What is October without horror movies? Well I have not been able to hit the cinemas as often as I like and I have missed out on more than one movie marathon the last few years, but you can’t keep a movie watcher like me down for long!

Let’s Watch Movies Together!

The Frida Cinema, down in Santa Ana has been on the revival cinema scene for a while now, since 2012. I’ve been following from afar loving their programming, wishing I could take the trek on down. Well, my time finally came as it was October and they announced their first Horror Movie Marathon event, CAMP FRIDA! This was to be camp themed and a handful of secret movies would be sandwiched between EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2. Yup two of my ALL TIME FAVES! So of course, my guy Dave and I got our tickets and counted down the days to go!

The theater is nestled in downtown Santa Ana and a Día De los Muertos event was going on, along with the High School Homecoming dance as kid were dressed to the nines ready to party. Being an L.A. nerd I worried about lining up early, but the vibe in Santa Ana is more chill when it comes to stuff like lines. So the bright side was Dave and I got to explore it up a bit, find a nice meal and power up before sitting down hours and hours.

But, yes, I did manage to get myself the FIRST in line spot, just like Riff Randall. ūüėČ

The camp theme was in full effect with eager Counselor Aly and her pals coming out to instruct us of what was to come. The Main Lodge would house our movies and if we were 21 and up we could get some grown up drinks and bug juice throughout the night.

There was to be some fun camp activities, coloring time, a talent show, buttons for sale of all the movies to come. A Low-Budget camp, but all the fun!!! SOPHIE’S SWEETS Cupcakes were up for grabs for a little donation. There was a spinning wheel on stage! (What was it for!?!)

The Main Lodge was a small theater, seated over 300 campers if I’m not mistaken. The event hadn’t sold out, but it did fill up. Just as we filled seats counselors were in the aisles twirling around some pine scented air fresheners to give us the in the woods feel.

Listen to your Counselors on how to survive!

This event put on by the FRIDA had some promotion help from the students of CAL STATE FULLERTON, there was the #CAMPFRIDA on Snapchat filter to be used all night and more than a few selfies taken from the stage!

A while after 9pm ready to kick off the festivities, the crowd was asked by Brian, of who in the theater had never seen EVIL DEAD and about 20 people raised their hands. Someone shouted out a sort of boo, but more people rallied back with a cheer, because what’s a better place to see EVIL DEAD for the first time than in a theater, with lots of people reacting to the horror fun?! There was about another 20 plus people seeing EVIL DEAD for the first time on a big screen, though they’d see it a 100 times over. I’m in the lucky group who’s seen it so many times over and on a big screen too!

So EVIL DEAD hit the screen, this was no nonsense marathon, straight into the movies and horror of the night! I really have seen EVIL DEAD a bunch of times, and I plan to watch it many more. There’s always something special about watching it on a big screen. It still gets me to jump at times! I love seeing young BRUCE CAMPBELL. I bask in Sam Raimi’s direction. The sound assault of the Evil Dead attacking those young folks in the forest, the crowd truly enjoyed the ride! PARTY DOWN!¬†

Hi Camp Counselor Aly!

There was a 20 minute break next before the next film.

Say Cheese!!!! Hi Snapchat!

As a way to announce what the next secret movie to screen there was a little game! A picture was shown on the screen and people would raise their hand if they knew the answer….it was quite hard to not shout it out. There were pins made of those pictures and only a $1.00! I got myself a button or three before the night was done!

Next up was SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Yea! The crowd was so happy. Counselor Aly admitted she had only just seen the movie for the first time a while ago and was still reeling about the crop top shirts featured in the fim. I actually had never seen this one on a big screen. So that was way exciting for me. SLEEPAWAY CAMP has Angela and her cousin, who’s a camp going regular off to the woods with a bunch of other campers. Angela is a bit strange, doesn’t talk, doesn’t play the games and other boys and girls just want to pick on her. What is the secret here? People start getting injured or die! But who’s the killer? Hmmmm…I know most people are ready to spoil things, but what’s the fun in that? SLEEPAWAY CAMP is a crowd pleaser for sure!

Everyone Bunks In The Main Lodge!

After another break we were told there was to be two movies to choose from next! THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT or CABIN IN THE WOODS. It was rather nice that there was another option for those who can’t handle BLAIR WITCH shakey cam. My guy Dave was ready to go watch CABIN but stayed with me in the end. I hadn’t watched THE BLAIR WITCH since it first came out. I saw it twice in the theaters and found it to be creepy and that night was afraid of my dark room corners.¬†The shakey cam didn’t bug me, just the creepy factor!

Watching BLAIR WITCH again was just as entertaining. The movie was quite a lightning moment back then and I’m glad I chose to watch it again this time out. Yes, I got creeped out! They just did a good job of setting up the documentary feel, and no one like getting trapped in the woods. That helpless feel, the urge to yell at the screen saying just follow the river downstream…but man, no one can scream like that Heather!

There was another 20 minute break as CABIN IN THE WOODS was still playing. I was going to watch, but had a comfy spot. Counselor Aly was out and her helpers passed out CAMP FRIDA postcards and they even offered to send them off for us!

Next up was a FRIDAY THE 13th movie! But what would it be? That’s where the spinning wheel came into play! Jason himself came to spin the wheel, but in the end he chased off Counselor Aly. UH OH!

THE FINAL CHAPTER started AND yeah we all know it was far from the Final one! There’s the handy recap from all the other movies! Yup, and though Jason was thought dead he’s soon back to killing, from the hospital to the woods. Oh, that poor hitchhiker! So who will Jason kill next? The family? Corey Feldman is a young horror make-up nut and his older teen sister enjoys the woods, hoping her divorced folks will get back together. The party Kids? A bunch of other kids are around just to party in a cabin, so we get the Crispin Glover dancing and lots of sex, sex. Jason is in slasher heaven! The viewing crowd ate this one up of course!

From Jason the back to camp times continued as our next film was THE BURNING.

Oh, before I forget…We were treated to a little video from Counselor Aly, seems she ran off to escape Jason and though she found safety in a tent, it didn’t last, poor Aly, R.I.P. (Good one Camp Friday, Good One!)

I first saw THE BURNING at a New Bev horrorthon, and I recall that the big disappointment was that the print we saw was missing some key kill scene. Well this time it was intact. I hadn’t seen THE BURNING since that last time. It’s a fun movie, I think a lot in attendance were seeing it for the first time. Especially when it came to the reaction of spotting Jason Alexander on screen. THE BURNING though got some interesting crowd reactions from the start as this one was a Weinstein production. Yup, when old Harvey’s name hit the screen twice, EVERYONE BOO-ED! Realizing a Weinstein had a hand in the screenplay, for me, it actually made all the skeezy guys in the movie MORE skeezy. GROSS!!! Yup. So we get an old camp, where a bad camp worker was burned ages ago by some mean kids, many years later that old camp guy is back for his revenge. Kids are getting killed while other teens are interested in doing it. I like seeing young Fisher Stevens in this movie. There’s good gore kills too, a fitting flick for the nights theme.

After THE BURNING we learned another movie would screen before EVIL DEAD 2! It was THE WITCH. I really like THE WITCH, but it’s a slow burn movie, takes it’s time and I was tired. The lure of EVIL DEAD 2 finale was hard to resist, but my guy Dave and I opted for an early out, so we could drive back to L.A. before AM traffic would be a bit worse for us, especially after not having slept for oh so many hours. Sadly we missed out on the end of the marathon award, but maybe next year!

I really can’t wait for the chance to get back to THE FRIDA, I had a blast, love the atmosphere and the people working there were super cool! This outing really made my October complete! Yup!

See you soon FRIDA! I shall return! Yup!

film club picLast month¬†I went back to School to join a High School film club at their 24 hour film festival. Yup, that’s right, 24 hours of movie watch, and it include 11 movies from 10 a.m. Saturday Morning to 10 a.m. Sunday morning!

The show is put on by two amazing teacher friends whom I met at BNAT (Butt-Numb-A-Thon); the ultimate 24 hour movie marathon. Yup.

These two fine fellows run the Film Club of their high school and they put together one hell of a line up for the students. This is actually their 5th Annual 24 hour movie marathon and I’m honored to have attended the last three! ¬†Yup. I am a lucky movie watcher!

Now these are films that MOST of these kids have NEVER¬†ever seen. Yup. It’s 24 hours of film exposure as a way to introduce a new generation to movies beyond what’s¬†hitting theaters each weekend. When you think about it, kids these days don’t watch movies they way we¬†did as a young film watchers. Who stays up late watching cable television? There’s the internet, smartphones and tablets at their fingertips and YouTube!

I will just say that It’s awesome that there’s a High School with cool teachers teachers who have¬†a place to bring movies of all sorts to young minds! Yup!!

The show started with a video, 3 minutes of film history, and trailers: THE DIRTY DOZEN and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

hateful 8THE HATEFUL 8,¬†from Quentin Tarantino rolled on screen! This is the longest movie they’ve ever shown at one of the marathons! I was glad to give HATEFUL another view. The last time I saw¬†it was at the New Bev and it was the Roadshow version. Now, it’s not my favorite Tarantino movie, but oh how¬†I love Kurt Russell! ¬†It seemed like the young kids dug the movie, so QT has the power of appeal for¬†all ages. ūüėČ

Next up it was time for a Black and White movie dealing with social issues! But of course we got a preview first and it was for OH BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?

SullivanThe second¬†movie screened was SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS (1942) directed by Preston Sturges and starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake. Here we have a big time director (played by Joel McCrea) who’s made some successful films and wants his next feature to be a commentary on life’s¬†social issues but then realizes he knows nothing about what your average joe is dealing with day to day. So, the thing to do is dress like a hobo, ride the rails and experience the other side of life. Along the way he meets Veronica Lake, an aspiring actress who doesn’t want to leave his side. If you’ve never seen SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS, then you should! It holds up and you realize Hollywood politics haven’t changed, people want to make movies and there’s something to be said about movies that make people laugh and feel happy.

The thematic trailers before the next movie were¬†MAJOR LEAGUE¬†and¬†A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN,¬†so it was time to step up to the plate for more BASEBALL!¬†BAD NEWS BEARS (1976). I like this movie. I remember just watching parts as a kid, never from beginning to end. When I did finally see it all I realized then just how offensive a little film it is, yup. But hey, it’s got heart! That makes it ok? Yes? Hmmm…

So much drinking from Walter Matthau who’s the underdog baseball coach Buttermaker. He’s got to pull a rag tag team of rejects together, between racist remarks, swear words and more alcohol, so there’s just a ton of SPIRIT. I love Tatum O’Neal as Amanda, the girl who can pitch and of course the bad boy Kelly who is Jackie Earle Haley! Man was he so gawky but tough. ūüėČ Only in the 70’s could you get away with no helmets for kids who road motorbikes. GO BEARS!


GO BEARS GO! Can I have a beer too?

Before the next film we had trailers for MOONRISE KINGDOM and MOULIN ROUGE! 

UmbrellasUMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG (1964) was next.The musical¬†and¬†foreign¬†film portion of the show! UMBRELLAS¬†is one of my favorite favorite movies which I’ve been fortunate to see on a big screen a few times. It’s beautiful, dreamy, colorful, heartbreaking and again just so beautiful. The film is all done with sung dialogue.

Genevi√®ve, played by Catherine Deneuve, works at an umbrella shop. She’s in love with Guy (Nino Castelnuovo), a mechanic.¬†Genevi√®ve is so young, but¬†she and Guy are so in love and have plans of marriage, children, a living a love filled life together. Guy is drafted and must go away! Once he is gone, Genevi√®ve finds herself pregnant. This sort of drama-rama really got a rise out of the teenage crowd watching the screen. There were so many oooh’s and ahhh’s and cheers and claps between acts/songs. It was quite a movie going experience. I just couldn’t wait to see how the kids responded to the end of the film, especially knowing what was coming. I’d say the film was a hit. Maybe some teens were actually feeling emotional?!?

Now it was time for some Comedy and a dash of horror! The kids were about to get some insight to classic comedies! To set the tone, as we watched¬†the¬†DUDE/SWEET scenes from DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR?¬†

And the classic “Who’s on First?”¬†by Abbott & Costello!

AbbottandCostelloABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948) hit the screen. How can one not enjoy this movie? Abbott and Costello as Chick and Wilbur, respectively are a pair of baggage handlers who get mixed up in a delivery of Dracula (Bela Lugosi) and Frankenstein to a house of horrors. There’s also the Wolf-Man (Lon Chaney Jr.) who’s wolfing out over¬†the many full moon nights. The mission, between gags and mishaps and laughs, is to try and stop Dracula from resurrecting Frankenstein with a new mindless mind a.k.a. Wilbur’s brain! I think this film does it what it does best, bringing the gags and laughs.¬†Yup.

The next film was THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY (1998)¬†(after a trailer for DUMB & DUMBER). I haven’t seen¬†MARY from beginning to end the whole way through since I last saw it in theaters. That was in 1998! Geez, 1998 and I realize I can thank MARY¬†for the “I’m just fucking with you” line (right?), and gross-out humor that these days has gone way beyond what¬†MARY did. I will admit I get picky when it comes to comedies, but I had fun with¬†MARY¬†then and it made me laugh again now! There’s charm and heart deep down in this movie, and those bits shine through. The kids laughed along, got grossed out and so a good comedy is timeless.


What About Mary?

Now it was midnight! Time for a scary horror movie. We got a trailer to THE CONJURING 2 and watched a short called THE SMILING MAN. 

ED2EVIL DEAD 2¬†(1987)¬†played! I couldn’t have been happier. Anyone reading this knows that EVIL DEAD 2¬†movie is among my absolute faves! Ash (Bruce Campbell) takes his girlfriend, Linda, to a cabin in the woods. After some flirting he finds and¬†plays a tape that has some magic words from the Necronomicon and when spoken (played) aloud evil is let loose. His girlfriend is taken, the blood bath begins. Then you have more people coming to the cabin, for more blood and gore. What’s not to love!!?!?!? I could watch this movie again and again. Yea Raimi and Campbell! Pretty sure this movie kept the kids awake and scared some others. They cheered at “GROOVY”.

Then to lighten the mood the during the early morning hours we went back to comedy, and we got a trailer for JUNO.

SUPERBAD (2007) was next and it was likely a movie some of the kids had already seen.

superbadI saw SUPERBAD in theaters when it first came out. Weird to think this movie is¬†already 9 years old! Where does the time go?! So it’s a dude bro movie of two best buds who are about to leave high school and go off to college, going different places. On this night they’re finally getting the chance to attend a big party! They must venture out in¬†search of some alcohol and just get into trouble. Oh so many mishaps and foul language! Oh, I can’t forget McLovin, what a scamp. It’s a funny movie, the kids laughed along. I like seeing GLENDALE in the movie. I say it is¬†fun seeing places you grew up around in movies.¬†But hey, that’s just me. I don’t really have much more to say on this one, just that it¬†was funny then and funny now.

And then once again it was time for more horror! This time it was a movie I had never seen! Yea! A new movie for me! But first! Trailer time! LIGHTS OUT and DON’T BREATH.

hushThe horror movie, currently on Netflix, HUSH¬†(2016) hit the screen. I’d been hearing some about this one but hadn’t thought to watch it, so here was my chance. A deaf, mute woman, Maddie, is isolated in a cabin in the woods. She’s got a neighbor friend, and talks to friends on her computer with face time. She’s feeling a little broken hearted and she’s¬†trying to write a new book, but then it’s just wrong place, wrong time. A masked man kills Maddie’s neighbor on her porch but being deaf she didn’t notice. The masked man begins to toy with Maddie and once she’s aware of him she’s not going to go down without a fight. It’s a suspenseful thriller.

smokeyAfter trailers for CANNONBALL RUN and HOOPER we hit the back roads and highway with SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT (1977). Burt Reynolds is Bandit! He’s taken on a big bet that he can¬†transport some Coors Beer from Texas to Georgia, because that sort of thing was illegal in 1977! Can you hear the song EAST BOUND AND DOWN playing in your head?

Along the way Bandit is joined by runaway bride Sally Field and of course the sparks fly! They were a cute couple, I mean Sally Field is incredibly adorable! The spurned groom and his daddy, Sheriff¬†Buford T. Justice is played by¬†Jackie Gleason, are they are in hot pursuit of Bandit and Bride! Poor Sheriff Justice, he’s constantly duped and his car gets so damaged, but it’s all for the laughs! Yup!

And then as we were reaching the morning hours it was time for the last and 11th movie of the marathon! Whew! Good thing there were donuts!

What was the last movie going to be? My teacher pals, who did intros between all the movies (d’oh I forgot to mention that earlier) said how they’d each often make references to this next movie in their classes and couldn’t believe it hadn’t been seen. So indeed it was a good finale pick! The trailer before it was INCEPTION.

matrixTHE MATRIX¬†(1999) began to play. I love THE MATRIX. To date myself, because WHATEVER, I was lucky to see an early screening of it while in College at San Francisco. All my friends and I¬†knew about it was the teaser trailer that was out and the tagline of “WHAT IS THE MATRIX?” Having those kinds of moments in cinema have gotten more rare. What did we expect from the Wachowski’s? Well the¬†movie was amazing!

THE MATRIX¬†still stands up just as strong now! Neo is a hacker trying to find out what the Matrix is and of course once he does there’s no turning back.¬†THE MATRIX¬†is a great film and it was a great ending to an amazing marathon!

I did’t stick around much longer to get some feedback from the kids I had chatted with throughout the night. I was TIRED! It was time for bed! I was ready to close my eyes!

Yes, I survived! 11 movies! 24 Hours! I'm ready for next year!

Yes, I survived! 11 movies! 24 Hours! I’m ready for next year! Yup Yup Yup!!!

11 Movies! 24 Hours! One Awesome Movie Marathon Adventure! Movies shared, old and new and it’s good to experience movies with new viewers, see how these films hold up, or maybe don’t! There’s so much movie history and I just gotta keep watching movies when and where I can! I’m glad I stayed awake for 24 hours, but thinking about it is making me tired again! ūüėČ Yup! Let’s Watch Movies! Yup!

October was my EVIL DEAD month! Well, it was Evil Dead month for many actually as we were given ASH VS EVIL DEAD the new television show which premiered on Halloween on Starz and the awesome part is EVIL DEAD times continue on in November. WOOT!

The¬†EVIL DEAD series has¬†had a big impact on my life, shaping who I am. Just recently my mom said to me that it “was¬†EVIL DEAD that made me a little crazy.” She meant that in the nicest way and it’s true nonetheless.

I saw¬†EVIL DEAD 2¬†for the first time at the age of 12. It began my obsession with all things Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. I’ve devoted many a blog posts to them both and followed along with all they’ve done over the ages.

So here’s one more hopelessly devoted post, yup!

IMAG6771On Saturday October¬†3, 2015 the Egyptian Theater had the BEYOND FEST going on and I was in attendance for the EVIL DEAD¬†Double feature including a Q&A with Bruce Campbell to be moderated by Edgar Wright. I had bought tickets for the screening the month before ensuring I’d be there. It was a sold out night!!!!!!!!! Yup. (I was wearing my snazzy DARKMAN Converse I was gifted at my wedding a year ago. I finally found the perfect outing for them and let them see the light of day!)

The night was awesome! With my guy Dave at my side we lined up nice and early. I got my name on the list for Evil Dead tattoos, but my names was the last and after some line up confusion I opted for good seats over permanent ink.



Once inside, seated and feeling groovy the BEYOND FEST festivities began. They were showing promo stuff for SHUTTER the new watch horror movie site. I was anxious to see Bruce Campbell. There was a storm of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD chainsaws filling the theater and free donuts! They showed the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD trailer on 35mm!



EVIL DEAD screened and it was great! I love that little horror movie. It was fun to see people jump, in fact a guy in our row totally jumped twice. I love seeing young Bruce; I mean who doesn’t? Right?!

Then after the movie it was Q&A time. WOOT! Edgar Wright came on down and as it got started Dave jabs me in the side and points off to the left of the theater. There was SAM RAIMI waiting for his introduction. It was the big surprise of the night, SAM RAIMI joining the Q&A. (Pictures were not allowed, le sigh.)

I couldn’t be happier, I had my DARKMAN shoes on and there was SAM RAIMI! He joined Bruce Campbell down front and Edgar asked his questions.

Sam and Bruce talked of their first meeting, the shorts they did with the Three Stooges influence, and all the drive in movies they watched to figure out what kind of horror movie to make to break into the biz.

Being the fangirl I am I’ve heard these stories before but I’ll never, ever, never get enough of ’em and listen to ’em all 10 times over. Sam and Bruce together is the grooviest as they joke, tease and make jabs at each other. I think they’re great storytellers.

I took notes of all the chit chat and though¬†I procrastinated in sharing, (better late than never, perhaps)¬†I’ve got is saved in my memory forever. YEA!!!

It was fun to see these guys talk their talk with Dave at my side. Edgar Wright geeked out too. Again I get inspired by their stories and how they got started. Sam talked about Wes Craven and the nods in their films to each other. There was a nice moment of applause for Mr. Wes.

It was an absolutely amazing and most unexpected experience. After that EVIL DEAD 2 screened and the theater was still packed!

I’ve seen EVIL DEAD and¬†EVIL DEAD 2 tons of times on a big screen, thanks to midnight screenings and the awesome revival cinemas in my town, but I’m way behind in my movie tally to give the latest total. D’oh!! This screening was of course one of the best!

ASH, Baby! Big and Bold in Hollywood!

ASH, Baby! Big and Bold in Hollywood!

Another EVIL DEAD 2¬†related highlight of the October month was¬†trying to see if my young nieces would be interested in watching the film. I must admit they’re scaredy cats when it comes to horror. But I had shown them the EVIL DEAD 2 trailer on YouTube and they kinda liked it. When Dave and I took them to see BEETLEJUICE on the big screen of the New Bev they showed the EVIL DEAD 2 trailer beforehand. That was the real test for them. Effie called it creepy, which means scary and I noticed Celia not watching the scene where Henrietta¬†turns into the deadite. Looks like I have to wait a while longer to share the films with them.¬†Oh well…

Evil Dead 2 Trailer

On Halloween night I watched EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2 and ARMY OF DARKNESS in preparation for ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. My dad had DV-R-ed the movies that were shown on STARZ with Bruce Campbell introductions and factoids. Again never enough Bruce or EVIL DEAD for this Shempcat.

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD episode 1 truly delivered. Bruce Campbell back as ASH living in a trailer, lookin’ for some action, unleashing the Evil Dead deadites back into the world, spewing one-liners and picking up some sidekicks a.k.a.¬†deadite killers in training. For a gal like me, what’s not to love, knowing Raimi is on board and directing the first episode, Ivan Raimi did writing too and there’s Lucy Lawless in the mix. Yes, I’m in heaven. I’m happy. I’m ready for more¬†EVIL DEAD.

The second episode delivered even more! I mean Mimi Rogers becomes a Deadite! Dude!

Yes, I could rattle on all the details but I’m just here to beam about my happiness that this show. It is all I wanted and delivering on more than I could imagine. Since Comic Con and the panels I saw I couldn’t wait for HALLOWEEN to get here!

Hail to the King Baby, EVIL DEAD is here and all is well. Yup.


comic-con-logoLast year I¬†never got around to sharing my Comic-Con adventure of 2014! I’m a slacker, that’s really why. Who doesn’t get distracted by procrastination?!

I really did have such a great time at Comic-Con this year and it helped recharge my batteries, reminding me why I love going to Comic Con and reveling in my geekdom. It was a happy time indeed. It’s one of my happy places, one of my favorite times of year, usually one of my few moments of vacation time, even though it’s a busy on the go¬†vacation!

Comic-Con has changed so much and everyone seems to bring it up more each year, and sure I agree, but for me, this year was just about enjoying it all. With a smile on my face I sought out the things I wanted, staying out of Hall H, wandering up and down the aisles, adding to my back issues comic book collection and checking out artists and things. All the while staying real close to the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD booth, because I am such an EVIL DEAD, Raimi, Capmbell fangirl, yup!

This year I wIMAG5722as lucky to be at preview night once again, and my dad was with me yet again too! We are both nerds who love Comic-Con. At preview night getting our badges was painless and quick, after walking a long way and all around to get inside to the show floor we basked in the Comic-Con moment. We wandered, staking out what we might get from Mattel and wandered some more.

I tried to get a Groot headband at Marvel and failed. ūüôĀ

It was that night I found where the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD booth was located and saw how it was set up. Circling around we kept missing the line cut off to get a foam chainsaw and check out the Ash trailer. So, I then made it my plan to go first thing on Thursday. Yup.

My dad and just I wandered the aisles somewhat systematically and did find some comics.


Me and My Dad Luv Comic Con!


We Made It!



Aww, the Feel the Feels! Inside Out.

Aww, the Feel the Feels! Inside Out.

I did tumblr some of my favorite pictures each night here’s my¬†Wednesday Preview Night!

Then TIMAG5877hursday was the first full Comic-Con day and yes, I got into the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD booth and so did my dad (though we got separated by the masses) and in the end I got my chainsaw and my dad got a T-Shirt but I did not get a chance to get the cast autograph; le sigh. (It was worth the try!)

So with that mission complete it was back to just wandering here and there and everywhere. I really do enjoy just ambling about, looking at art, and taking pictures. I like seeing all the other people enjoying themselves too, sharing in the fandom. It gets crowded, people get fussy, but on a whole I say most are happy and happy to be there. I know I was, yup.

IMAG5958I caught some panels on Thursday! It started with WWE NXT wrestlers and Mattel toys! It really made me miss watching wrestling as the room was packed with cheering fans. A kid in a spidey costume in front of me was up on his chair so excited! After a quick look at a new line of toys the wrestlers all took some time to talk about being on NXT and how much they love it.

After NXT I moved a bit closer to the stage and found a seat to geek out on movies from 1985. I’ve been going to this panel for the past few years and really enjoy listening to movie talk. It’s these movies of ages ago that helped shape my nerdom for sure. With the likes of Robert Meyer Burnett, Mark Altman, Ashley E. Miller and more it was a walk down memory lane. Ah, 1985 the year of Back to the Future, Commando, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. The talk went on tangents of the awesomeness of Grace Jones, Lifeforce, To Live and Die in L.A., Gymkata, and more! I LOVE MOVIES!


Cool Chick! Shana! We both like 1985 films!

I have more pictures from Thursday here at my¬†Thursday Comic Con Tumblr!¬†Yup! Enjoy and keep on reading! I’m not done yet!

Friday it was back to the floor and time for some panels, the one panel I’d been most excited for! I got my Mattel, Thomas and the Train toys, one for me and my nephew! It was the cutest little toy set and the exciting part ¬†was getting some¬†of the last sets¬†they were selling for the day!

After that line time, I made my way up to get in line to get into the panel room I needed to be in! So I sat through the panel of MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE which included the daughter of Philip K. Dick. The show sounds cool, with a cool cast, but I’ll probably not be watching soon as it’s out.

The next panel was for the series VIKINGS and it was packed with Vikings of all sorts! I haven’t watched much of the show but sitting there I think I might have to get all caught up! Thanks to being there I did get to score a drinking horn, now I can drink like a Viking, yup!

IMAG6108After each panel I moved my way closer and closer to the stage to get a good seat to see what I wanted to see!

J. Michael Straczynski was next to talk about SENSE 8. It wasn’t an official panel sponsored by Netflix, but J.¬†wanted to come¬†out to answer questions¬†and have the first gathering of SENSE 8 fans. He shared about the history of the show and creating it with the¬†Wachowskis’.

I was really glad to catch this one. I marathoned¬†the whole series and loved every moment of it. The Q&A was good too and proved just how much the¬†show really connected with so many people. At the time they were waiting on hearing if the show would be renewed for season 2 and were hopeful, I want¬†more SENSE 8! Yup! Let’s hope it still can happen!

Ready for EVIL DEAD!!!!

Ready for EVIL DEAD!!!!

Next up was what I had been waiting for, the panel for ASH VS. THE EVIL DEAD with Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Lucy Lawless!!

IMAG6150The panel begun with the trailer for the new series coming to Starz on Halloween. It was everything an Evil Dead fan like me could hope for! Bruce, Ash, Deadites, Blood and some laughs. The panel was a blast.

Bruce Campbell gave out some bills, Sam and Ivan made jabs at Bruce and Lucy joins right along. I’ll never get enough of watching Bruce Campbell on a stage, talk to a crowd and rile up the masses.

I really loved seeing Sam and Ivan, my DARKMAN creator heroes! Yup! It makes up for not making into panels of Comic-Con past when I didn’t get to see Raimi the last time he was there! But I was there that day and had an ear to ear grin on my face.

The crowd ate it all up too with fun questions and an impromptu costume contest of those dressed as Ash. Bruce had them come up to the stage and awarded the crowd (and Bruce’s) favorite Ash look a like. HILARIOUS!




AH, What a good Comic-Con Friday it was!!! I ended the evening after the panel wandering a bit more and then I watched the latest animated DC movie JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS, which I really dug! Before the film started (I watched the second screening) so and I caught some of the Q&A before. The big news was Bruce Timm saying an animated feature of THE KILLING JOKE will be coming soon! Woot! Now here’s¬†My Friday Tumblr Pics!

 IMAG6289When Saturday came around my dad and I hit the show floor and found more comic books! It was also a day I wandered around more off site around Gaslamp District. And, I got some fun cosplay photos!

I hung out at the Conival at the Stadium. This was the place where Nerdist had more panels and things and I got to see more Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless rile folks up for Evil Dead! I will never ever get enough! Yup!

I also went to the panel for MAX BROOKS who just took time to talk to fans and answer questions. He’s a good story teller and holds the crowd. People love his take on Zombies, I do too. I had heard a few of his stories already from panels of the past but like I said he tells stories and is fun to listen to, yup!

Everyone shares their fandom and you can tell he writes about what he likes and is most passionate about. We are all just a bunch of nerds! It’s a good thing.

Then the evening ended as I joined some friends to watch the Masquerade, Costume Contest from under the sails. We had a blast!


Nerdist Conival Entrance

Bruce and Lucy! E-V-I-L D-E-A-D!

Bruce and Lucy! E-V-I-L D-E-A-D!





And of course more is at my Saturday Tumblr! So much fun!

Ah, and then IMAG5924things have to come to an end, we reach the final day of Comic-Con! Comic Con Sunday! I absolutely had a lot of fun, yup.

The bonus was that my guy Dave came on down to wander around with me! We had a full fun day of walking the aisles, up and down and back and forth. We found the HEX 11 booth! We had snagged their first issue at the Long Beach con and finally got our hands on the latest issues.

My dad was off wandering his way around and got the last few back issues too adding to our haul of 90 comics in all! Now we just have to file them all away.

We stayed at the con grabbing a last few bits of swag and made the long drive home. Of course as soon as we landed at home I had to go through my stash and make piles of things! SUNDAY COMIC CON!!



IMG_20150712_133242 IMG_20150711_095351 IMG_20150712_151906

I am already hoping I can go back again next year!!! Fingers crossed, Comic-Con 2016, Yup Yup Yup!