I do love talking about movies and my plan is to keep up with sharing all the movies I’m watching this year right here on my blog. I thought I was having a slow month here in January but it looks like I saw plenty of fun little flicks along the way.


  1. THE INTERVIEW (2014) | 01/01/15 | Google Play
  2. HERO AT LARGE (1980) | 01/01/15 | DVD
  3. MURDER SHE WROTE: SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST (1997) | 01/01/15 | YouTube
  4. APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH (1988) | 01/01/15 | YouTube
  5. THE BLACK CASTLE (1952) on Svengolie | 01/03/15 | MeTV
  6. THE AMAZING ADVENTURE (1936) | 01/06/15 | YouTube
  7. TAKEN 3 (2014) | 01/08/15 | AMC Burbank 6
  8. JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT (2014) | 01/11/15 | Amazon Instant
  9. THEY MADE ME A FUGITIVE (1947) | 01/12/15 | Amazon Instant
  10.  HIGHLY DANGEROUS (1950) | 1/13/15 | Amazon Instant
  11.  WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (2013) | 1/15/15 | Netflix
  12.  REPEAT PERFORMANCE (1947) | 1/17/15 | Amazon Instant
  13.  WOLF OF NEW YORK (1940) | 1/17/15 | Amazon Instant
  14.  CHINESE ZODIAC (2012) | 1/18/15 | Netflix
  15.  FeardotCom (2002) | 1/19/15 | HBO GO
  16.  BIG HERO SIX (2014) | 1/20/15 | DVD
  17.  BEING AGAIN (2013) | 1/24/15 | DVD
  18.  THE PRINCE AND ME (2004) | 1/24/15 | Amazon Instant
  19.  RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS (1994) | 1/25/15 | Netflix
  20.  KISS THEM FOR ME (1957) | 1/25/15 | Netflix
  21.  EMERGENCY HOSPITAL (1956) | 1/25/15 | Netflix
  22.  BREAKFAST IN HOLLYWOOD (1946) | 1/25/15 | YouTube
  23.  CAGE OF EVIL (1960) | 1/26/15 | Netflix
  24.  CRIME AGAINST JOE (1956) |1/26/15
  25.  THE FUZZY PINK NIGHTGOWN (1957) | 1/26/15
  26.  THE GUN RUNNERS (1958) | 1/28/15 | Netflix
  27.  88 (2015) | 1/31/15 | Netflix


  1. WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953) | 01/04/15 | Netflix
  2. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014) | 01/10/15 | DVD
  3. JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER (2008) | 1/17/15 | Xbox Video
  4. THE LOST BOYS (1987) | 1/22/15 | DVD
  5. HUDSON HAWK (1991) | 1/22/15 | DVD
  6. CLUELESS (1995) | 1/25/15 | Netflix

That’s 27 new movies and 6 re-sees for 33 movies in January. TAKEN 3 was the only movies I saw in theaters this month. Netflix and Amazon Instant have been supplying me with plenty of oldie classics. I have a good time following the web of watching one old movie and seeing what’s recommended and finding something I’ve never seen or heard of. The highlights of my month go like this:

Hero_at_largeHERO AT LARGE (1980) – John Ritter is aspiring actor Steve Nichols who takes a turn as a Super Hero when he does a heroic deed, stopping a robbery at a small liquor store. The chance to be a real life CAPTAIN AVENGER appeals to Steve, the kind of guy who’s happy-go-lucky and believes in the goodness of man. Steve quickly realizes how dangerous the super hero lifestyle is and is then cohered into further promoting the latest CAPTAIN AVENGER film with more deeds. Between it all he’s also pursuing this new neighbor J. Marsh (Anne Archer) finding some romance. This truly was a sweet and endearing film. A look at media and how people don’t always believe someone is in it for the good deeds and not the fame. John Ritter made a great CAPTAIN AVENGER.



THE AMAZING ADVENTURE (1936) a little film with Cary Grant as a rich man who’s made a bet with a doctor who said he couldn’t leave his money behind and work for a living for a whole year. Cary takes the bet, works his way up, meets a gal and proves he’s not just a rich spoiled man.



fugitive made meTHEY MADE ME A FUGITIVE (1947) – An old noir with great visual cues starring Trevor Howard as Clem who joins a gang that’s involved in bootlegging. When Clem realizes big boss Narcy is passing along drugs too he wants out but gets framed for murder and sent to jail. Clem escapes and is set to clear his name but more misfortune seems to follow him every step of the way.




RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS (1994) is from the “Rebel Highway” series of TV movies from the 90’s and this one was directed by Joe Dante. I am a sucker for a film like this, a throwback to old 50’s films. Runaway Daughters was well cast and full of Joe Dante regulars. The best thing though was Paul Rudd who is the leather jacket wearing hood who likes to say “Don’t crowd me.” In this film three girls go in pursuit of the boy who knocked one of them up. It was a fun girls on the road having run in’s with quirky characters.



EmergencyHospitalStillNetflixEMERGENCY HOSPITAL (1956) is a night at the ER of a city hospital. The on call woman doctor starts her shift after her speed racer boyfriend drops her off. She’s thinking of leaving him worrying that his speedy ways could get him tangled up and he wants her to leave the hospital for a fancier practice in Beverly Hills. (Ugh! She’s a good doctor, let her do her job!) At the hospital there’s the local detective on his shift too and he’s a good guy who cares. This is a soild capsule of 50’s life and some tropes in between. I caught myself arguing with screen once or twice, especially when it came to the father who didn’t want to prosecute the man who assaulted his daughter! Seriously! He was gonna make her move away to forget it all…but the head nurse and the detective made him see the light. Whew!


fuzzyTHE FUZZY PINK NIGHTGOWN (1957) Jane Russell is movie star Laurel Stevens and on the night of her movie premiere for THE KIDNAPPED BRIDE! she’s kidnapped by Mike Valla (Ralph Meeker) and Dandy (Keenan Wynn). Is the whole thing a publicity stunt? The studio head wants his leading lady back, the hollywood columnist is ready to tear her down if it’s all a sham. FUZZY is a good jab at the biz. Laurel is a star cashing in on her sex appeal, and she wants her career, but once she meets Mike something changes. Mike isn’t all bad, but he has a plan that he was going to stick too. He feels he’s owed big time after being stuck in jail for something he hadn’t done. Of course his rough exterior is soon broken down by Laurel. It’s a cute and funny film filled with a great cast including Aldolphe Menjou. I really enjoyed this little rom com adventure.

Here’s to more movies in February! Yup!