IMAG5055_1TAKEN and Liam Neeson; a combo that I’m a big fan of! Liam Neeson is Bryan Mills,…”the man with a very special set of skills.” If you hurt his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace), you’ll get a taste of those skills. Well, more than a taste, it would be a mouthful and an ass kicking/killing! Who’s Bad? Sho’Nuff? Nope, BRYAN MILLS!

Bryan Mills means business, when all he wants is to make Kim happy and have her love in return. It’s a happy, unusual family as his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) is around too.

I’ve been with the TAKEN series from the start. I saw the first one at a midnight show with my dad. We loved it! Sadly I missed TAKEN 2 in theaters, but caught it quick on video with my guy Dave. It was no TAKEN, but had it’s moments, and Kim got to be alongside her dad through the action. I was ready and anxious for more.

So,  that’s why I made my way to the theaters last night to see TAKEN 3 with Dave! (Our first big screen viewing of 2015! Starting things right with LIAM NEESON!) The theater wasn’t too full, we got nice seats in the middle middle and we were ready to be taken away to the land of action! Oddly, there were no trailers and the movie began!

This time around Bryan is anxious to celebrate Kim’s birthday earlier than usual! He brings her a big panda and champagne. I’d say more but hey it’s spoiler, plot, character stuff. (You know you’ll go watch it!) When things don’t go as planned Bryan heads home and gets a visit from Lenore who’s having marriage troubles. Bryan insists she figure out her marital plans before anything happens. Ah, forever the good guy! I like it!

Of course things go bad when Bryan finds Lenore dead at his home when he was expecting her to visit to talk and have bagels! He must then find the killer, clear his name and TAKE out the evil doers!

Ready, Set, Go! I loved it! Yup, I did. Liam Neeson is the man! He may be getting older and we get more quick cuts, but I still believe that he’s a man you don’t want to upset in any way! He’ll tell you how badass he is and then find you, stop you, kill you! Who wouldn’t want Liam/Bryan to come to the rescue when things go wrong?

One of the elements of TAKEN that I love is Bryan and his best buds who he works with, hangs with, vents to. I seriously want a movie of Bryan and his buds all working together to TAKE some bad dudes out! Jon Gries needs more screen time!!

In TAKEN 3 we get another awesome addition, Forest Whitaker as detective Franck Dotzler who wants to bring Bryan in solve the case. Franck is a good detective and he realizes that Bryan is not a man to take lightly.

Now, I may be biased when it comes to Liam Neeson movies, I won’t lie, as I am crazy for him and DARKMAN! But, I truly had fun with TAKEN 3. I got to watch good chases though Downtown L.A. (just like in DARKMAN), see bad, bad guys met their doom and once again Bryan showed how awesome a dad he is, yup. Good Times! Happy endings! All the things I need to just have a fun movie going experience. Yup! Thanks Liam for taking me to a happy movie watching place!