It was a great day to be in Los Angeles and join the Women’s March happening downtown on Saturday January 21, 2017. I was there with 750,000 women, men, children, families, people! We were all there and it swept me up full of emotion! I was so proud to be there, happy to see so many others, proud to have my voice heard and shared!

It’s a time for happy things as I said before, but it’s happy that we have to fight for and together we can and will! I don’t get into the political things here, but I may in the future, because it is the time for it!

Right now I put my voice out and share what I saw and experienced! I’m here to share my happy feelings of being¬†part of this amazing event!!¬†#WOMENSMARCH indeed! Yup. And I have a few more photos on my tumblr!