Could you use a break? Do you need a drink to go with that break? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got some beverages to wet your whistle.

Now go grab your chilled glasses, a shaker, buckets of ice and be ready to go and have a drink with me and the movies!

million dollarMILLION DOLLAR PURSUIT (1951) – Who doesn’t want an easy score? That one big break?! Well, if you’re a guy full of potential, but everyone thinks you’re just some small-time crook not amounting to much you can show ’em what’s what. That’s just how things are for Monte. He’s got plans! “One of these days…pull something really big!” Just wait, he’ll show you just what he means! Yup.

Monte gets his hands on a fancy key from an apartment store cashier safe! And like a guy of his nature he can’t help but do some bragging about the potential for a big score! Monte’s drink choice was a Scotch and Soda, with a twist, but heavy on the scotch.

Scotch & Soda, with a twist

You’ll need 1.5 oz of Scotch Whisky and 6 oz of Club Soda. Take a glass filled with ice, add the Scotch Whisky first and top it off with the Club Soda. Garnish the glass with a lemon twist.

heston drink

THE SECRET OF THE INCAS (1954) – Are you ready for an adventure? Are you interested in archeology and old artifacts? Want to see a strong, suave hombre in action? Well take a little trip to Peru with this this movie and see Charlton Heston in his leather jacket and hat as he sweet talks his way into a geological dig for some Incan Gold! This movie absolutely inspired Indiana Jones, just watch and see what I mean!

But, let me tell you, Mr. Heston is a real rough around the edges kinda man, and I didn’t like him all that much. I know I was supposed to though, because he is playing a man’s man! Bah!…Heston is just a selfish scammer and he sort of treats a lady to a Whisky Sour.

Whisky Sour

This fine libation is made with whisky, lemon juice, sugar, and a dash of egg white (egg white is optional, depending on who makes it.) Take 2 oz of whisky, 2/3 oz of lemon juice, a teaspoon of superfine sugar and pour it into a shaker along with some ice. Give it a good shake and then strain the drink into a glass filled with ice.

(1985) – The movie based on a board game. Re-watched this one a while back with some pals and we all laughed at the fun. No matter how many times I’ve seen this movie I still find myself giggling at the same jokes.

How can you not love this little murder mystery movie with the pale and tragic Mrs. White, Klutzy Mr. Green, Sexy Miss Scarlet, and the Butler Wadsworth? Well the alcoholic beverage of choice in CLUE was Cognac.

Cognac: Distilled Brandy from Cognac, France. Pour the old aged Cognac into a glass and sip away!


deadly spellCAST OF DEADLY SPELL (1991) – It’s 1940’s Los Angeles. The streets at night are wet and shiny. Every classy dame is dressed in a gown and you can light your cigarettes without matches because you’ve got magic hands! This detective film is filled with gore and stars Fred Ward as a detective who doesn’t delve into the Supernatural. He believes in real work and making an honest living. There’s two drinks from this flick! Clink, Clink!

Burbon & Water

Grab an old-fashioned glass. Add 2 oz of bourbon whiskey and 4 oz of water and stir. Tah-da! Bourbon and Water, whicn you can garnish with a twist of lemon peel to be fancy!

Scotch Sour (Back once again! Them classy folks love this libation.)

You need blended scotch whisky and lemon juice. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, then pour in 1 and 1/2 oz of blended scotch whisky and 3/4 oz of lemon juice. Shake it up well. Strain it all into an old fashioned glass filled with ice.

I would recommend checking out CAST A DEADLY SPELL if you’re looking for a horror movie this Halloween season! The gore will satisfy! So have a drink, relax and be safe with each sippy sip! Yup!

MOVIE TALLY! I am a slacker! But what else is new? Let’s share movies!!! I love movies! Yup!

As I continue to watch movies (slow and slow and steady) my total is 163 movies, with 113 new movies and 51 re-sees! Here’s my list from mid July to now!


  • MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (2016) | 7/12/16 | DVD 
  • CULT OF THE COBRA (1955) | 7/16/16 | Svengoolie 
  • CELL (2016) | 7/17/16 | Cable Rental 
  • GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) | 7/19/16 | Edwards Alhambra 
  • THE KILLING JOKE (2016) | 7/22/16 | Comic-Con Ballroom 20 
  • STAR TREK: BEYOND (2016) | 7/26/16 | NOHO 7
  • TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) | 7/28/16 | CGV 
Take the train! Zombies, Train, OH MY!

Take the train and Run! Beware of Zombies! ZOMBIES!

  • SATAN MET A LADY (1936) | 8/4/16 | DVD 
  • THE MALTESE FALCON (1931) | 8/4/16 | DVD 
  • THUNDERBOLT (1929) | 8/4/16 | TCM 
  • ALL FALL DOWN (1962) | 8/5/16 | TCM 
  • CURUCU, BEAST OF THE AMAZON (1956) | 8/7/16 | Svengoolie
  • JASON BOURNE (2016) | 8/9/16 | Alhambra Edwards
  • MI-5 (2015) | 8/10/16 | HBO GO 
  • THUNDER & LIGHTNING (1977) | 8/14/16 | YouTube
Moonshine, Gator Preachers, Highjinks!

Moonshine, Gator Preachers, Carradine, Cars! Vroom!

  • EYE OF THE STRANGER (1981) | 8/14/15 | YouTube
  • ONE BY ONE aka MAJORETTES (1987) | 8/15/16 | YouTube 
  • SUICIDE SQUAD (2016) | 8/23/16 | Alhambra Edwards
  • REALITY (2015) | 8/25/16 | DVD
  • RANCHO DELUXE (1974) | 8/25/16 | DVD
  • LURED (1947) | 8/26/16 | TCM DV-R | Rating: 5
Mike is a detective and he's pretty dang cool!

Mike is a detective and he’s pretty dang cool!

  • VIRTUAL ASSASSINS aka CYBERJACK (1995) | 9/1/16 | STARZ App
  • JANE GOT A GUN (2016) | 9/2/16 | Netflix
  • THE FOREST (2016) | 9/6/16 | HBO Go
  • MAN FROM RIO (1964) | 9/11/16 | Reel Grit 
  • MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (2016) | 9/22/16 | Edwards Alhambra 
Magnificent Seven gang! Take the Ride! Western Fun!

Magnificent Seven gang! Take the Ride! Western Fun!

  • GHOST TEAM (2016) | 9/29/16 | Stream 
Ghost Team! Justin Long is my hero! Ghost Beware!

Ghost Team! Justin Long is my hero! Ghost Beware!

  • MAN MADE MONSTER (1941) | 10/1/16 | Svengoolie 
  • THE FALLING (2014) | 10/1/16 | Netflix 


  • GHOSTBUSTERS (1984) | 7/27/16 | Cable Rental
  • WILLOW (1988) | 7/31/16 | DVD
Willow, Madmartigan! High Adventure!

Willow, Madmartigan! High Adventure!

  • NIGHT MONSTER (1942) | 8/14/16 | Svengoolie
  • DELIRIOUS (1991) | 8/14/16 | YouTube
  • LUCY (2014) | 8/16/16 | Cable
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014) | 8/21/16 | DVR
  • NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (1986) | 8/22/16 | DVD
  • HACKERS (1993) | 8/30/16 | Cable
  • FINAL DESTINATION 3 (2006) | 9/2/16 | Netflix
  • THE PHANTOM (1996) | 9/4/16 | Netflix



Yup, my guy Dave got me to watch HACKERS, yet again, I don’t know how he does that!!! Oh, AND Dave and I did rent WILLOW on DVD just for my nieces! It was a hit!  And, I got see THE PHANTOM yet again this time with both of my nieces! They liked it, yup yup yup! Movie sharing fun that is what it is all about! Yup!

Now that October is here, I’m going to aim for a movie a day, just like some other movie watching folks out there! Wish me luck!!! Happy Movie Watching one and all! Yup!