of injuries, ankle twists and things happened on the bowling alley scene, Michelle had gotten a black eye and that’s why she wore sunglasses a lot through the film.

Patricia really loved her biker heaven, told Maxwell how he was gorgeous in that scene and that they filmed it in 3 days.

The PROWLIN’ song was filmed in 24 hours, they scrambled to get it shot when they decided they wanted the full song to be featured in the film and Patricia came up with the stage idea since they didn’t have enough time to recreate an old supermarket.

My little sister, Sara, took a moment in the Q&A to gush about her love of GREASE 2 and thanked all on stage.  As my sister said our lives are all better with GREASE 2 being a part of it.

GREASE 2 will finally be out on a Blu-Ray later in April as part of GREASE, GREASE 2 combo celebrating GREASE’s 40th anniversary.

All the cast agreed how the movie exudes a sense of warmth and Patricia said it was all thanks to the cast and they were the ones to bring out the humor in it all. As it all came to an end Brian thanked all for being there to celebrate the legacy of GREASE 2.

My sister and I hung around and managed to get some pictures with more of the cast, I talked to Christopher about the Nuart screening and he too said how much fun that had been. Having the chance to tell the cast what the movie meant and give a little thanks was so much fun, as cool as BIKER HEAVEN.

We Love You Alison!


We’ll never forget the NUART!


Thanks for the stories Leif!


Feeling as High as that high note!


Double Trouble Twins!

On a side note actor Keith Coogan was hanging around the theater and my sister and I got to chat with him some and so that was a nice and fun extra cherry on top! (Woot!!)

Keith and Sara! Yeah!  Surprise!

So yes I still love GREASE 2, if not more than ever! Thankfully no flying cars ended the night and my GREASE 2 high is still keeping me going and going! Yup!

Movies are a happy place and anyone reading this knows that about me. Yup!

So here’s my whole list all together of all the new movies and re-sees I watched any chance I got! I watched a lot of fun and happy movies!

Let’s Celebrate Movies!!!!!

I rated 33 movies a 5, which is my rating for an excellent movie, a movie I loved, a movie I’d recommend a bunch and hope to watch again and again. Of those 33, 10 movies were from 2017. I am not keeping up well with new releases like I used to, d’oh! 4 movies from 2016 got my 5 rating and all the rest among my big faves ranged from the years of the 1930’s to the late 1990’s. My guy Dave and I did a lot of movie renting of Blu-Rays and checking out DVDs from the library! Yup! Go Old School!


  1. RUTHLESS (1948) | 1/3/17 | DVD  (“Came in for a drink and found a memory.” – Buck Mansfield)
  2. WAR REQUIEM (1989) | 15/17 | DVD  
  3. COIN HEIST (2017) | 1/6/17 | Netflix  
  4. EAT THE RICH (1987) | 1/8/17 | DVD  
  5. BLACK EYE (1973/1974) | 1/10/17 | DVD  
  6. FORGOTTEN SILVER (1995) | 1/12/17 | DVD 
  7. SHE’S BACK ON BROADWAY (1953) | 1/13/17 | DVD 
  8. THE SHADOW OF THE CAT (1961) | 1/15/17 | Svengoolie/MeTV  
  9. TERMINAL ISLAND (1973) | 1/15/17 | TCM Underground/DV-R 
  10. ONE POTATO, TWO POTATO (1964) | 1/18/17 | TCM/DV-R  
  11. CRY OF THE CITY (1948) | 1/19/17 | DVD 
  12. THE YAKUZA (1974) | 1/21/17 | New Beverly 
  13. MOONTIDE (1942) | 1/22/17 | DV-R / FXM Retro  
  14. THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM (1966) | 1/22/17 | DVD  
  15. IGUANA (1988) | 1/23/17 | DVD 
  16. TERMINAL MAN (1973) | 1/23/17 | DV-R / TCM
  17. THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN (a.k.a. Snapshot or One Minute More) (1979) | 1/25/17 | DVD 
  18. THE PUSHER (1958) | 1/25/17 | DVD  
  19. DAY OF THE ANIMALS (1977) | 1/26/17 | Amazon Instant  
  20. HORNETS’ NEST (1970) | 1/27/17 | DVD  
  21. THE LAST RUN (1971) | 2/1/17 | DVD 
  22. THE LONG GOODBYE (1973) | 2/1/17 | FilmStruck 
  23. JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 (2017) | 2/9/17 | AMC Atlantic 
  24. SWISS ARMY MAN (2016) | 2/10/17 | Netflix 
  25. GRIZZLY (1976) | 2/12/17 | Amazon 
  26. THE MASK OF DIMITRIOS (1944) | 2/18/17 | DVD  
  27. VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED (1976) | 2/18/17 | DVD 
  28. WOOL 100% (2006) | 2/20/17 | DVD 
  29. GUMSHOE (1971) | 2/21/17 | DVD  
  30. LOOPHOLE (1981) | 2/21/17 | DVD 
  31. OUT OF THE DARK (1988) | 2/23/17 | DVD 
  32. GET OUT (2017) | 2/24/17 | AMC Monterey Park 
  33. DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS (1962) | 2/24/17 | DVD 
  34. THE NESTING (1981) | 2/26/17 | DVD 
  35. CONTAMINATION (1980) | 2/28/17 | Blu-Ray  
  36. COUNTDOWN (1967) | 2/28/17 | DVD  
  37. SMART MONEY (1931) | 3/7/17 | DVD 
  38. MEN & CHICKEN (2015) | 3/10/17 | Blu-Ray 
  39. WAKE IN FRIGHT (1971) | 3/13/17 | Blu-Ray
  40. NIGHTMARE AT BITTER CREEK (1988) | 3/14/17 | Amazon Instant
  41. HUNT FOR WILDER PEOPLE (2016) | 3/17/17 | Stream
  42. MST3K: ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE (1987) | 3/19/17 | Netflix
  43. KONG: SKULL ISLAND (2017) | 3/25/17 | Edwards Alhambra  
  44. THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE (2017) | 3/25/17 | Edwards Alhambra  
  45. THE BELKO EXPERIMENT (2016) | 3/25/17 | Edwards Alhambra 
  46. THE LAST SUPPER (1995) | 3/25/17 | DVD 
  47. BRANDED TO KILL (1967) | 3/27/17 | Blu-Ray 
  48. DEAD PIGEON ON BEETHOVEN STREET (1974) | 3/28/17 | DVD 
  49. HEART OF MIDNIGHT (1988) | 4/5/17 | DVD 
  50. THE DAMNED DON’T CRY (1950) | 4/10/17 | DVD 
  51. GRAVEYARD SHIFT (1990) | 4/11/17 | DVD 
  52. MST3K: THE RETURN: REPTILICUS (1961) | 4/16/17 | Netflix 
  53. RiffTrax: SAMURAI COP (1991) | 4/18/17 | Edwards Alhambra 
  54. THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS (2017) | 4/18/17 | Edwards Alhambra
  55. MST3K: THE RETURN: CRY WILDERNESS (1986) | 4/19/17 | Netflix
  56. MST3K: THE RETURN: TIME TRAVELERS (1964) | 4/24/17 | Netflix 
  57. MST3K: THE RETURN: AVALANCHE (1978) | 4/26/17 | Netflix 
  58. PATERSON (2016) | 4/30/17 | On Demand Rental 
  59. AFRAID TO DIE (1960) | 5/2/17 | DVD 
  60. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 (2017) | 5/4/17 | Arclight Pasadena 
  61. MST3K: THE RETURN: BEAST FROM HOLLOW MOUNTAIN (1956) | 5/5/17 | Netflix 
  62. MST3K: THE RETURN: STARCRASH (1978) | 5/7/17 | Netflix 
  64. WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE GONE? (1974) | 5/8/17 | Stream 
  65. THE STREET WITH NO NAME (1948) | 5/15/17 | DVD  
  66. MST3K: THE RETURN: THE LOVE OF HERCULES  (1960) | 5/18/17 | Netflix 
  67. ALIEN: COVENANT (2017) | 5/20/17 | AMC Monterey Park  
  68. CRIMSON PEAK (2015) | 5/20/17 | HBO Go 
  69. THE JUNGLE BOOK (2016) | 5/26/17 | Netflix  
  70. ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (1950) | 5/27/17 | Rosemead High 24hr Film Fest 
  71. DON’T THINK TWICE (2016) | 5/29/17 | Netflix
  72. ADRENALINE DRIVE (1999) | 5/30/17 | DVD  
  73. THE IRON HORSE (1924) | 5/31/17 | DVD  
  74. MST3K: THE RETURN: YONGARY (1967) | 5/31/17 | Netflix  
  75. WONDER WOMAN (2017) | 6/1/17 | Vista 
  76. WILD TALES (2014) | 6/4/17 | DVD
  77. VOICE OF THE KING (2017) | 6/7/17 | NoHo7 | Rating: 4 (Q&A w/ Bob Miller)
  78. IT COMES AT NIGHT (2017) | 6/8/17 | AMC Monterey Park
  79. THEM (2006) | 6/18/17 | Amazon Prime
  80. MST3K: THE RETURN: WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM (1985) | 6/20/17 | Netflix | (FINISHED ON 7/10/17 )
  81. MINIONS (2015) | 6/30/17 | Netflix 
  82. CERTAIN FURY (1985) | 7/2/17 | DVD
  83. MUTANT (1984) | 7/11/17 | Amazon Instant
  84. VALERIAN (2017) | 7/20/17 | AMC Mission Hills San Diego  
  85. BATMAN & HARLEY QUINN (2017) | 7/21/17 | SDCC Ballroom 20 
  86. ONE DARK NIGHT (1982) | 7/23/17 | Amazon 
  87. ROAD HOUSE (1948) | 8/8/17 | DVD
  88. ALLISON’S BIRTHDAY (1981) | 8/28/17 | YouTube 
  89. KNIGHT RIDERS (1981) | 8/31/17 
  90. COLOSSAL (2016) | 9/2/17 | Blu-Ray 
  91. IT’S A DISASTER (2012) | 9/14/17 | DVD 
  92. THE MOST TERRIBLE TIME IN MY LIFE (1993) | 9/15/17 | DVD  
  93. UNLOCKED (2017) | 9/19/17 | Amazon Instant  
  94. WHEELS OF FIRE (1985) | 9/23/17 | YouTube  
  95. MOANA (2016) | 9/28/17 | Netflix 
  96. WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY (2017) | 9/29/17 | Netflix
  97. THE STAIRWAY TO THE DISTANT PAST (1995) | 9/30/17 
  98. EQUINOX (1979) | 10/4/17/ | FilmStruck 
  99. GATE OF HELL (1953) | 10/6/17 | DVD 
  100. CULT OF CHUCKY (2017) | 10/7/17 | Netflix  
  101. THE GRAVE(1996) | 10/8/17 | Amazon Instant 
  102. THE TRAP (1996) | 10/13/17 | DVD  
  103. TOP SECRET AFFAIR (1957) | 10/14/17 | DV-R  
  104. WOLF GUY (1975) | 10/17/17 | Blu-Ray 
  105. THE MAGICIAN (1958) | 10/17/17 | DVD 
  106. BABY DRIVER (2017) | 10/20/17 | Amazon Rental  
  107. THE RETURN (1980) | 10/20/17 | Amazon 
  108. BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA (1974) | 10/28/17 
  109. BEWARE! THE BLOB (1972) | 10/31/17 
  110. THE DEVIL PLAYS (1931) | 11/1/17 
  111. THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) | 11/2/17 | Arclight Pasadena 
  112. THE SPANIARD’S CURSE (1958) | 11/5/17 | Amazon  
  113. GANG BULLETS (1938) | 11/5/17 | Amazon  
  114. MONKEY’S PAW (1948) | 11/8/17 | Amazon 
  115. SHADOW OF A MAN (1954) | 11/9/17 | Amazon 
  116. BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL (2017) | 11/10/17 | Pasadena Playhouse  
  117. ATOMIC BLONDE (2017) | 11/17/17 | Google Play  
  118. WIND RIVER (2017) | 11/18/17 | Google Play 
  119. BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017) | 11/19/17 | Regal Garfield
  120. THE TROLLENBERG TERROR a.k.a. The Creeping Eye (1958) | 11/20/17 | Amazon 
  121. KRAMPUS (2015) | 11/23/17 | HBO GO 
  122. GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDORA (1991) | 11/23/17 | Starz App 
  124. SUPERNATURALS (1986) | 11/24/17 | Amazon
  125. GODZILLA VS MEGAGURIUS (2000) | 11/26/17 | STARZ App 
  126. COCO (2017) | 12/3/17 | AMC Monterey Park 
  127. SHIN GODZILLA (2016) | 12/3/17 | Blu-Ray 
  128. THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON (1958) | 12/13/17 | Amazon 
  129. INNOCENTS IN PARIS (1953) | 12/13/17 | Amazon 
  130. HELLBENT (1987) | 12/15/17 | Amazon 
  131. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (2017) | 12/17/17 | Arclight Pasadena 
  132. SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE WOMAN IN GREEN (1945) | 12/25/17 | Amazon  
  133. SHERLOCK HOLMES: TERROR BY NIGHT (1946) | 12/25/17 | Amazon 
  134. SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE SCARLET CLAW (1944) | 12/25/17 | Amazon  
  135. SECRETS (1933) | 12/29/17 | Filmstruck  
  136. THE MAN WHO HAUNTED HIMSELF (1970) | 12/29/17 
  137. THE WOMAN IN QUESTION (1950) | 12/29/17 
  138. MST3K: THE RETURN: AT EARTH’S CORE (2017) | 12/30/17
  139. ROBIN AND THE 7 HOOD (1964) 12/30/17 | TCM

WHAT A LIST, right?! I saw 139 new movies in all! Now more lists and ramblings follow!

8 FAVORITES of 2017

  • COCO
    *As you can see I kept to the fun escapism movies, I’ll catch up on the more serious stuff probably in 2018. These movies made me happy, gave me stuff to think about, dream about and just dwell in the nice feels. WONDER WOMAN, kick ass and the movie I didn’t know I had been waiting a lifetime to see.



    *Still sad that I missed PATERSON in 2016! I love Jim Jarmusch so much and have not missed one of his movies on a big screen since I first saw NIGHT ON EARTH. I did get to enjoy PATERSON with my dad when we rented it one night and it was my dad who first to introduce me to a Jim Jarmusch movie. We loved the flick a lot and yeah, it was a 5 movie for us both. SHIN GODZILLA was just a blast as I said recently. And I have to highlight HUNT FOR WILDER PEOPLE which made me laugh a lot, a lot more than I expected. I saw it back in March and only recently did my sister finally see it too, we got to gush about it together over the holidays.



    A wonderful little movie, that still plays so relevant when it comes to racisms and fear that people place on others. Being it’s a movie you hoped they’d go with the happy ending, but it was very much about real life and it’s not always happy even when people really are in love. I ended up watching this twice, the second time with my mom.
    An all star cast in a movie about a very real event. The SS St. Louis carried over 900 Jewish German refugee passengers in 1939 right before World War II and they are headed to Havana, seeking asylum to escape Hitler’s Germany. This movie was hard to watch and it only fueled my anger for events happening now. Again it is fear that hurts people, fear of people who believe different things. It was worth the watch and thinking about it keeps me fueled to keep the fight going for what is right in everyday life.
  • ROAD HOUSE (1948)
    Ida Lupino is one of my favorite actresses and filmmakers. Road House is now one of my favorite noir films. Ida is Lily Stevens, she’s a lounge singer who is independent and sure of herself. When Lily comes to a new club the owner, Jefty, played by Richard Widmark thinks he’s got dibs. Lily falls for Jefty’s partner instead and well, there’s drama and scheming
  • THE TRAP (1996) 
    These three movies above are a trilogy! My dad first checked THE MOST TERRIBLE TIME IN MY LIFE from the library and I couldn’t rent the other 2 fast enough. I still wonder how these movies escaped me in the 90’s. I absolutely love this world of detective Makiu Hama, that’s his real name, played by Masatoshi Nagase. I loved everything about these movies, EVERYTHING! From the style, to movie references, to the satisfying tale that was told about Makiu’s world. I can’t recommend these movies enough and they really are the best thing I saw in 2017, yup!


  • GATE OF HELL (1953)
    This Japanese movie is a beautiful movie, simply beautiful to look at and fall into. It’s also incredibly tragic. A Samurai has fallen for the woman he saved during a rebellion and when he asks for her hand as a reward he discovers she is already married. Her his obsession only intensifies as he tries to get the woman he wants by almost any means possible.
  • WOLF GUY (1975)
    Oh Arrow Video helping me discover cool movies. SONNY CHIBA is Wolf Guy! From a clan of werewolves he is the only survivor and living in the city working as a private detective. He’s soon on a case where a gang of men are being killed by a tiger spirit. Who is wielding the tiger spirit? What is the cause for revenge? When is SONNY gonna wolf out and show just how immortal he is during a full moon? I know all the answers because I watched it, yup.
  • GUMSHOE (1971) 
    Albert Finney is a comedian, wannabe detective, Eddie Ginley in this feature debut by director Stephen Frears. I really dug this little flick as Eddie says, “Me moments of glory all in me head.” He finds himself mixed up in a strange plot as he seeks out his own Dashiell Hammett fantasy life. It had some shocking moments and lots of sharp one liner wit.
  • BLACK EYE (1974)
    I really do have a love of private detectives and this one tickled my fancy from beginning to end. To quote my own review from the beginning of the year: “Fred Williamson is private eye Shep Stone, he was once a cop and now does his own thing; solving cases and eating peanuts along the way.” I love Fred Williamson and he delivers his brand of charm here, the tough guy who has a heart, but means business. Don’t piss of Shep and if your’e a bad guy, well, don’t let him catch you!


Runner up: Finally I saw THE LONG GOODBYE (1973) and yes you can give me some shite for not having seen it before, I was indeed missing out!

MOVIE OUTING: Being a big movie goer, I have not been to the theater as much as usual, hey you got to save that $$ sometimes. I must admit I only made it to the New Beverly once in 2017! It was a great time though as my guy Dave and I went with some good pals for a date night and we saw THE YAKUZA (1974) (Thanks JEFF & EMILY for a good outing!)

Seeing WONDER WOMANTHOR and COCO with my nieces were among my top movie outings too as they are so much fun to watch movies with!

Next up my re-see movies, the movies I’ll watch again and again any chance I get:


  1. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (1986) | 1/1/17 | Netflix
  2. THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951) | 1/1/17 | Netflix
  3. GREASE (1978) | 1/1/17 | Netflix
  4. THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987) | 1/1/17 | Netflix
  5. ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING (1987) | 1/1/17 | Netflix
  6. THE FOG (1980) | 1/2/16 | DVD
  7. EATING RAOUL (1982) | 1/8/17 | DVD
  8. A BITTERSWEET LIFE (2005) | 1/9/17 | DVD
  9. ONE POTATO, TWO POTATO (1964) | 1/20/17 | TCM/DV-R (watched w/ mom)
  10. THEY LIVE (1988) | 1/20/17 | BluRay
  11. WILD BEASTS (1984) | 1/13/17 | YouTube
  12. ZOOT SUIT (1981) | 3/14/17 | DVD
  13. ALIEN (1979) | 3/22/17 | Blu-Ray
  14. ALIENS (1986) | 3/22/17 | Blu-Ray
  15. ALIEN 3 (1992) | 3/23/17 | Blu-Ray
  16. WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (1988) | 3/27/17 | Netflix  (w/ Celia and Effie!)
  17. ALIEN RESURRECTION (1997) | 3/29/17 | Blu-Ray
  18. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (1986) | 4/1/17 | Netflix (w/ Celia and Effie!)
  19. NEEDFUL THINGS (1993) | 4/7/17 | DVD
  20. SLEEPWALKERS (1992) | 4/7/17/ | DVD
  21. THE LOST BOYS (1987) | 5/22/17 | DVD (w/ Celia)
  22. ANIMAL CRACKERS (1930) | 5/27/17 | Rosemead High 24hr Film Fest
  23. ALIENS (1986) | 5/27/17 | Rosemead High 24hr Film Fest
  24. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (1960) | 5/27/17 | Rosemead High 24hr Film Fest
  25. CLUE (1985) | 5/27/17 | Rosemead High 24hr Film Fest
  26. SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004) | 6/12/17 | CABLE
  27. WONDER WOMAN (2017) | 6/13/17 | Edwards Alhambra (w/ Celia and Effie)
  28. MIDNIGHT MADNESS (1980) | 6/17/17 | YouTube (rental)
  29. STREETS OF FIRE (1984) | 6/22/17 | DVD (Finished 6/26/17) (w/ Celia and Effie)
  30. TANK GIRL (1995) | 6/27/17 | Blu-Ray
  31. THE CURSE (1987) | 6/28/17 | YouTube
  32. DEAD END DRIVE-IN (1987) | 7/1/17 | DVD
  33. ICEBREAKER (2000) RiffTrax | 7/5/17 | Amazon Instant
  34. STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE (director’s cut) (1979) | CABLE | 7/27/17
  35. ROAD HOUSE (1989) | 8/12/17 | DVD, outdoors screening
  36. POLTERGEIST (1982) | 9/4/17 | DVD
  37. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (1977) | 9/13/17 | Living Room Theaters (Portland) *Only people in the theater!
  38. MARY POPPINS (1964) | 9/24/17 |  DVD
  39. HOT FUZZ (2007)  | 9/24/17 |  DVD
  40. ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975)  | 9/24/17 |  DVD
  41. HERCULES (1997) | 9/27/17 | Netflix
  42. MYSTERY TRAIN (1989) | 9/30/17 | FILMSTRUCK
  43. FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980) | 10/1/17 | CABLE
  44. WACKO (1982) | 10/5/17 | YouTube
  45. THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER (1990) | 9/7/17 | Amazon
  46. BORN IN EAST L.A. (1987) | 10/9/17 | Samuel Goldwyn Theater (Q&A Cheech Marin)
  47. EVIL DEAD (1981) | 10/21/17 | THE FRIDA CINEMA
  48. SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983) | 10/21/17 | THE FRIDA CINEMA
  49. BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) | 10/22/17 | THE FRIDA CINEMA
  50. FRIDAY THE 13th: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1984) | 10/22/17 | THE FRIDA CINEMA
  51. THE BURNING (1981) | 10/22/17 | THE FRIDA CINEMA
  52. DRACULA 2000 (2000) | 10/28/17 | Amazon
  53. HALLOWEEN (1978) | 10/31/17 | Amazon Rental
  54. PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE (1985) | 11/3/17 | Netflix
  55. THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) | 11/11/17 | Arclight Pasadena (with Q girls)
  56. INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (1989) | 11/12/17 | On Demand Cable
  57. WAYNE’S WORLD (1992) | 11/19/17 | Starz App
  58. THE THING (1951) | 11/23/17 | YouTube Rental
  59. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 (2017) | 12/10/17 | Netflix
  60. DREDD (2012) | 12/11/17 | Blu-Ray
  61. THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987) | 12/18/17 | Blu-Ray
  62. TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (1991) | 12/23/17 | Google Rental
  63. DIE HARD (1988) | 12/23/17 | Google Rental
  65. NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION (1989) | 12/25/17 | DVD (w/ Commentary)

When it comes to re-see movies, watching some of these with my nieces was the best, because I’m sharing my favorite movies and crossing my fingers that they’ll fall in love with them too. Celia and Effie enjoyed BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA and STREETS OF FIRE. Celia is the older one and she’s getting to the age where she can watch some more scary stuff, and rated R stuff…(shhhh Don’t tell Grandma!) Dave and I got to watch THE LOST BOYS, TERMINATOR 2 and DIE HARD with Celia and yup, she LIKED THEM! Whew!!

I also got to see some of my favorite re-sees in theaters! Dave and I had a movie theater all to ourselves while vacationing in Portland to watch CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. We also got to drink some beer with our movie snacks. 

Guess what? I went to the movies with my little sister. I can’t recall the last time that she and I did that. But it was a most special occasion as we went to see an Academy screening of BORN IN EAST L.A and Cheech Marin was there with some of the other cast for a Q&A. This is a special movie for us, we watched it tons growing up. Our dad was actually BORN IN EAST L.A. and well we’re latino girls too. BORN IN EAST L.A. was one we would watch anytime it was on cable. We watched it as a family together. We had only watched it on VHS, Cable and DVD before. Thanks L.A. for making our movie dreams come true. I was glad I got to take me sister out to the movies and watch a movie we loved for the first time on a big screen. WAAS SAPPENING!?!

And I finally got the chance to attend a horror movie marathon at a very cool theater in Santa Ana, THE FRIDA. I wrote all about the adventure right here: http://shempcat.com/camp-frida-outing/

2017 sure has been a strange year, a year that has made me angry because there’s things to fight for and a world to not give up on! I am so thankful that I have been able to turn to movies for some distraction for a few hours at a time. That’s what I’ll always have thanks to movies. I’m glad I got to see 204 movies in all, so glad I made it to 200+.  Now, here’s to more movies in 2018. YUP! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

At the beginning of November I rounded up my movie list and shared what I had been watching. I have seen some more movies since then and as the year winds up I will soon pick my favorites of new and new old movies I’ve seen.

Movies have kept me sane through these crazy times. As the world feels meaner and tougher I’ve still got movies that give me a change of pace, make me smile and encourage happy thoughts. I’ve veered away from some more serious movies as of late, and that’s because I want to be in Happy Place when I take a break. But, don’t think I let movies distract me from the big bad world, which I am not giving up on!! I’ll do what I can to make it a better, happier place any chance I get! #RESIST

But I digress, it’s movie talk here!

So since November 2nd, here’s my list of movies:


  • THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) | 11/2/17 | Arclight Pasadena 

  • THE SPAINIARD’S CURES (1958) | 11/5/17 | Amazon
  • GANG BULLETS (1938) | 11/5/17 | Amazon
  • MONKEY’S PAW (1948) | 11/8/17 | Amazon
  • SHADOW OF A MAN (1954) | 11/9/17 | Amazon
  • BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL (2017) | 11/10/17 | Pasadena Playhouse 

  • ATOMIC BLONDE (2017) | 11/17/17 | Google Play 
  • WIND RIVER (2017) | 11/18/17 | Google Play 
  • BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017) | 11/19/17 | Regal Garfield 
  • THE TROLLENBERG TERROR a.k.a. The Creeping Eye (1958) | 11/20/17 | Amazon

  • KRAMPUS (2015) | 11/23/17 | HBO GO
  • GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDORA (1991) | 11/23/17 | Starz App
  • SUPERNATURALS (1986) | 11/24/17 | Amazon
  • GODZILLA VS MEGAGURIUS (2000) | 11/26/17 | STARZ App 
  • COCO (2017) | 12/3/17 | AMC Monterey Park 
  • SHIN GODZILLA (2016) | 12/3/17 | Blu-Ray 

  • THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON (1958) | 12/13/17 | Amazon
  • INNOCENTS IN PARIS (1953) | 12/13/17 | Amazon 
  • HELLBENT (1987) | 12/15/17 | Amazon
  • STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (2017) | 12/17/17 | Arclight Pasadena 
  • SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE WOMAN IN GREEN (1945) | 12/25/17 | Amazon 
  • SHERLOCK HOLMES: TERROR BY NIGHT (1946) | 12/25/17 | Amazon
  • SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE SCARLET CLAW (1944) | 12/25/17 | Amazon

THOR: RAGNAROK was so much fun we just had to see it twice and the second time was with my nieces! They dug it too, yup!

I really loved Miike’s THE BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL, my dad, and my guy Dave went to see it in the theater!

SHIN GODZILLA was so awesome, we had been watching some old Godzilla flicks and SHIN just blew me away, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

COCO was probably one of my favorite movie outings of the year, as it was a viewing with my Mom, Dad, Sister and  2 of her kids! My niece Effie had already seen it. Yea, family! We all had lots of tears of happy happy joy joy watching that movie.


  • PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE (1985) | 11/3/17 | Netflix
  • THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) | 11/11/17 | Arclight Pasadena (with Q girls)
  • INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (1989) | 11/12/17 | On Demand Cable
  • WAYNE’S WORLD (1992) | 11/19/17 | Starz App

  • THE THING (1951) | 11/23/17 | YouTube Rental
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 (2017) | 12/10/17 | Netflix
  • DREDD (2012) | 12/11/17 | Blu-Ray

  • THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987) | 12/18/17 | Blu-Ray
  • TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (1991) | 12/23/17 | Google Rental

  • DIE HARD (1988) | 12/23/17 | Google Rental

  • NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION (1989) | 12/25/17 | DVD (w/ Commentary)

The re-see movies have really been just favorites worth watching again and again. We got to re-watch TERMINATOR 2 and DIE HARD with my niece Celia who was watching them for the first time. She had seen TERMINATOR recently with her mom and so we got the honor of showing her part 2. We then watched DIE HARD right after and guess what, she dug ’em both but dug TERMINATOR 2 more, and she did agree that DIE HARD is a Christmas movie. Take that, folk!  😉

Thus far, I have seen 134 new movies and 65 re-see movies! 199 movies in all! (Fingers crossed I get a few more movies in over the next few days!)

Stay tuned for another movie post as I will round my whole movie list in one place and pick my favorites from what I’ve seen on the first of January!

Enjoy the New Year and let’s keep watching movies!!! YUP YUP YUP!

What is October without horror movies? Well I have not been able to hit the cinemas as often as I like and I have missed out on more than one movie marathon the last few years, but you can’t keep a movie watcher like me down for long!

Let’s Watch Movies Together!

The Frida Cinema, down in Santa Ana has been on the revival cinema scene for a while now, since 2012. I’ve been following from afar loving their programming, wishing I could take the trek on down. Well, my time finally came as it was October and they announced their first Horror Movie Marathon event, CAMP FRIDA! This was to be camp themed and a handful of secret movies would be sandwiched between EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2. Yup two of my ALL TIME FAVES! So of course, my guy Dave and I got our tickets and counted down the days to go!

The theater is nestled in downtown Santa Ana and a Día De los Muertos event was going on, along with the High School Homecoming dance as kid were dressed to the nines ready to party. Being an L.A. nerd I worried about lining up early, but the vibe in Santa Ana is more chill when it comes to stuff like lines. So the bright side was Dave and I got to explore it up a bit, find a nice meal and power up before sitting down hours and hours.

But, yes, I did manage to get myself the FIRST in line spot, just like Riff Randall. 😉

The camp theme was in full effect with eager Counselor Aly and her pals coming out to instruct us of what was to come. The Main Lodge would house our movies and if we were 21 and up we could get some grown up drinks and bug juice throughout the night.

There was to be some fun camp activities, coloring time, a talent show, buttons for sale of all the movies to come. A Low-Budget camp, but all the fun!!! SOPHIE’S SWEETS Cupcakes were up for grabs for a little donation. There was a spinning wheel on stage! (What was it for!?!)

The Main Lodge was a small theater, seated over 300 campers if I’m not mistaken. The event hadn’t sold out, but it did fill up. Just as we filled seats counselors were in the aisles twirling around some pine scented air fresheners to give us the in the woods feel.

Listen to your Counselors on how to survive!

This event put on by the FRIDA had some promotion help from the students of CAL STATE FULLERTON, there was the #CAMPFRIDA on Snapchat filter to be used all night and more than a few selfies taken from the stage!

A while after 9pm ready to kick off the festivities, the crowd was asked by Brian, of who in the theater had never seen EVIL DEAD and about 20 people raised their hands. Someone shouted out a sort of boo, but more people rallied back with a cheer, because what’s a better place to see EVIL DEAD for the first time than in a theater, with lots of people reacting to the horror fun?! There was about another 20 plus people seeing EVIL DEAD for the first time on a big screen, though they’d see it a 100 times over. I’m in the lucky group who’s seen it so many times over and on a big screen too!

So EVIL DEAD hit the screen, this was no nonsense marathon, straight into the movies and horror of the night! I really have seen EVIL DEAD a bunch of times, and I plan to watch it many more. There’s always something special about watching it on a big screen. It still gets me to jump at times! I love seeing young BRUCE CAMPBELL. I bask in Sam Raimi’s direction. The sound assault of the Evil Dead attacking those young folks in the forest, the crowd truly enjoyed the ride! PARTY DOWN! 

Hi Camp Counselor Aly!

There was a 20 minute break next before the next film.

Say Cheese!!!! Hi Snapchat!

As a way to announce what the next secret movie to screen there was a little game! A picture was shown on the screen and people would raise their hand if they knew the answer….it was quite hard to not shout it out. There were pins made of those pictures and only a $1.00! I got myself a button or three before the night was done!

Next up was SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Yea! The crowd was so happy. Counselor Aly admitted she had only just seen the movie for the first time a while ago and was still reeling about the crop top shirts featured in the fim. I actually had never seen this one on a big screen. So that was way exciting for me. SLEEPAWAY CAMP has Angela and her cousin, who’s a camp going regular off to the woods with a bunch of other campers. Angela is a bit strange, doesn’t talk, doesn’t play the games and other boys and girls just want to pick on her. What is the secret here? People start getting injured or die! But who’s the killer? Hmmmm…I know most people are ready to spoil things, but what’s the fun in that? SLEEPAWAY CAMP is a crowd pleaser for sure!

Everyone Bunks In The Main Lodge!

After another break we were told there was to be two movies to choose from next! THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT or CABIN IN THE WOODS. It was rather nice that there was another option for those who can’t handle BLAIR WITCH shakey cam. My guy Dave was ready to go watch CABIN but stayed with me in the end. I hadn’t watched THE BLAIR WITCH since it first came out. I saw it twice in the theaters and found it to be creepy and that night was afraid of my dark room corners. The shakey cam didn’t bug me, just the creepy factor!

Watching BLAIR WITCH again was just as entertaining. The movie was quite a lightning moment back then and I’m glad I chose to watch it again this time out. Yes, I got creeped out! They just did a good job of setting up the documentary feel, and no one like getting trapped in the woods. That helpless feel, the urge to yell at the screen saying just follow the river downstream…but man, no one can scream like that Heather!

There was another 20 minute break as CABIN IN THE WOODS was still playing. I was going to watch, but had a comfy spot. Counselor Aly was out and her helpers passed out CAMP FRIDA postcards and they even offered to send them off for us!

Next up was a FRIDAY THE 13th movie! But what would it be? That’s where the spinning wheel came into play! Jason himself came to spin the wheel, but in the end he chased off Counselor Aly. UH OH!

THE FINAL CHAPTER started AND yeah we all know it was far from the Final one! There’s the handy recap from all the other movies! Yup, and though Jason was thought dead he’s soon back to killing, from the hospital to the woods. Oh, that poor hitchhiker! So who will Jason kill next? The family? Corey Feldman is a young horror make-up nut and his older teen sister enjoys the woods, hoping her divorced folks will get back together. The party Kids? A bunch of other kids are around just to party in a cabin, so we get the Crispin Glover dancing and lots of sex, sex. Jason is in slasher heaven! The viewing crowd ate this one up of course!

From Jason the back to camp times continued as our next film was THE BURNING.

Oh, before I forget…We were treated to a little video from Counselor Aly, seems she ran off to escape Jason and though she found safety in a tent, it didn’t last, poor Aly, R.I.P. (Good one Camp Friday, Good One!)

I first saw THE BURNING at a New Bev horrorthon, and I recall that the big disappointment was that the print we saw was missing some key kill scene. Well this time it was intact. I hadn’t seen THE BURNING since that last time. It’s a fun movie, I think a lot in attendance were seeing it for the first time. Especially when it came to the reaction of spotting Jason Alexander on screen. THE BURNING though got some interesting crowd reactions from the start as this one was a Weinstein production. Yup, when old Harvey’s name hit the screen twice, EVERYONE BOO-ED! Realizing a Weinstein had a hand in the screenplay, for me, it actually made all the skeezy guys in the movie MORE skeezy. GROSS!!! Yup. So we get an old camp, where a bad camp worker was burned ages ago by some mean kids, many years later that old camp guy is back for his revenge. Kids are getting killed while other teens are interested in doing it. I like seeing young Fisher Stevens in this movie. There’s good gore kills too, a fitting flick for the nights theme.

After THE BURNING we learned another movie would screen before EVIL DEAD 2! It was THE WITCH. I really like THE WITCH, but it’s a slow burn movie, takes it’s time and I was tired. The lure of EVIL DEAD 2 finale was hard to resist, but my guy Dave and I opted for an early out, so we could drive back to L.A. before AM traffic would be a bit worse for us, especially after not having slept for oh so many hours. Sadly we missed out on the end of the marathon award, but maybe next year!

I really can’t wait for the chance to get back to THE FRIDA, I had a blast, love the atmosphere and the people working there were super cool! This outing really made my October complete! Yup!

See you soon FRIDA! I shall return! Yup!