Yesterday was Elvis’ birthday! I watched KING CREOLE (1958) which I had never seen before! It is a super good movie! Yup!


Happy Birthday Elvis!


Elvis is Danny, a young kid who’s feeling still stuck. He’s working, wanting more, to be somebody. He’s not graduating high school another year, since those teachers think he’s a hooligan up to no good! Though Danny has the talent to sing he’s crossing paths with neighborhood toughie played by Vic Morrow and meanie club owner played by Walter Matthau. They really are a danger to his future!

Then, there’s the love triangle. Who will he choose? The good wholesome girl (Delores Hart) he could marry and have a family with, or temptress of a woman (Carolyn Jones) who’s stuck with the wrong crowd too!

KING CREOLE has got songs done in pure Elvis style and yes you see Elvis really had some acting chops. It’s worth the watch!

You can find it on YouTube, thanks to Paramount Vault: WATCH KING CREOLE!

cat fangirlAnother year has come and gone, WOOOOSH! It was quite a ride. Yup!

I have been married over a year, WOOT! I had a new job at a start-up which was stressful and I am no longer there. (whew!) Now, I don’t usually get to into my personal affairs as I’d really rather just focus on the things that make me happy and share that happy. So I’ll try not to ramble off topic. 🙂 We’re talking about movies here!!!!

Everyone has complaints, anxiety, craziness and I have my fill, but through it all I turn to movies to leave that stuff behind. I just love, love, love watching movies! Yup!

Though I did not watch as many movies as usual throughout my year, (le sigh) I did still watch a lot and even basked before the big silver screen. (My Happy Place!)

I am indeed thankful that I have had some fantastic film discoveries through it all!

As a DARKMAN fangirl, of course I have to say, one of my big re-see highlights of 2015 involves my most favorite director and favorite movie DARKMAN. WOOT WOOT! Remember my DARKMAN DAY!?!

And now without further ado, here is my list of NEW MOVIES (seen for the first time) and my list of RE-SEE MOVIES (those films I can watch again and again and again).

I saw was a total of 303 movies in all! Yup!!


  1. THE INTERVIEW (2014) | 01/01/15 | Google Play  
  2. HERO AT LARGE (1980) | 01/01/15 | DVD
  3. MURDER SHE WROTE: SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST (1997) | 01/01/15 | YouTube  
  4. APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH (1988) | 01/01/15 | YouTube
  5. THE BLACK CASTLE (1952) on Svengoolie | 01/03/15 | MeTV
  6. THE AMAZING ADVENTURE (1936) | 01/06/15 | YouTube | Rating
  7. TAKEN 3 (2014) | 01/08/15 | AMC Burbank 6
  8. JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT (2014) | 01/11/15 | Amazon Instant
  9. THEY MADE ME A FUGITIVE (1947) | 01/12/15 | Amazon Instant  
  10.  HIGHLY DANGEROUS (1950) | 1/13/15 | Amazon Instant
  11.  WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (2013) | 1/15/15 | Netflix  
  12.  REPEAT PERFORMANCE (1947) | 1/17/15 | Amazon Instant  
  13.  WOLF OF NEW YORK (1940) | 1/17/15 | Amazon Instant  
  14.  CHINESE ZODIAC (2012) | 1/18/15 | Netflix  
  15.  FeardotCom (2002) | 1/19/15 | HBO GO
  16.  BIG HERO SIX (2014) | 1/20/15 | DVD  
  17.  BEING AGAIN (2013) | 1/24/15 | DVD  
  18.  THE PRINCE AND ME (2004) | 1/24/15 | Amazon Instant
  19.  RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS (1994) | 1/25/15 | Netflix  
  20.  KISS THEM FOR ME (1957) | 1/25/15 | Netflix
  21.  EMERGENCY HOSPITAL (1956) | 1/25/15 | Netflix
  22.  BREAKFAST IN HOLLYWOOD (1946) | 1/25/15 | YouTube  
  23.  CAGE OF EVIL (1960) | 1/26/15 | Netflix
  24.  CRIME AGAINST JOE (1956) |1/26/15
  25.  THE FUZZY PINK NIGHTGOWN (1957) | 1/26/15
  26.  THE GUN RUNNERS (1958) | 1/28/15 | Netflix
  27.  88 (2015) | 1/31/15 | Netflix
  28.  SERVANTS OF TWILIGHT (1991) | 2/1/15 | Amazon Instant
  29.  DAY OF THE NIGHTMARE (1965) | 2/1/15 | Amazon Instant
  30.  BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER (1960) | 2/1/15 | Netflix  
  31.  STEPHEN KING’S A GOOD MARRIAGE (2014) | 2/1/15 | Netflix  
  32.  THE RESURRECTED (1991) | 2/3/15 | YouTube  
  33.  TOPPER (1937) | 2/3/15 | YouTube
  34.  THE OCTOBER MAN (1947) | 2/6/15 | Netflix
  35.  STILL ALIVE: PAUL WILLIAMS (2011) | 2/6/15 | Netflix
  36.  OBVIOUS CHILD (2014) | 2/7/15 | Amazon  
  37.  TOKYO TRIBE (2014) | 2/8/15 | Reel Grit
  38.  JUPITER ASCENDING (2015) | 2/10/15 | Burbank AMC 16  
  39.  THE OXFORD MURDERS (2008) | 2/11/15 | Netflix  
  40.  WHAT WE DO IN SHADOWS (2014) | 2/13/15 | Arclight Hollywood
  41.  LEVIATHAN (2014) | 2/15/15 | Reel Grit  
  42.  FILLY BROWN (2012) | 2/19/15 | Netflix
  43.  DEAD SNOW 2: RED VS. DEAD (2014) | 2/19/15 | Netflix  
  44.  APP (2013) | 2/20/15 | Amazon Instant  (downloaded an APP while watching)
  45.  CATMAN OF PARIS (1946) | 2/20/15 | Amazon Instant
  46.  THE HOUSE IN NIGHTMARE PARK (1973) | 2/20/15 | Amazon Instant  
  47.  THE DEVIL DIAMOND (1937) | 2/21/15 | YouTube  
  48.  THREE BAD SISTERS (1956) | 2/21/15 | Netflix  
  49.  LAST WOMAN ON EARTH (1960) | 2/22/15 | YouTube  
  50.  THE SIGNAL (2014) | 2/23/15 | DVD  
  51.  CITIZENFOUR (2014) | 2/24/15 | HBOGo  
  52.  THE NOOSE HANGS HIGH (1948) | 2/25/15 | Netflix  
  53.  BREAKING THE RULES (2012) | 2/25/15 | Netflix  
  54.  OF HUMAN BONDAGE (1934) | 2/26/15 | Netflix  
  55.  VIBRATIONS (1996) | 2/27/15 | DVD  
  56.  THE DOUBLE MCGUFFIN (1979) | 2/28/15 | DVD  
  57.  GANGNAM 1970 (2014) | 3/4/15 | CGV  
  58.  CHAPPiE (2015) | 3/6/15 | Burbank AMC  
  59.  100 BLOODY ACRES (2012) | 3/8/15 | Netflix  
  60.  HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 (2014) | 3/11/15 | Netflix  
  61.  EARTH TO ECHO (2014) | 3/12/15 | Netflix  
  62.  BIRDMAN (2014) | 3/14/15 | DVD   
  63.  BANK ALARM (1937) | 3/15/15 | Amazon  
  64.  (SECRET SCREENING) (2015) | 3/15/15 | Reel Grit  
  65.  DETECTIVE K: SECRET OF THE LOST ISLAND (2015) | 3/17/15 | CGV  
  66.  LION’S HEART (CORAZON DE LEON) (2013) | 3/21/15 | HBO GO  
  67.  MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST (2014) | 3/22/15 | HBO GO | Rating :
  68.  EXTRATERRESTRIAL (2014) | 3/23/15 | DVD |  Rating:
  69.  JUSTICE LEAGUE THRONE OF ATLANTIS (2015) | 3/25/15 | DVD   
  70.  ANIMAL (2014) | 3/26/15 | Netflix  
  71.  AT SWORD’S POINT (1952) | 3/28/15 | DVD  
  72.  LA SCORTA (THE BODY GUARDS) (1993) | 3/28/15 | DVD  
  73.  DOOMSDAYS (2013) | 3/29/15 | REEL GRIT  
  74.  CRYSTAL BALL (1943) | 3/29/15 | Netflix  
  75.  GOING CLEAR (2015) | 3/30/15 | HBOGo
  76.  DRESSED TO KILL (1941) | 3/30/15 | Netflix  
  77.  THE DEAL (2015) | 3/31/15 | CGV  
  78.  FURIOUS SEVEN (2015) | 4/2/15 | CGV  
  79.  BABADOOK (2014) | 4/4/15 | Rosemead High School  
  80.  MARY & MAX (2009)| 4/4/15 | Rosemead High School  
  81.  BLUE WHITE & PERFECT (1941) | 4/4/15 | Streaming/DVD  
  83.  THE IMITATION GAME (2014) | 4/11/15 | DVD  
  84.  DOWNTOWN TORPEDOES (1997) | 4/21/15 | New Beverly  
  85.  THE LORD OF THE RINGS (1978) | 4/29/15 | Amazon  
  86.  AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (2015) | 4/30/15 | The Grove  
  87.  A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (2014) | 5/1/15 | Netflix  
  88.  NOVEMBER MAN (2014) | 5/2/15 | Netflix  
  89.  THEY CAME TOGETHER (2014) | 5/3/15 | Netflix   
  90.  HOMEBOUND (2014) | 5/7/15 | NETFLIX  
  91.  STREET OF NO RETURN (1989) | 5/10/15 | DVD  
  92.  TROUBLE IN MIND (1985) | 5/13/15 | DVD  
  93.  MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015) | 5/14/15 | Arclight Dome  
  94.  BANDIDA (2006) | 5/15/15 | HBO GO  
  95.  LATE PHASES (2014) | 5/15/15 | Netflix  
  96.  SOUL TAKER (1990) | 5/17/15 | VHS  
  97.  MINDFIELD (1989) | 5/17/15 | VHS  
  98.  REC 4 (2014) | 5/20/15 | Netflix  
  99.  MAKE MINE MINK (1960) 5/21/15 | Netflix  
  100. HERO AND THE TERROR (1988) | 5/25/15 | Netflix
  101. THE GUV’NOR (1937) | 5/25/15 | Netflix  
  102. WOLF COP (2014) | 5/28/15 | Netflix  
  103. THE LONE GUN (1954) | 5/28/15 | Netflix  
  104. SAN ANDREAS (2015) | 5/31/15 | Edwards Alhambra  
  105. MARY MARY, BLOODY MARY (1975) | 6/2/15 | New Beverly  
  106. KUMIKO THE TREASURE HUNTER (2014) | 6/3/15 | DVD  
  107. KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE (2014) | 6/17/15 | DVD  
  108. RUN ALL NIGHT (2015) | 6/20/15 | On Demand  
  109. MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT (2014) | 6/23/15 | Google Play  
  110. INSIDE OUT (2015) | 6/27/15 | CGV  
  111. BOXTROLLS (2014) | 6/27/15 | Netflix  
  112. JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS & MONSTERS (2015) | 7/10/15 | Ballroom 20 Comic Con
  113. RADIOACTIVE DREAMS (1985) | 7/15/15 | YouTube  
  114. JURASSIC WORLD (2015) | 7/16/15 | AMC
  115. ESCAPE (2012) | 7/18/15 | Netflix
  116. BIO HAZARD (1985) | 7/18/15 | DVD  
  117. STUNG (2015) | 7/18/15 | Amazon  
  118. TRAINWRECK (2015) | 7/24/15 | Edwards Alhambra
  120. THE PIPER (2015) | 7/30/15 | CGV |  
  121. EX MACHINA (2015) | 8/1/15 | On Demand  
  122. THE KISS OF THE VAMPIRE (1963) | 8/1/15 | MeTV – Svengoolie  
  123. KILL ME THREE TIMES (2015) | 8/9/15 | Netflix  
  124. WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD (2014) | 8/9/15 | Netflix
  125. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION (2015) | 8/14/15 | AMC 16 Burbank  
  126. THE LOVERS ON THE BRIDGE (1991) | 8/15/15 | Reel Grit Six Shooter  
  127. THE CONFORMIST (1970) | 8/15/15 | Reel Grit Six Shooter  
  128. MCCABE AND MRS. MILLER (1971) | 8/15/15 | Reel Grit Six Shooter  
  129. OUTCAST (2014) | 8/16/15 | Netflix  
  130. HELL BABY (2013) | 8/20/15 | HBO Go  
  131. *JUGGERNAUT (1974) | 8/23/15 | Reel Grit  
  132. WHEN ANIMALS DREAM (2015) | 8/30/15 | NoHo7  
  133. LONG TIME DEAD (2002) | 9/8/15 | HBOGo  
  134. THE DEADLANDS (2014) | 9/11/15 | Netflix  
  135. HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS (2014) | 9/13/15 | Netflix
  136. THE PYX (1970) | 9/14/15 | YouTube
  137. CANTIFLAS (2014) | 9/17/15 | Amazon Instant
  138. IF FOLLOWS (2014) | 9/18/15 | DVD
  139. SICARIO (2015) | 9/26/15 | Landmark
  140. FROM THE DARK (2014) | 9/26/16 | Netflix
  141. ATARI: GAME OVER (2014) | 9/29/15 | Netflix
  142. THE BRAINIAC (El baron del terror) (1962) | 10/1/15 | Netflix
  143. THE DAMMNED (2013) | 10/2/15 | Netflix
  144. CURSE OF CHUCKY (2013) | 10/3/15 | Netflix  
  145. THE MONSTER MAKER (1944) | 10/3/15
  146. THE NEW TESTAMENT (2015) | 10/4/15 | Reel Grit
  147. THE HOLE (2001) | 10/5/15 | Netflix
  148. BONE TOMAHAWK (2015) | 10/6/15 | Egyptian BEYOND FEST
  149. TREMORS V (2015) | 10/10/15 | Netflix  
  150. MAGGIE (2014) | 10/10/15 | Redbox DVD
  151. SHANKS (1974) | 10/4/15 | YouTube  
  152. THEY WON’T FORGET (1937) | 10/17/15 | TCM  
  153. THE CAT & THE CANARY (1939) | 10/17/15 | MeTV Svengoolie  
  154. THE FINAL GIRLS (2015) | 10/18/15 | Amazon Instant  
  155. THUNDER IN THE EAST (1953) | 10/19/15 | YouTube/Paramount Vault
  156. COMMONWEALTH (2000) | 10/24/15 | DVD  
  157. DETOUR (1945) | 10/24/15 | DVD  
  158. THE LAST WITCH HUNTER (2015) | 10/25/15 | Edwards Garfield  
  159. THE BOY & THE PIRATES (1960) | 10/27/15 | Amazon Instant  
  160. THE BROTHERS GRIMM (2005) | 10/30/15 | Amazon Instant
  161. DARK HARBOR (1998) | 10/30/15 | YouTube  
  162. CRY OF THE WEREWOLF () | 11/1/15 | YouTube  
  163. THE MOLE PEOPLE (1956) | 11/4/15 | YouTube  
  164. MONOLITH MONSTERS (1957) | 11/5/15 | YouTube  
  165. KRONOS (1957) | 11/5/15 | YouTube  
  166. GHOST KNIGHTS (Ghost Fever) (1944) | 11/6/15 | YouTube  
  167. ANT-MAN (2015) | 11/8/15 | DVD  
  168. THE WOLFPACK (2015) | 11/13/15 | Netflix  
  169. SLOW WEST (2015) | 11/15/15 | Amazon Instant  
  170. EVIL CLUTCH (1989) | 11/15/15 | Amazon Instant
  171. BARNYARD FOLLIES (1940) | 11/18/15 | YouTube/Paramount Vault
  172. A TOUCH OF LARCENY (1959) | 11/18/15 | YouTube/Paramount Vault  
  173. COME DRINK WITH ME (1996) | 11/22/15 | Netflix
  174. TOMORROWLAND (2015) | 11/22/15 | Netflix
  175. SPECTER (2015) | 11/24/15 | CGV
  176. SWORD OF THE VALIANT (1981) | 11/27/15 | YouTube
  177. STREET FIGHTER (1974) | 11/28/15 | YouTube
  178. MUPPETS MOST WANTED (2014) | 11/28/15 | STARZ
  179. THE MARTIAN (2015) | 11/29/15 | Burbank AMC 8
  180. MST3K: TIME OF THE APES (1989) | 11/30/15 | VHS
  182. THE WILD GEESE (1978) | 12/5/15  | Netflix
  183. THE CASTLE (1996) | 12/13/15 | Amazon Instant
  184. STAR WAR: THE FORCE AWAKENS (2015) | 12/17/15 | Arclight Pasadena
  185. THE PAPER CHASE (1973) | 12/19/15 | Netflix
  186. TIGER EYES (2012) | 12/28/15 | Netflix  
  187. PUDDIN’ TIME (1941) | 12/29/15 | YouTube/Paramount Vault
  188. GRAND SLAM (1967) | 12/31/15 | DVD
  189. THIRD FINGER, LEFT HAND (1940) | 12/31/15 | DVD
  190. BERLINGUER I LOVE YOU (1977) | 12/31/15 | DVD

THE 16 MOVIES FROM 2015 I GAVE A 5 RATING: (In order of my most favorite favorites!**)


**And note that I didn’t see a everything I had hoped to from 2015, (forever behind in the latest film out in a “theater near you” ) but this is what I loved from what I saw! Yup, Yup!

Just a few of my Favorite Films of 2015!

Just a few of my Favorite Films of 2015!


Ten of my new FAVORITE OLDIE movie discoveries!

  3. JUGGERNAUT (1974)
  5. MARY & MAX (2009)
  6. MAKE MINE MINK (1960)
  7. THE CONFORMIST (1970)
  9. HERO AT LARGE (1980)
  10. THE GOV’NOR (1937)
Oldies, Goodies, New Favorites! Glad I Found these in 2015!

Oldies, Goodies, New Favorites! Glad I Found these in 2015!


  1. WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953) | 01/04/15 | Netflix 
  2. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014) | 01/10/15 | DVD
  3. JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER (2008) | 1/17/15 | Xbox Video
  4. THE LOST BOYS (1987) | 1/22/15 | DVD
  5. HUDSON HAWK (1991) | 1/22/15 | DVD
  6. CLUELESS (1995) | 1/25/15 | Netflix
  7. DONOVAN’S BRAIN (1953) | 2/6/15 | Netflix
  8. EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (1987) | 2/9/15 | Netflix
  9. SMILLA’S SENSE OF SNOW (1997) | 2/11/15 | Netflix
  10.  KICK-ASS (2010) | 2/14/15 | DVD
  11.  HIGH SPIRITS (1988) | 2/18/15 | Amazon Instant
  12.  ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992) | 2/19/15 | DVD
  13.  DIGGING UP THE MARROW (2014) | 2/23/15 | Google Play
  14.  STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME (1986) | 2/27/15 | Netflix
  15.  WAR OF THE ROSES (1989) | 3/5/15 | Google Play
  16.  HACKERS (1995) | 3/6/15 | Nuart   
  17.  STREETS OF FIRE (1984) | 3/21/15 | DVD
  18.  FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE (1973) | 3/22/15 | REEL GRIT
  19.  THE BROOD (1979) | 3/28/15 | DVD
  20.  TEMPLE OF DOOM (1984) | 4/3/15 | Rosemead High School
  21.  STAND BY ME (1986) | 4/3/15 | Rosemead High School
  22.  FULL METAL JACKET (1987) | 4/4/15 | Rosemead High School
  23.  DIE HARD (1988) | 4/4/15 | Rosemead High School
  24.  ENCINO MAN (1992) | 4/6/15 | DVD
  25.  THE FAST & THE FURIOUS (2001) | 4/10/15 | DVD
  26.  DARKMAN (1990) | 4/17/15 | New Beverly
  27.  ARMY OF DARKNESS (1993) | 4/18/15 | New Beverly
  28.  DARKMAN (1990) | 4/18/15 | New Beverly
  29.  SINGING IN THE RAIN (1952) | 4/26/15 | TCM
  30.  LOTR: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS (2001) | 4/28/15 | Amazon Instant
  31.  MIMIC (1997) | 5/2/15 | Netflix
  32.  TAPEHEADS (1988) | 5/3/15 | Netflix  
  33.  GREASE (1977) | 5/9/15 | Eat/See/Hear Pasadena Victory Park
  34.  EL CRIMEN FERPECTO (2005) | 5/12/15 | DVD
  35.  TRILOGY OF TERROR (1975) | 5/18/15 | VHS
  36.  RED DAWN (1987) | 5/19/15 | VHS
  37.  YOUNG EINSTEIN (1988) / 5/23/15 | VHS
  38.  CANONBALL! (1976) | 5/23/15 | VHS
  39.  ANIMAL HOUSE (1978) | 5/23/15 | VHS
  40.  KING KONG (1976) | 5/24/15 | Netflix
  41.  TINTORERA: KILLER SHARK (1997) | 6/2/15 | New Beverly
  42.  FLASH GORDON (1980) | 6/3/15 | VHS
  43.  FEAST (2006) | 6/4/15 | DVD
  44.  PET SEMETARY II (1992) | 6/25/15 | Netflix
  45.  THE LAST DRAGON (1985) | 6/28/15 | DVD
  46.  COLD BLOODED (1994) | 6/28/15 | Reel Grit (Priestly in person!)
  47.  WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER (2001) | 7/2/15 | Netflix
  48.  SKY HIGH (2005) | 7/4/15 | DVD
  49.  MY SCIENCE PROJECT (1985) | 7/6/15 | YouTube
  50.  SANDLOT (1993) | 8/8/15 | Eat/See/Hear Verdugo Park
  51.  RUSTLERS’ RHAPSODY (1985) | 8/8/15 | New Beverly (G.W Bailey in attendance)
  52.  STARSHIP TROOPERS (1997) | 8/10/15 | Netflix  
  53.  YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY (1982) | 8/15/15 | Reel Grit Six Shooter
  54.  ORLANDO (1992)  | 8/15/15 | Reel Grit Six Shooter
  55.  CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981) | 8/16/15 | BBC America
  56.  CONAN (1982) | 8/20/15 | Netflix
  57.  NIGHT OF THE COMET (1984) | 8/22/15 | YouTube
  58.  CHOPPING MALL (1986) | 8/23/15 | DVD
  59.  VON RYAN’S EXPRESS (1965) | 8/25/15 | Netflix
  60.  GREMLINS 2 (1990) | 8/30/15 | DVD
  61.  VIBRATIONS (1996) | 8/30/15 | DVD
  62.  BEETLEJUICE (1988) | 9/7/15 | HBOGo
  63.  ESCAPE FROM LA (1996) | 9/7/15 | HBOGo
  64.  MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (1987) | 9/8/15 | DVD
  65.  JOHN WICK (2014) | 9/8/15 | HBOGo
  66.  THE PHANTOM (1996) | 9/8/15 | HBOGo
  67.  SOAPDISH (1991) | 9/9/15 | Netflix
  68.  HACKERS (1995) | 9/12/15 | Netflix
  69.  JUMPING JACK FLASH (1986) | 9/12/15 | HBOGo
  70.  MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015) | 9/13/15 | Amazon Instant
  71.  DOG SOLDIERS (2001) | 9/17/15 | DVD
  72.  THE GOONIES (1985) | 9/18/15 | Street Food Cinema @ Will Rogers Park
  73.  MONSTER SQUAD (1987) | 9/25/15 | Netflix
  74.  LABYRINTH (1986) | 9/25/15 | Netflix
  75.  THE GOLDEN CHILD (1986) | 9/27/16 | Netflix
  76.  THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK (2004) | 9/27/15 | DVD
  77.  MONSTER SQUAD (1987) | 10/2/15 | Netflix
  78.  EVIL DEAD (1981) | 10/3/15 | Egyptian BEYOND FEST
  79.  EVIL DEAD II (1987) | 10/3/15 | Egyptian BEYOND FEST
  80.  TREMORS (1990) | 10/7/15 | VHS
  81.  HOWARD THE DUCK (1986) | 10/9/15 | HBOGo
  82.  TREMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS (1996) | 10/9/15 | DVD
  83.  TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION (2001) | 10/9/15 | DVD
  84.  TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS (2004) | 10/9/15 | DVD
  85.  ROCKULA (1990) | 10/13/15 | VHS
  86.  BILL & TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY (1991) | 10/16/15 | Netflix
  87.  BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 (1989) | 10/21/15 | Amazon Instant
  88.  PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (1974) | 10/22/15 | VHS
  89.  BEETLEJUICE (1988) | 10/23/15 | New Beverly
  90.  THREE AMIGOS (1986) | 10/29/15 | DVD (Effie’s B-day)
  91.  FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2 (1988) | 10/30/15 | YouTube
  92.  SATURDAY THE 14TH STRIKES BACK (1988) | 10/30/15 | YouTube
  93.  CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954) | 10/31/15 | YouTube
  94.  EVIL DEAD (1981) | 10/31/15 | STARZ
  95.  EVIL DEAD 2 (1987) | 10/31/15 | STARZ
  96.  ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992) | 10/31/15 | STARZ
  97.  MAD MAX: ROAD FURY (2015) | 11/7/15 | New Beverly
  98.  THOR 2: THE DARK WORLD (2013) | 11/15/15 | Amazon Instant
  99.  DARKMAN (1990) | 12/1/15 | Netflix
  100. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014) | 12/5/15 | STARZ
  101. TERMINATOR (1984) | 12/6/15 | VHS
  102. BEASTMASTER (1982) | 12/5/15 | VHS
  103. BILL & COO (1948) | 12/11/15 | Amazon Instant
  104. PAULIE (1998) | 12/11/15 | Netflix
  105. DIE HARD (1988) | 12/18/15 | DVD
  106. TRADING PLACES (1983) | 12/19/15 | Netflix
  107. ZOOLANDER (2001) | 12/19/15 | Netflix
  108. PARADISE ALLEY (1978) | 12/20/2015 | New Beverly
  109. CHRISTMAS VACATION (1989) | 12/21/15 | DVD
  110. 1941 (1979) | 12/22/15 | DVD
  111. KILL BILL: THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR (2003) | 12/25/15 | New Beverly
  112. AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL (1982) | 12/26/15 | ENCORE
  113. BLIND DATE (1987) | 12/26/15 | ENCORE

Wow! Lots of movies! Lots of happy times! Once again 303 of them in all!

  • I watched DARKMAN 3 times, twice was in a theater!

darkman sad

  • I had a fun time re-watching THREE AMIGOS for my niece’s birthday showing it to her friends with a backyard screening.
  • My Guy Dave got to see one of his all time favorites on his Birthday, on a big screen! HACKERS!


  • I got to show my nieces MONSTER SQUAD!!! They loved it! Maybe I can start expanding their horror movie viewing soon too. 😉

monster s

  • I also found BILL & COO on Amazon Instant and also showed it to my nieces and followed it up with PAULIE. That was a fun for the birds viewing.


  • In October, I introduced Dave’s younger brother to ROCKULA, (on VHS) and it was enjoyed!
  • My dad and I had the most fun watching RUSTLERS’ RHAPSODY at the New Beverly at midnight. We got to meet G.W Bailey and chat with him, geeking out as we do. That movie is a Horlick favorite and it was a moral imperative for us to be at that screening.

rustler's rhapsody

And so there you have it; this girls’ movie going viewings of 2015! Here’s to more movies in 2016!

Let’s all keep movie watching and here’s to doing a better job at sharing all the movie watching fun throughout the year!

Watch movies, Be Happy! YUP YUP YUP!!! 

October was my EVIL DEAD month! Well, it was Evil Dead month for many actually as we were given ASH VS EVIL DEAD the new television show which premiered on Halloween on Starz and the awesome part is EVIL DEAD times continue on in November. WOOT!

The EVIL DEAD series has had a big impact on my life, shaping who I am. Just recently my mom said to me that it “was EVIL DEAD that made me a little crazy.” She meant that in the nicest way and it’s true nonetheless.

I saw EVIL DEAD 2 for the first time at the age of 12. It began my obsession with all things Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. I’ve devoted many a blog posts to them both and followed along with all they’ve done over the ages.

So here’s one more hopelessly devoted post, yup!

IMAG6771On Saturday October 3, 2015 the Egyptian Theater had the BEYOND FEST going on and I was in attendance for the EVIL DEAD Double feature including a Q&A with Bruce Campbell to be moderated by Edgar Wright. I had bought tickets for the screening the month before ensuring I’d be there. It was a sold out night!!!!!!!!! Yup. (I was wearing my snazzy DARKMAN Converse I was gifted at my wedding a year ago. I finally found the perfect outing for them and let them see the light of day!)

The night was awesome! With my guy Dave at my side we lined up nice and early. I got my name on the list for Evil Dead tattoos, but my names was the last and after some line up confusion I opted for good seats over permanent ink.



Once inside, seated and feeling groovy the BEYOND FEST festivities began. They were showing promo stuff for SHUTTER the new watch horror movie site. I was anxious to see Bruce Campbell. There was a storm of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD chainsaws filling the theater and free donuts! They showed the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD trailer on 35mm!



EVIL DEAD screened and it was great! I love that little horror movie. It was fun to see people jump, in fact a guy in our row totally jumped twice. I love seeing young Bruce; I mean who doesn’t? Right?!

Then after the movie it was Q&A time. WOOT! Edgar Wright came on down and as it got started Dave jabs me in the side and points off to the left of the theater. There was SAM RAIMI waiting for his introduction. It was the big surprise of the night, SAM RAIMI joining the Q&A. (Pictures were not allowed, le sigh.)

I couldn’t be happier, I had my DARKMAN shoes on and there was SAM RAIMI! He joined Bruce Campbell down front and Edgar asked his questions.

Sam and Bruce talked of their first meeting, the shorts they did with the Three Stooges influence, and all the drive in movies they watched to figure out what kind of horror movie to make to break into the biz.

Being the fangirl I am I’ve heard these stories before but I’ll never, ever, never get enough of ’em and listen to ’em all 10 times over. Sam and Bruce together is the grooviest as they joke, tease and make jabs at each other. I think they’re great storytellers.

I took notes of all the chit chat and though I procrastinated in sharing, (better late than never, perhaps) I’ve got is saved in my memory forever. YEA!!!

It was fun to see these guys talk their talk with Dave at my side. Edgar Wright geeked out too. Again I get inspired by their stories and how they got started. Sam talked about Wes Craven and the nods in their films to each other. There was a nice moment of applause for Mr. Wes.

It was an absolutely amazing and most unexpected experience. After that EVIL DEAD 2 screened and the theater was still packed!

I’ve seen EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2 tons of times on a big screen, thanks to midnight screenings and the awesome revival cinemas in my town, but I’m way behind in my movie tally to give the latest total. D’oh!! This screening was of course one of the best!

ASH, Baby! Big and Bold in Hollywood!

ASH, Baby! Big and Bold in Hollywood!

Another EVIL DEAD 2 related highlight of the October month was trying to see if my young nieces would be interested in watching the film. I must admit they’re scaredy cats when it comes to horror. But I had shown them the EVIL DEAD 2 trailer on YouTube and they kinda liked it. When Dave and I took them to see BEETLEJUICE on the big screen of the New Bev they showed the EVIL DEAD 2 trailer beforehand. That was the real test for them. Effie called it creepy, which means scary and I noticed Celia not watching the scene where Henrietta turns into the deadite. Looks like I have to wait a while longer to share the films with them. Oh well…

Evil Dead 2 Trailer

On Halloween night I watched EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2 and ARMY OF DARKNESS in preparation for ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. My dad had DV-R-ed the movies that were shown on STARZ with Bruce Campbell introductions and factoids. Again never enough Bruce or EVIL DEAD for this Shempcat.

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD episode 1 truly delivered. Bruce Campbell back as ASH living in a trailer, lookin’ for some action, unleashing the Evil Dead deadites back into the world, spewing one-liners and picking up some sidekicks a.k.a. deadite killers in training. For a gal like me, what’s not to love, knowing Raimi is on board and directing the first episode, Ivan Raimi did writing too and there’s Lucy Lawless in the mix. Yes, I’m in heaven. I’m happy. I’m ready for more EVIL DEAD.

The second episode delivered even more! I mean Mimi Rogers becomes a Deadite! Dude!

Yes, I could rattle on all the details but I’m just here to beam about my happiness that this show. It is all I wanted and delivering on more than I could imagine. Since Comic Con and the panels I saw I couldn’t wait for HALLOWEEN to get here!

Hail to the King Baby, EVIL DEAD is here and all is well. Yup.


comic-con-logoLast year I never got around to sharing my Comic-Con adventure of 2014! I’m a slacker, that’s really why. Who doesn’t get distracted by procrastination?!

I really did have such a great time at Comic-Con this year and it helped recharge my batteries, reminding me why I love going to Comic Con and reveling in my geekdom. It was a happy time indeed. It’s one of my happy places, one of my favorite times of year, usually one of my few moments of vacation time, even though it’s a busy on the go vacation!

Comic-Con has changed so much and everyone seems to bring it up more each year, and sure I agree, but for me, this year was just about enjoying it all. With a smile on my face I sought out the things I wanted, staying out of Hall H, wandering up and down the aisles, adding to my back issues comic book collection and checking out artists and things. All the while staying real close to the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD booth, because I am such an EVIL DEAD, Raimi, Capmbell fangirl, yup!

This year I wIMAG5722as lucky to be at preview night once again, and my dad was with me yet again too! We are both nerds who love Comic-Con. At preview night getting our badges was painless and quick, after walking a long way and all around to get inside to the show floor we basked in the Comic-Con moment. We wandered, staking out what we might get from Mattel and wandered some more.

I tried to get a Groot headband at Marvel and failed. 🙁

It was that night I found where the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD booth was located and saw how it was set up. Circling around we kept missing the line cut off to get a foam chainsaw and check out the Ash trailer. So, I then made it my plan to go first thing on Thursday. Yup.

My dad and just I wandered the aisles somewhat systematically and did find some comics.


Me and My Dad Luv Comic Con!


We Made It!



Aww, the Feel the Feels! Inside Out.

Aww, the Feel the Feels! Inside Out.

I did tumblr some of my favorite pictures each night here’s my Wednesday Preview Night!

Then TIMAG5877hursday was the first full Comic-Con day and yes, I got into the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD booth and so did my dad (though we got separated by the masses) and in the end I got my chainsaw and my dad got a T-Shirt but I did not get a chance to get the cast autograph; le sigh. (It was worth the try!)

So with that mission complete it was back to just wandering here and there and everywhere. I really do enjoy just ambling about, looking at art, and taking pictures. I like seeing all the other people enjoying themselves too, sharing in the fandom. It gets crowded, people get fussy, but on a whole I say most are happy and happy to be there. I know I was, yup.

IMAG5958I caught some panels on Thursday! It started with WWE NXT wrestlers and Mattel toys! It really made me miss watching wrestling as the room was packed with cheering fans. A kid in a spidey costume in front of me was up on his chair so excited! After a quick look at a new line of toys the wrestlers all took some time to talk about being on NXT and how much they love it.

After NXT I moved a bit closer to the stage and found a seat to geek out on movies from 1985. I’ve been going to this panel for the past few years and really enjoy listening to movie talk. It’s these movies of ages ago that helped shape my nerdom for sure. With the likes of Robert Meyer Burnett, Mark Altman, Ashley E. Miller and more it was a walk down memory lane. Ah, 1985 the year of Back to the Future, Commando, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. The talk went on tangents of the awesomeness of Grace Jones, Lifeforce, To Live and Die in L.A., Gymkata, and more! I LOVE MOVIES!


Cool Chick! Shana! We both like 1985 films!

I have more pictures from Thursday here at my Thursday Comic Con Tumblr! Yup! Enjoy and keep on reading! I’m not done yet!

Friday it was back to the floor and time for some panels, the one panel I’d been most excited for! I got my Mattel, Thomas and the Train toys, one for me and my nephew! It was the cutest little toy set and the exciting part  was getting some of the last sets they were selling for the day!

After that line time, I made my way up to get in line to get into the panel room I needed to be in! So I sat through the panel of MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE which included the daughter of Philip K. Dick. The show sounds cool, with a cool cast, but I’ll probably not be watching soon as it’s out.

The next panel was for the series VIKINGS and it was packed with Vikings of all sorts! I haven’t watched much of the show but sitting there I think I might have to get all caught up! Thanks to being there I did get to score a drinking horn, now I can drink like a Viking, yup!

IMAG6108After each panel I moved my way closer and closer to the stage to get a good seat to see what I wanted to see!

J. Michael Straczynski was next to talk about SENSE 8. It wasn’t an official panel sponsored by Netflix, but J. wanted to come out to answer questions and have the first gathering of SENSE 8 fans. He shared about the history of the show and creating it with the Wachowskis’.

I was really glad to catch this one. I marathoned the whole series and loved every moment of it. The Q&A was good too and proved just how much the show really connected with so many people. At the time they were waiting on hearing if the show would be renewed for season 2 and were hopeful, I want more SENSE 8! Yup! Let’s hope it still can happen!

Ready for EVIL DEAD!!!!

Ready for EVIL DEAD!!!!

Next up was what I had been waiting for, the panel for ASH VS. THE EVIL DEAD with Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Lucy Lawless!!

IMAG6150The panel begun with the trailer for the new series coming to Starz on Halloween. It was everything an Evil Dead fan like me could hope for! Bruce, Ash, Deadites, Blood and some laughs. The panel was a blast.

Bruce Campbell gave out some bills, Sam and Ivan made jabs at Bruce and Lucy joins right along. I’ll never get enough of watching Bruce Campbell on a stage, talk to a crowd and rile up the masses.

I really loved seeing Sam and Ivan, my DARKMAN creator heroes! Yup! It makes up for not making into panels of Comic-Con past when I didn’t get to see Raimi the last time he was there! But I was there that day and had an ear to ear grin on my face.

The crowd ate it all up too with fun questions and an impromptu costume contest of those dressed as Ash. Bruce had them come up to the stage and awarded the crowd (and Bruce’s) favorite Ash look a like. HILARIOUS!




AH, What a good Comic-Con Friday it was!!! I ended the evening after the panel wandering a bit more and then I watched the latest animated DC movie JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS, which I really dug! Before the film started (I watched the second screening) so and I caught some of the Q&A before. The big news was Bruce Timm saying an animated feature of THE KILLING JOKE will be coming soon! Woot! Now here’s My Friday Tumblr Pics!

 IMAG6289When Saturday came around my dad and I hit the show floor and found more comic books! It was also a day I wandered around more off site around Gaslamp District. And, I got some fun cosplay photos!

I hung out at the Conival at the Stadium. This was the place where Nerdist had more panels and things and I got to see more Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless rile folks up for Evil Dead! I will never ever get enough! Yup!

I also went to the panel for MAX BROOKS who just took time to talk to fans and answer questions. He’s a good story teller and holds the crowd. People love his take on Zombies, I do too. I had heard a few of his stories already from panels of the past but like I said he tells stories and is fun to listen to, yup!

Everyone shares their fandom and you can tell he writes about what he likes and is most passionate about. We are all just a bunch of nerds! It’s a good thing.

Then the evening ended as I joined some friends to watch the Masquerade, Costume Contest from under the sails. We had a blast!


Nerdist Conival Entrance

Bruce and Lucy! E-V-I-L D-E-A-D!

Bruce and Lucy! E-V-I-L D-E-A-D!





And of course more is at my Saturday Tumblr! So much fun!

Ah, and then IMAG5924things have to come to an end, we reach the final day of Comic-Con! Comic Con Sunday! I absolutely had a lot of fun, yup.

The bonus was that my guy Dave came on down to wander around with me! We had a full fun day of walking the aisles, up and down and back and forth. We found the HEX 11 booth! We had snagged their first issue at the Long Beach con and finally got our hands on the latest issues.

My dad was off wandering his way around and got the last few back issues too adding to our haul of 90 comics in all! Now we just have to file them all away.

We stayed at the con grabbing a last few bits of swag and made the long drive home. Of course as soon as we landed at home I had to go through my stash and make piles of things! SUNDAY COMIC CON!!



IMG_20150712_133242 IMG_20150711_095351 IMG_20150712_151906

I am already hoping I can go back again next year!!! Fingers crossed, Comic-Con 2016, Yup Yup Yup!

darkman titleDARKMAN is my favorite movie. It is my favorite movie of all time, it is my most favorite movie EVER! From the first moment I watched DARKMAN in a movie theater back on August 27, 1990 in Grants Pass Oregon at The Movie Six, I was hooked. No other movie since has made me feel as I did then, and I’ve seen a lot movies, yup.

You might thing its nostalgia factor, but I say nope. DARKMAN is MY favorite movie.

I’ve seen DARKMAN many times;  if it is on TV I watch it to the end. I’ll usually watch is once throughout a year. I’ve been lucky to see it on a big screen more than once thanks to revival theaters. The theatrical viewing count is up to 6 viewings now, and once on 16mm. 😉

When I was in northern California during my college days, I saw it at the Palo Alto Landmark in 1996, at a midnight screening. That viewing then only cemented my love of DARKMAN and fueled my fandom more.

So here’s some details. DARKMAN is a movie, directed by Sam Raimi, my favorite director. It’s a very comic book movie as everyone is so fond of pointing out. It’s an original character, created by Raimi, the story written by Sam and his brother Ivan. (Other writers get credit for the screenplay too but I’m giving my love and attention to Raimi here.)

DARKMAN is a dark superhero origin tale. A hero who’s going to cross the line, because he’s been pushed to the edge. It all starts with the bad guys, Durant (Larry Drake) and his minions, muscling in on some waterfront property, taking down Eddie Black. There’s a big shootout and some finger chopping with a cigar cutter that’s all a real scream.

Then we meet Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson), a scientist working on an artificial skin. He’s got his work cut out for him with a trusty assistant, Yakitito, by his side. They are sooo close, but the skin only has a shelf life of 99 minutes.

Next we learn Peyton is a man in love. His girlfriend is lawyer Julie Hastings (Frances McDormand). Julie works for Louis Strack Jr. (Colin Friels), who’s got dreams of rebuilding the city where he lives for a brighter, bigger future. (Still with me?)

So we’ve got some key characters, and now the cause of Peyton’s future troubles is the Belisarius memorandum which Julie has found and incidentally left at Peyton’s place. (It’s ties Strack and Durante together, basically. Bad guys, bad deeds!)

Just when Peyton realizes his liquid skin is photo sensitive and can last past 99 minutes in the dark; (“What is it about the dark? What secret does it hold?”) Durant and his buddies show up looking for the memorandum. BINGO! Once they’ve got it, Peyton, who was roughed up, and burnt up, gets blown up. He is tossed sky high and into the water.

Peyton is found and taken to a hospital because he’s covered with burns. The awesome Burn Doctor (Jenny Agutter) explains the procedure she’s done on Peyton to end his pain. He no longer has “pain receptors” but is surging with adrenaline and can be prone to mood swings due to amplified emotions. (Poor Peyton!!!!!!!) Don’t call him a Freak, ok! 

So to make a long story short, it’s time for revenge, research and hope of redemption.


Peyton is Darkman!

The super hero angle really stuck a chord with me back in 1990. I was already a comic book nerd and superhero fangirl. But a lot of it had to do with already having an appreciation/love for Sam Raimi due to Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. Those movies, and DARKMAN are family classics. I watched them with my dad and sister. And yes my mom is also onboard with DARKMAN, but she’s more on the roll your eyes side of the fence.

That first screening of DARKMAN was me, my dad and sister in the theater with only 3 other people. It’s like I had the place to myself and the movie was just for me. And of course the very end of the movie, the sighting of the FINAL SHEMP meant a super duper big deal to me then too. And sorry if this is a SPOILER but it is a BRUCE CAMPBELL sighting and being the Evil Dead fangirl I was and STILL AM, I lost my shit! I was all WOAH!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! 

The movie was made in Los Angeles a lot of it in Downtown and I was familiar with some of those places since my folks both worked there. My mom was actually working in one of the tall buildings during the helicopter scene in DARKMAN. And it turns out the ending was just a block from my dad’s office building too.

It’s all about the little things and whenever I’d get to go by a DARKMAN location in my journey’s around L.A. I’d get a little extra giddy thinking to myself, “DARKMAN WAS HERE!

I’ve always wanted to visit more of the DARKMAN locations, make a day of it, my own little tour. It’s something my guy Dave and I always talked about doing since we’ve been together. (DARKMAN was one of the things that brought us together, yup!)

And so, Darkman1when DARKMAN was recently programmed at the New Beverly Cinema we decided to make DARKMAN DAY a real thing!

Last Friday night, April 17th, Dave and I went to the 9:20PM screening of DARKMAN at the New Bev to start off our DARKMAN weekend.

The theater was packed, we sat in the back rows and I was super duper excited to see Liam Neeson as DARKMAN before my eyes.

Special thanks must be given to two sites that helped us the get exact address needed for our big adventure!

First: Movie Locations and More, posted by Robert:


Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles by Chas:

We hit the road Saturday morning, April 18th, bright and early!  Here’s a map of our route!


“Oh, you’ve got to be shittin’ me!” (My favorite line from DARKMAN)

Next up are all the Fuji Instax photos Dave and I took on our adventure.

Camera and Film, let's go!

Camera and Film, let’s go!

I was the giddiest and happiest gal the entire day as we hit up each spot. I was most surprised by finding Peyton’s apartment which I’d driven by countless times and never realized what it was. I think I believed it really was blown up in the film, but hey, weren’t those model explosions so great?!?!!  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here’s each picture from DARKMAN day!


Julie Hasting’s Apt Building

This is the spot after Peyton escapes the hospital and is trying to get Julie’s attention. It was raining night in that scene, but a nice, blue sky day for us.

Hi Julie!! It's me! Cathie!

Hi Julie!! It’s me! Cat!

Next up we made our way Downtown and stopped by to look at the Bonaventure Hotel, office of Strack Industries.

Hi Strack! Be nice to your city!

Hi Strack! Be nice to your city!

Then we zoomed back in the car, zig zagging around and quickly snapped a photo of one of the streets DARKMAN sung past while tied to the helicopter. (Oh which reminds me, a funny aside, one day while on a walk, my guy Dave and I were talking about DARKMAN. A woman working on a car overheard and said her Uncle knew the guy who did that stunt, and it was the best stunt he ever did. Totally true story!)

DARKMAN swung by here!

DARKMAN swung by here!

After a little breakfast break at GRAND CENTRAL MARKET we walked through the 3rd street tunnel to be where DARKMAN dragged DURANT to his “demise” with a big helicopter crash. I had never walked through the tunnel before and it was pretty cool. Cars zoomed by a plenty.


Dave and I in the tunnel!!

It’s a one way tunnel and of course DARKMAN flew in through the other way (movie magic they can change that stuff). Yup DARKMAN had the last laugh! “Burn in Hell Durant, Hahahahaha!!”

Watch Out For That Tunnel!

Watch Out For That Tunnel!



At Figueroa and 7th we found the ending spot of DARKMAN where Julie goes looking for Peyton and we see BRUCE CAMPBELL!

"I'm everywhere, no where."

“Everywhere, nowhere.”

As we drove around Downtown L.A. we found a great parking spot around the corner from Hotel Rossyln. This is the place where Durant’s henchman Pauly gets tossed from a window.

Oh NO! Poor Paulie!

Oh NO! Poor Pauly!


This is where the woman who saw Dead Pauly also saw Darkman Pauly!

Now my most favorite and giddy inspiring spot, Peyton’s apartment building! The spot where Peyton lived and had his lab and it’s where he began his trek into DARKMAN land.

Hi Peyton!

Hi Peyton!


Peyton! It’s me Cat! “Marry Me.” 

As we were driving around town, and already spending some cash on parking our next stop was a quick drive by photo shot. The steps of the Los Angeles courthouse. This is the spot where Durant comes charging down, after he’s been released on bail because DARKMAN had set him up for armed robbery. “My name is Robert G. Durant.” 


Grab a taxi! Head to Chinatown!

The next logical step would have been Chinatown, but we went to a special spot, another area DARKMAN swung past while tied to the helicopter. It’s a spot you have to freeze frame, but it was found and we went there!

Look out for that guy on that helicopter!

Look out for that guy on that helicopter!

Now we visit CHINATOWN! Durant meets Durant, or DARKMAN Durant meets Durant! Too bad this place no longer has it’s revolving door!

Who's pretty little boy are you?

“There’s two of those sons of bitches!”

Ok, we’re almost done!!! But not just yet! We made our way to Hollywood to find the spot where henchman Rick (Ted Raimi) met his terrible demise. It’s that little sewer hole where Rick got mushed!

Poor Rick! Poor Rick!

Poor Rick! Poor Rick!

And just around the corner from Rick’s resting spot was the Deli where Pauly and other Durant henchmen make their money drop! I had no idea this was the spot that it was! Jeez! But I know now!!!

Let's have a hot dog, eat like Paulie!

Let’s have a chili dog, eat like Pauly!

Last and certainly not least was the cemetery where Peyton was buried. I had thought it was the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Santa Monica, but nope, it was the Rosedale Cemetery! We actually found the very spot where Julie stumbles at the funeral and where Peyton later reappears to her when he’s come back, thanks to that liquid skin! OMG! We found it!

Peyton Westlake R.I.P. ...NOT!

Peyton Westlake R.I.P. …NOT!

The day then ended with one more screening of DARKMAN, back at the New Beverly. It was screening with Raimi’s film ARMY OF DARKNESS and we caught the double feature. AOD was first and then DARKMAN. This time we got to sit near the front row! And the theater was pretty packed once again. That screening was my 6th big screen viewing, yup! I am one lucky girl! Yup Yup Yup!

Spazzing out for DARKMAN

Spazzing out for DARKMAN

“I’m everyone…and no one. Everywhere…nowhere. Call me…Darkman.”

Being the fangirl that I am for this movie, I’m often asked about the sequels. I remember vividly driving up La Brea Ave and seeing a DARKMAN II poster on the window of now gone ROCKET VIDEO. I was like “WHAT!?!?! DARKMAN II!?!?!??!!!!!!!” (True Story!) Yes, I rented them immediately on VHS. I find DARKMAN II: The Return of Durant ridiculous (sorry, Durant died in that helicopter crash!). But the movie did have Renée O’Connor who went on to another Raimi produced project Xena! I do give more props to DARKMAN III: DIE DARKMAN DIE, it’s a great title and Jeff Fahey was a good villain. But, NOTHING compares to DARKMAN, my one true movie love.

And that concludes my DARKMAN day adventure! It was the greatest day! I love Los Angeles and it’s my home! It’s the land where DARKMAN was made and I’m happy I finally made this tour and can share it with all who want to hear/read my tale. Everyone should enjoy and have a DARKMAN day too!

Thanks Meghan for this awesome pic!!

Thanks Meghan for this awesome pic!!

TOTAL DARKMAN COUNT (How many times I’ve typed DARKMAN!) = 55

Cheers! Let’s have a drink, shall we? Watching old movies, movies set in the 30’s-50’s there’s always some drinking going on. The fellas come home from a hard day and pour themselves a drink. They go out to bars and joke with the bartender and drink down shots. Well I’ve recently watched some movies with interesting drinks I have never tried or never heard of before and one day I would like to drink them. Yup.

Below is a list of some drinks and the movies they were mentioned in, yup. (I’m sharing drink recipes that I’ve found on the internets and checking them in a handy bartender book my guy Dave has, yup.)

StingerKISS THEM FOR ME (1957) Cary Grant Suzy Parker Kiss Them For Me movie

A Stinger is made by adding crème de menthe to brandy/Cognac, you take a mixing glass filled with ice, add the crème de menthe (2/3 ounce) and brandy (1 3/4 ounce), stir and then strain it into a cold cocktail glass. It can also be served on the rocks.



gun runnersBoilermakerTHE GUN RUNNERS (1958)

A shot of Whiskey and a glass of beer. You drink the whiskey first and then chase it with a beer (A shot and a beer) OR you can mix the shot into the beer and drink together.



Pink Lady –  TOPPER (1937) THE DEVIL DIAMOND (1937)

Pink Lady-0007A gin drink and the main ingredients are gin, grenadine and egg white. Though it seems some recipes call for cream instead of egg white but then it’s a Pink Shimmy. It is said apple jack is in the original recipe for a Pink Lady which gave the drink it’s distinct flavor so you mix the gin (1 1/2 ounce), apple jack (3/4 ounce), grenadine (1-2 dashes), and 1 egg white into a shaker with ice, shake vigorously and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a cherry.

As I discover more drinks in movies I will add to this list, so stay tuned!  I do hope to have a day, party or gathering where I can try these drink myself and share them with my friends. Who’s up for a round? Cheers and drink responsibly! Never, EVER Drink And Drive, like they did in those old movie! Stay safe people, stay safe!

It’s never too late to share the movies you love and in rounding up my favorite 2014 releases I have put together a list of a few of my favorite oldie movies that I watched. So, here are some films, all before the year 2000 that entertained me throughly one way or another. Yup.

Cop_Hater_poster1. COP HATER (1958) – An early Robert Loggia film where he is Detective Steve Carella in this police procedural set at the 87th Precinct in New York City. During a heatwave two cops have been murdered and Steve and his partner are on the case. It’s a good drama and I loved the who done it angle. It was also great to see actors Jerry Orbach and Vincent Gardenia in cameo roles, both so young! What a time it was in the 50’s to see how those Detectives lived.


2. ANY NUMBER CAN WIN (1963) – A french heist film. Mister Charles (Jean Gabin) is released from prison and right away sets things up for a heist at a casino in Cannes. He enlists the help of others, including Francis (Alain Delon). We get to follow along with the whole plan every step of the way and well, I can’t say more, you just gotta see it.



3. NOMADS (1986) – Finding this was due to a random pick on Netflix and it truly was a great discovery. Young Pierce Brosnan is a French anthropologist who recently moved to Los Angeles. At the start of the film he arrives at the ER in a hectic wild state. Just before he dies he utters some last words to the doctor who attended him and she is then thrust into his life, reliving his experiences. We learn there are Nomads roaming the streets of Los Angeles, though they may just seem like street punks in a gang to the average resident. A fascinating mythology is set up here, dealing with evil spirits. A real highlight to the film for me was actress Mary Warnov as one of the Nomad punks.


HotelSahara4. THE HOTEL SAHARA (1951) – An adorable comedy set during World War 2 starring Yvonne De Carlo as Yasmin and Peter Ustinov as Emad. The two are engaged and running a hotel out in the dessert. As the war campaign continues and each side is storming through the dessert their hotel is evacuated of guests. Yasmin and Emad decide to stay and run their hotel so it is not destroyed and looted by the soldiers who are sure to come storming through. With the help of an employee and Yasmin’s mother they all maintain the hotel for each army faction that makes a stop. It’s truly a delight seeing Yasmin tease and tempt each man in charge while Emad tallies up their bills. The cast was great and it delivered lots of fun.

Robinson_crusoe mars5. ROBINSON CRUOSE ON MARS (1964) – A clever retelling of Robinson Cruose. We follow an Astronaut who has been stranded on Mars and must find a way to survive. At first he only has a monkey for companionship, and oh that cute little monkey! They have to find a way to get oxygen, food and just stay alive through a series of dangers. It was a technicolor film and looked great, I’d love to see it on a big screen someday. Being a Sci-Fi fan I really dug this space age little film.



king of mountain6. KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (1981) – I got to see this movie on the big screen at the New Beverly Cinema thanks to Mark Heuck and his Cinema Tremens series. It was one of my favorite viewings there! Actress Deborah Van Valkenburgh was also in attendance along with director Noel Nosseck. Harry Hamlin is Steve, a mechanic by day, street racer by night. His racing turf is Mulholland Drive and he’s the best of the best. He lives with his brothers (pretty sure they were brothers, or maybe best pals) who also have a love of racing but are now in different careers in the music business. Tina (Deborah Van Valkenburgh), a young upcoming singer comes into Steve’s life and he begins to question his future desires. The film also features Dennis Hopper who works with Steve at the garage and is an ex top dog racer himself. The racing was great. It’s a great capsule of the times too, Los Angeles at the start of the 80’s.

Now, here’s two films that are a bit more recent then what’s listed above. These just made me giddy with laughs and I say they are worth checking out too. Yup.

so excited posterI’M SO EXCITED (2013) – A Pedro Almodóvar film. A comedy. Most of the film is set in an airplane that has some mechanical problems with it’s landing gear. We spend our time with a cast of quirky characters, the three flight attendants who have a flare for entertaining their passengers with musical numbers, and the pilots one of whom is questioning his sexuality. There’s a psychic woman who’s sensing the disaster and looking for love and a few other love triangles are going on in the mix. I honestly found this wildly entertaining and laughed a whole lot. Yup.

walk of shameWALK OF SHAME (2014) – Another comedy makes my list, and I think this film deserves a little more attention. I really like Elizabeth Banks, she’s funny and not afraid to be in comedy. Here she is a television newscaster, Meghan, who is at the cusp of a big break to become an Anchor.  After being dumped by her boyfriend and likely to not get her new job she’s left wallowing and sad. Then Meghan’s two best pals show up to take her out for a night on the town. Meghan meets Gordon (James Marsden) and they have a one night stand. It really all gets started with Meghan’s misadventures when she has to get to the studio for her official Anchor audition/interview. She’s Downtown, with no car, no ID and having the hardest time getting people to believe that she’s not a prostitute. It is sometimes crude, but like I said I like Elizabeth Banks, and sure the comic relief pals did their shticks, but it’s a comedy. It was a comedy that didn’t make me feel dumb when it was done, I just got to have some laughs and a fun time.

It seems that the big theme for these picks is that they made me laugh. I am pretty picky when it comes to comedy and lately it seems I am looking for flicks that will make me laugh and be happy. Life is always a bit better when you can have a laugh and some fun and I’m glad these movies are here to entertain and make me happy. Thanks movies, you rock! Yup.

etsylogoA little self promotion time! I started an Etsy shop! FUZZ JOY

Yup! It’s my little spot to share and sell my handmade creations! There’s felted things! I’ve got a Mini Baby Groot,  a shark who likes to dance on the left, little Nemo, a worry doll mermaid and some felted cigarettes in a vintage cigarette case. Just some random odds and ends that are made by me and one of a kind! Yup!

Thanks for checking it out! Yup! Craft and make things! It’s a lot of fun.

I do love talking about movies and my plan is to keep up with sharing all the movies I’m watching this year right here on my blog. I thought I was having a slow month here in January but it looks like I saw plenty of fun little flicks along the way.


  1. THE INTERVIEW (2014) | 01/01/15 | Google Play
  2. HERO AT LARGE (1980) | 01/01/15 | DVD
  3. MURDER SHE WROTE: SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST (1997) | 01/01/15 | YouTube
  4. APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH (1988) | 01/01/15 | YouTube
  5. THE BLACK CASTLE (1952) on Svengolie | 01/03/15 | MeTV
  6. THE AMAZING ADVENTURE (1936) | 01/06/15 | YouTube
  7. TAKEN 3 (2014) | 01/08/15 | AMC Burbank 6
  8. JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT (2014) | 01/11/15 | Amazon Instant
  9. THEY MADE ME A FUGITIVE (1947) | 01/12/15 | Amazon Instant
  10.  HIGHLY DANGEROUS (1950) | 1/13/15 | Amazon Instant
  11.  WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (2013) | 1/15/15 | Netflix
  12.  REPEAT PERFORMANCE (1947) | 1/17/15 | Amazon Instant
  13.  WOLF OF NEW YORK (1940) | 1/17/15 | Amazon Instant
  14.  CHINESE ZODIAC (2012) | 1/18/15 | Netflix
  15.  FeardotCom (2002) | 1/19/15 | HBO GO
  16.  BIG HERO SIX (2014) | 1/20/15 | DVD
  17.  BEING AGAIN (2013) | 1/24/15 | DVD
  18.  THE PRINCE AND ME (2004) | 1/24/15 | Amazon Instant
  19.  RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS (1994) | 1/25/15 | Netflix
  20.  KISS THEM FOR ME (1957) | 1/25/15 | Netflix
  21.  EMERGENCY HOSPITAL (1956) | 1/25/15 | Netflix
  22.  BREAKFAST IN HOLLYWOOD (1946) | 1/25/15 | YouTube
  23.  CAGE OF EVIL (1960) | 1/26/15 | Netflix
  24.  CRIME AGAINST JOE (1956) |1/26/15
  25.  THE FUZZY PINK NIGHTGOWN (1957) | 1/26/15
  26.  THE GUN RUNNERS (1958) | 1/28/15 | Netflix
  27.  88 (2015) | 1/31/15 | Netflix


  1. WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953) | 01/04/15 | Netflix
  2. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014) | 01/10/15 | DVD
  3. JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER (2008) | 1/17/15 | Xbox Video
  4. THE LOST BOYS (1987) | 1/22/15 | DVD
  5. HUDSON HAWK (1991) | 1/22/15 | DVD
  6. CLUELESS (1995) | 1/25/15 | Netflix

That’s 27 new movies and 6 re-sees for 33 movies in January. TAKEN 3 was the only movies I saw in theaters this month. Netflix and Amazon Instant have been supplying me with plenty of oldie classics. I have a good time following the web of watching one old movie and seeing what’s recommended and finding something I’ve never seen or heard of. The highlights of my month go like this:

Hero_at_largeHERO AT LARGE (1980) – John Ritter is aspiring actor Steve Nichols who takes a turn as a Super Hero when he does a heroic deed, stopping a robbery at a small liquor store. The chance to be a real life CAPTAIN AVENGER appeals to Steve, the kind of guy who’s happy-go-lucky and believes in the goodness of man. Steve quickly realizes how dangerous the super hero lifestyle is and is then cohered into further promoting the latest CAPTAIN AVENGER film with more deeds. Between it all he’s also pursuing this new neighbor J. Marsh (Anne Archer) finding some romance. This truly was a sweet and endearing film. A look at media and how people don’t always believe someone is in it for the good deeds and not the fame. John Ritter made a great CAPTAIN AVENGER.



THE AMAZING ADVENTURE (1936) a little film with Cary Grant as a rich man who’s made a bet with a doctor who said he couldn’t leave his money behind and work for a living for a whole year. Cary takes the bet, works his way up, meets a gal and proves he’s not just a rich spoiled man.



fugitive made meTHEY MADE ME A FUGITIVE (1947) – An old noir with great visual cues starring Trevor Howard as Clem who joins a gang that’s involved in bootlegging. When Clem realizes big boss Narcy is passing along drugs too he wants out but gets framed for murder and sent to jail. Clem escapes and is set to clear his name but more misfortune seems to follow him every step of the way.




RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS (1994) is from the “Rebel Highway” series of TV movies from the 90’s and this one was directed by Joe Dante. I am a sucker for a film like this, a throwback to old 50’s films. Runaway Daughters was well cast and full of Joe Dante regulars. The best thing though was Paul Rudd who is the leather jacket wearing hood who likes to say “Don’t crowd me.” In this film three girls go in pursuit of the boy who knocked one of them up. It was a fun girls on the road having run in’s with quirky characters.



EmergencyHospitalStillNetflixEMERGENCY HOSPITAL (1956) is a night at the ER of a city hospital. The on call woman doctor starts her shift after her speed racer boyfriend drops her off. She’s thinking of leaving him worrying that his speedy ways could get him tangled up and he wants her to leave the hospital for a fancier practice in Beverly Hills. (Ugh! She’s a good doctor, let her do her job!) At the hospital there’s the local detective on his shift too and he’s a good guy who cares. This is a soild capsule of 50’s life and some tropes in between. I caught myself arguing with screen once or twice, especially when it came to the father who didn’t want to prosecute the man who assaulted his daughter! Seriously! He was gonna make her move away to forget it all…but the head nurse and the detective made him see the light. Whew!


fuzzyTHE FUZZY PINK NIGHTGOWN (1957) Jane Russell is movie star Laurel Stevens and on the night of her movie premiere for THE KIDNAPPED BRIDE! she’s kidnapped by Mike Valla (Ralph Meeker) and Dandy (Keenan Wynn). Is the whole thing a publicity stunt? The studio head wants his leading lady back, the hollywood columnist is ready to tear her down if it’s all a sham. FUZZY is a good jab at the biz. Laurel is a star cashing in on her sex appeal, and she wants her career, but once she meets Mike something changes. Mike isn’t all bad, but he has a plan that he was going to stick too. He feels he’s owed big time after being stuck in jail for something he hadn’t done. Of course his rough exterior is soon broken down by Laurel. It’s a cute and funny film filled with a great cast including Aldolphe Menjou. I really enjoyed this little rom com adventure.

Here’s to more movies in February! Yup!

IMAG5085I take the subway in the mornings to downtown L.A. and since I’ve moved from riding the Red Line to the Purple line I have a much shorter trip. So, I’ve taken to reading short stories to pass my time.

I’ve been lugging around a little paperback in my purse and I finally finished it this month! The book was Harlan Ellison’s GENTLEMAN JUNKIE AND OTHER STORIES OF THE HUNG-UP GENERATION. I have the 1983 published edition which feature 22 stories. This book first came out in 1961 and is a collection of Harlan Ellison short stories which were first in other magazines like Rouge Magazine, The Saint Detective Magazine, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Murder Magazine to name a few.

This book gets cred for validating Harlan as a “master of short fiction” and it was also the only paperback to be reviewed by Dorothy Parker in ESQUIRE magazine.

IMAG5088I happened to pick up this little paperback a while back wandering around my favorite used book store in the valley. I do like Harlan Ellison, having read a few odd and ends and I figured I’d read some more. Yup.

There is an eloquence to Harlan’s writing, he’s very observant and often angry. Harlan pushes buttons and he’s pushing the reader to face biases and racism while showing just how easy it is for one person to hurt another with out a second thought. Humans are most selfish creatures.

Though these stories were first told in the 50’s-60’s they are still relevant now. Harlan finely paints the scene and thing just play out where some get their dues, or rather lay in the bed they made by their own choices. It’s not easy or comfortable to face even while reading but I was hooked, like a junkie, to seem them out.

Here are some bits on few of the stories in the book:

FREE WITH THIS BOX! starts with a kid, David Thomas Cooper. He’s obsessed with finding a complete set of buttons of comic characters from cereal boxes. There’s 24 in all! He’s gone so far as to take them from cereal boxes on the store shelf when he’s out with his mom. Will David get caught? What lesson is he gonna learn?

THIS IS JACKIE SPINNING follows a radio disc jockey who is way up on top pushing music talent and he thinks he can pull one over on the guys who really run the biz.

NO GAME FOR CHILDREN is Herbert Mestman the well to do married man versus juvenile delinquent neighbor Frenchie Murrow. Frenchie despises Herbert and has a rep to protect.

ENTER THE FANATIC, CENTER STAGE was one of my favorites. A small, close-knit town known as Prince is graced with a new resident, Gunther Duvoe. Gunther comes to open “The Duvoe Art Gallery” in the center of town and once the painting are unveiled the whole town comes apart.

RFD #2 was another of my favorites for it’s clever angel in the telling. A woman has acquired the assistance of a detective agency to find a man she fears is trying to kill her. The correspondence is done all through a series of letters over the postal service. Sure today it would be quick with calls and emails, but it’s a good cat and mouse game.

The last story; THE NIGHT OF DELICATE TERRORS was the punch to the gut and most stirring with recent events going on in the real world. A black man and his family are driving through the south towards Chicago, while there’s a bad snow storms. This is set during a time when there was still segregation. It was so infuriating, seeing that anger and hate and what it does to people. Today we are still struggling to get along, have true equality, find peace and to be better people.

It was well worth the time to read with all the ups and major downs. I also like sharing the stories I read and they helped start some good conversations. You know, a good part of reading is sharing the tales again.

Now it’s time for a new book! Yup.