About Me – Shempcat!

I am Cat! I love movies! For a long long time I did my blogging at shempcat.geckobrothers.com. (That started in 2006!!) That site is no more, as things go in the great land of the Internet.


But, I still want to write and share my love of movies, movie going adventures, comic books and much more. So here I am! Yup!

I’m a Los Angeles native, born and raised in Sunny Southern California. I have always loved, loved movies, and my most favorite movie ever in the whole wide world is DARKMAN.

Here at my little place on the web, I will keep rambling and writing. I hope you’ll join me.

Yup Yup Yup.

cat fangirl

Thanks Meghan Murphy for the picture of me!! Go visit: http://www.kawaiinot.com/

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