Hey, I’m still watching movies! No really, it is true! Though it is so easy to get sidetracked and put off writing and sharing my movie views and movie finds, I am here NOW to share!  And, as they say better late than never…yup.

Though my movie watching output has slightly fallen, I think I have seen some good movies! So here’s my list of all I’ve seen since the last time I posted my list (in January!) and then I’ll share my favorites.

NEW MOVIES: These are movies 25-60 from my tally list, so I’ve seen 60 new movies so far in 2016! 

  • LEGEND OF DRUNKEN MASTER (1994) | 2/4/16 | NoHo 7 
  • X THE UNKNOWN (1956) | 2/6/16 | YouTube
  • THE SPACE CHILDREN (1958) | YouTube Paramount Vault
  • DAYS OF WINE & ROSES (1962) | 2/7/16 | TCM
  • THE WITCH (2015) | 2/10/16 | Screening Room Beverly Hills 
  • NIGHT WORLD (1932) | 2/13/16 | YouTube 
  • DEADPOOL (2016) | 2/14/16 | LA LIVE Regal
  • ZOOLANDER 2 (2016) | 2/14/16 | CITYWALK AMC 
  • THE VOICES (2014) 2/14/16 | Amazon Instant
  • AGAINST A CROOKED SKY (1975) | 2/16/16 | Amazon Instant 
  • CIRCUS (2000) | 2/18/16 | HBO GO 
  • 11:14 (2005) | 2/19/16 | HBO GO 
  • HOT LEAD & COLD FEET (1978) | 2/20/16 | New Beverly 
  • THE BUSY BODY (1967) | 2/25/16 | YouTube Paramount Vault 
  • LIFE AT STAKE (1954) | 2/26/16 | YouTube
  • ANABELL (2014) | 2/28/16 | HBO GO 
  • HELLIONS (2015) | 3/1/16 | Netflix 
  • THE PHANTOM SPEAKS (1945) | 3/6/16
  • TROUBLE IN THE GLEN (1954) | 3/12/16 | Amazon Instant
  • PUCKOON (2003) | 3/12/16 | Amazon Instant 
  • 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE (2016) | 3/12/16 | Tiki Drive-In 
  • TRIPLE 9 (2016) | 3/12/16 | Tiki Drive-In
  • AVENGING EAGLE (1978) | 3/13/16 | Netflix 
  • THE INSPECTORS WEARS SKIRTS / TOP SQUAD (1988) | 3/13/16 | YouTube
  • PALOOKA (1934) | 3/13/16 | YouTube 
  • MILLION DOLLAR PURSUIT (1951) | 3/13/16 | YouTube 
  • ESCAPE BY NIGHT (1937) | 3/16/16 | YouTube
  • PEE WEE’S BIG HOLIDAY (2016) | 3/18/16 
  • ME, EARL AND THE DYING GIRL (2015) | 3/24/16 | HBO GO
  • THE MERMAID (2016) | 3/29/16 | AMC Monterey Park
  • HELLO MY NAME IS DORIS (2016) | 3/29/16 | AMC Burbank 8 
  • CREED (2015) | 4/5/16 | On Demand
  • BRIDE OF VENGEANCE (1949) | 4/9/16 | YouTube
  • HARDCORE HENRY (2016) | 4/14/16 | Vista 
  • SECRET OF THE INCAS (1954) | 4/23/16 | YouTube
  • COMPADRES (2016) | 4/24/16 | Regal Alhambra 

busy bodyI’m enjoying more movies on YouTube thanks especially to the Paramount Vault channel and my Chromecast! I’ve caught some goodie oldie flicks. One of the fun ones that had some good laughs was THE BUSY BODY, a silly comedy directed by William Castle, starring Sid Caesar. A series of ridiculous mishaps include mob guys running around with a dead body in search of money. What will Sid Caesar find?!!

Also on YouTube I found SECRET OF THE INCAS starring Charlton Heston who’s sporting some Indiana Jones duds as he hopes to find Inca gold in Peru! (Apparently it has been credited for inspiring Indiana Jones! If it’s not obvious from watching…) A highlight of the film is the songs sung by Yma Sumac who can sing in a 5 octave vocal range.

The film 11:14 was a good find on an HBO GO viewing night. I had never seen it before and it is a film where different characters have their paths cross all on the same night at the unusual time of 11:14. It had a cool cast of Hilary Swank, Ben Foster and Patrick Swayze to name a few.

hot coldI did get a chance to visit The New Beverly at a Kiddie Matinee for HOT LEAD & COLD FEET which featured Don Knotts, though he’s not really the star of this one, no matter what the trailer shows you! HOT LEAD & COLD FEET stars Jim Dale in three different roles, Eli Bloodshy, Wild Billy Bloodshy, and Jasper Bloodshy. He’s the father who pits his two sons against each other in a race to save a little town and yes Jim Dale is both sons; one a good guy and the other a bad gun. It was a cute Disney film! The best comedy relief bits came from Don Knotts (Sheriff Denver Kid) who was having a series of duals with Jack Elam (Rattlesnake).

My guy Dave and I went to the Tiki Drive-In to see 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE and TRIPLE 9! That was a fun double! An unusual paring, but a good time for sure. By the way, a little advice: no matter what the weather is like you should always take more blankets and jackets than you think necessary when going to the Drive-In! Yup. 

On my Birthday I had a good movie watching day! I saw THE MERMAID, directed by Stephen Chow, which surprisingly had a good sincere message about the environment. It also had the laughs of the usual Chow style; cartoony, fun and some musical flair! After that movie I got to see HELLO MY NAME IS DORIS, directed by Michael Showalter, it is one of my favorite films of 2016, so far! Sally Field is adorably adorable as Doris, crushing hard on a young, younger man. I highly recommend DORIS!

DORIS is Cool!

DORIS is Cool!


One last NEW MOVIE highlight has to be watching PEE WEE’S BIG HOLIDAY with my Sister, my guy Dave and my nieces. My sister is one of the BIGGEST Pee Wee/Paul Rubens fans. She had been waiting for this movie and it was the best to be with her to watch. We laughed, laughed and laughed! It was a genius film and sharing those laughs my family filled me with tons of joy. A smile fills my face as I think back to watching Pee Wee make his way to Joe as my sis and I laughed along. Thanks PEE WEE! Yup. Now I’m going to “let you, let me go” so I can get on with more lists and things! 😉

Go, Pee Wee Go!

Go, Pee Wee Go!

RE-SEE MOVIES: Here are movies 3-14, Total = 14 Re-See movies!!

  • THE NET (1995) | 2/11/16 | DVD
  • THE WITCH (2016) | 2/23/16 | SUNDANCE THEATER
  • GALAXY QUEST (1999) | 2/26/16 | Netflix
  • WHAT WE DO IN SHADOWS (2014) | 2/28/16 | HBO GO
  • THE LAST DRAGON (1985) | 3/2/16 | DVD
  • PIRANHA (1978) | 3/10/16 | DVD
  • CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012) | 3/14/16 | DVD
  • BLACK ANGEL (1946) | 3/22/16 | YouTube
  • THE GIFT (2001) | 3/27/16 | FLIX
  • EXCALIBUR (1981) | 3/29/16 | On Demand
  • GREASE 2 (1982) | 4/14/16 | Netflix

Yup, I do enjoy re-watching movies as they deliver happy feelings. I can just veg out and/or craft things without missing out on plot points during a re-see. And, since they are just that good to me, they can be viewed again and again. Here’s my re-see highlights over the past few months:

you drink gibsonSurprisingly I give props to THE NET, though I’m not the biggest fan of Sandra Bullock. (That’s right, no fan, I say, Sorry Sandra!) The Pluses for THE NET are a mention of an alcoholic beverage, it was/is a good flashback to the 90’s and yeah for computer hacking. Is your identity safe?!!!! Be like Sandra and keep yourself safe and never trust someone who drinks the SAME alcoholic beverage as you. DUH!

Re-Watching THE WITCH with a packed theater made the film even better for me. Sometimes you need an active audience to really appreciate a film. I did like the movie when I saw it the first time as I was fortunate to have a good viewing partner at a press screening, but the audience was more on the serious side. The crowd at the Sundance Theater, all over 21 and ready for some scary moments, was reacting well to those moments which made the film even better. I knew what was coming but I enjoyed seeing people jump in their seats and hear loud gasps and “eeewww” reactions. That’s just one reason why you watch movies in the theater! Yup.

galaxy-questI have been spending a lot of time with my nieces lately, and together we’re learning coding, playing D&D and watching movies. I LOVE any opportunity to watch a movie with my nieces! The movie we watched together was GALAXY QUEST and they loved it. It didn’t hurt that some good friends of theirs had recently recommended it and they gave it a fair chance. (They are already picky kids!) Now, they don’t know too much about Star Trek yet but now I think they are interested to check it out. GALAXY QUEST really has a great repeat factor, I get caught up in it every time and my nieces laughed and got teary-eyed with me too (you know what part!).

On my BIRTHDAY back in March I let my guy Dave pick a movie to watch and he chose a good re-see in EXCALIBUR. It had been a long time since I revisited that one and I had a blast. It’s a movie I grew up on and it that got me excited about King Arthur, Knights and Classical Music. Oh and it has the most awesome cast, including Liam Neeson! (DARKMAN FOREVER!) See I loved Liam long before he was DARKMAN! Yup.

600full-grease-2-posterAnd lastly my favorite recent re-see…C-O-O-L…Inspired by this article: ‘Grease 2:’ Feminist Masterpiece and the Superior ‘Grease’ Film I happily and eagerly re-watched GREASE 2!

I have no shame in professing my love of GREASE 2, it is not a guilty pleasure to me! GREASE 2 is a fine film, a great musical and it has a COOL RIDER! I watched; sang along and even caught my guy Dave humming along.

GREASE 2 excels in entertaining me to no end and there’s NO FLYING CAR ENDING! There’s a Rock-A-Hula-Luau! We find out just “who that guy is!” and a good lesson is learned; you CAN have two for the price of one. 😉 wink wink. I’m the certain-est that my heart will love GREASE 2 forever and ever. Now I have an itch to go bowling and eat a hamburger with double ketchup, yup yup yup!

I’ll be back soon (yes soon!) to ramble on about more movies, movie drinks and probably comic books! FREE COMIC BOOK DAY IS COMING! (Cross the streams!)