Oh man, I haven’t blogged in ages! My last was back in April and then my last movie tally was back in March! Where have I been? What have I been doing? Well life, such as it is, gets busy and I am the eternal procrastinator with dreams of writing more stuff and so it goes. But as I am trying to find more time to catch up on things I’ll again try and be better.

I did recently have a chance to share some of my favorite underrated movies from 1987 over at one of my favorite blogs this month! Please go check it out!!!!! RUPERT PUMPKIN SPEAKS!

Now, here’s some movies I’ve seen since March, my lists of new and re-sees!

NEW MOVIES: (#27-115)

  • EARLY MAN (2018) | 3/4/18 | Edwards Alhambra 
  • ANNIHILATION (2018) | 3/4/18 | Edwards Alhambra
  • WINCHESTER (2018) | 3/4/18 | Edwards Alhambra 
  • MUTE (2010 | 3/7/18 | Netflix
  • STORM IN A TEACUP (1937) | 3/9/18 | Filmstruck
  • DEMON WIND (1980) | 3/9/18 | Amazon 
  • NIGHTMARE AT NOON a.k.a. DEATH STREET USA (1988) | 3/10/11 | Amazon 
  • $ (1971) | 3/16/18 | DVD 
  • SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING (2017) | 3/18/18 | STARZ
  • SEASON OF THE WITCH (1972) | 3/20/18 | Amazon
  • ALASKA (1944) | 3/23/18 | Amazon 
  • JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (2017) | 3/27/18 | CABLE 
  • THE DISASTER ARTIST (2017) | 3/28/18 | Redbox 
  • READY PLAYER ONE (2018) | 3/29/18 | Arclight Pasadena 
  • TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (1946) | 3/29/18 | DVD 
  • MARTHA GRAHAM DANCE ON FILM *Shorts* A Dancer’s World (1957), Appalachian Spring (1958) | 3/29/18 | DVD
  • THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (2017) | 3/31/18 | Amazon
  • CONTAINMENT (2016) | 3/31/18 | Amazon
  • ROCK SLYDE (2009) | 4/3/18 | Amazon 
  • OUT THERE (1995) | 4/4/18 | Amazon 
  • THE TIGER HUNTER (2016) | 4/10/18 | Netflix 
  • REVOLT (2017) | 4/12/18 | Netflix 
  • SPLIT (2016) | 4/14/18 | HBO GO
  • LOGAN (2017) | 4/15/18 | Cable
  • FINDING YOUR FEET (2018) | 4/19/18 | Pasadena Playhouse 
  • POLICEWOMAN (1974) | 4/21/18 | Amazon 
  • ANDRE THE GIANT (2018) | 4/23/18 | HBO/DV-R
  • THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE (1959) | 4/27/18 | DVD 
  • BEYOND SKYLINE (2017) | 4/29/18 | Netflix
  • FIRST MAN INTO SPACE (1957) | 4/30/18 | DVD 
  • AVENGERS: INFINITY WARS (2018) | 5/8/18 | Edwards Alhambra 
  • THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (1970) | 5/11/18 | Filmstruck
  • NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH (1948) | 5/12/18 | Filmstruck 
  • THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD (2017) | 5/12/18 | Cable 
  • TREMORS: A COLD DAY IN HELL (2018) | 5/13/18 | Stream 
  • PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES (2013) | 5/18/18 | STARZ

Brendan Fraser Elvis!

  • CATTLE DRIVE (1951) | 5/19/18 | SHOWTIME
  • HOUSE OF BLACKMAIL (1953) | 5/19/18 | Amazon 
  • DEADPOOL 2 (2018) | 5/22/18 | Edwards Alhambra 
  • MOST LIKELY TO MURDER (2018) | 5/26/18 | Amazon rental
  • TALE OF TALES (2015) | 5/27/18 | Netflix 
  • SMALL TOWN GIRL (1953) | 5/28/18 | Filmstruck
  • HURRICANE HEIST (2018) | 6/8/18 | Amazon Rental 
  • SPECIES II (1998) | 6/17/18 | HBO GO
  • THE BEING (1983) | 6/14/18 | Amazon
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK (2017) | 6/18/18 | HULU
  • THE EMBASSY (1972) | 6/22/18 | Amazon 
  • JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM (2018) | 6/24/18 | Harkins Theater Moreno Valley
  • REMEMORY (2017) | 6/27/18 | Amazon 
  • TELL ME SOMETHING (1999) | 7/7/18 | DVD 
  • IT (2017) | 6/30/18 | HBO GO 
  • THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT (1951) | 7/9/18 | Filmstruck 
  • BATMAN: RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS (2016) | 7/11/18 | Amazon 
  • NEVER SO FEW (1959) | 7/13/18 | TCM | Rating: 3
  • ANTMAN &  THE WASP (2018) | 7/18/18 | THE LOT 
  • TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES (2018) | 7/27/18 | AMC Monterey Park 
  • EXTINCTION (2018) | 7/28/18 | Netflix 
  • OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE (1984) | 8/2/18 | THIS! 
  • HOW TO BEAT THE HIGH COST OF LIVING (1980) | 8/3/18 | THIS! 
  • SCOOBY-DOO: SCARE CAMP (2010) | 8/3/18 | Rental 
  • OUTLAND (1981) | 8/4/18 | Filmstruck 
  • HANDSOME: A NETFLIX MYSTERY MOVIE ( 2017) | 8/518 | Netflix 
  • A QUIET PLACE (2018) | 8/7/18 | Blu-Ray
  • KEDI (2016) | 8/9/18 | Kanopy 
  • MUSHROOMS (1995) | 8/10/18 | Kanopy 
  • BLOOD RAGE a.k.a. SLASHER (1987) | 8/21/18 | Kanopy 
  • MURDER AT THE GALLOP (1963) | 8/19/18 | Filmstruck 
  • UPGRADE (2018) | 8/28/18 | Google Rental 
  • MYSTERIOUS HEROES (1970) a.k.a. WU TANG SWORDSMAN | 8/19/18 | Amazon 
  • DEEP STAR SIX (1989) | 8/9/18 | Amazon 
  • SCOOBY-DOO: FRANKENCREEPY (2014) | 9/10/18 | Rental 
  • TAG (2018) | 9/12/18 | Rental 
  • I SHOT JESSE JAMES (1949) | 9/15/18 | Filmstruck 
  • SCOOBY-DOO AND THE ALIEN INVADERS (2000) | 9/14/18 | Rental
  • OCEAN’S EIGHT (2018) | 9/21/18 | Blu-Ray Redbox
  • BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (2013) | 9/29/18 | Kanopy
  • SCOOBY-DOO AND THE GOURMET GHOST (2018) | 10/1/18 | DVD Redbox 
  • DREAMCATCHER (2003) | 10/5/18 | Netflix 
  • DOBERMAN COP (1977) | 10/7/18 | Egyptian Beyond Fest | (Sonny Chiba Q&A!)


  • THE SEVENTH VICTIM (1943) | 10/13/18 | TCM 
  • SKYSCRAPER (2018) | 10/13/18 | Blu-Ray Redbox 
  • GREEN ICE (1981) | 10/18/18 | Amazon
  • THE DARK (1979) | 10/19/19 | Amazon 
  • THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS (2018) | 10/20/18 | Redbox 
  • GANJA & HESS (1973) | 10/26/18 | Kanopy 
  • GENOCIDE (1968) | 10/28/18 | Filmstruck 

RE-SEE MOVIES: (10-44)

  • GREASE 2 (1982) | 3/12/18 | Ahrya Fine Arts Theater (Cast Q&A)
  • THE SECRET OF MY SUCE$S (1987) | 3/22/18 | AMAZON
  • GREASE 2 (1982) | 3/24/18 | DVR
  • DOOMSDAY (2008) | 4/7/18 | STARZ
  • CRY DANGER (1951) | 4/21/18 | TCM 
  • DRAG ME TO HELL (2009) | 4/24/18 | LOS FELIZ 3 (Q&A event)
  • THEM! (1954) | 4/27/18 | DVD
  • EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (1987) | 5/5/18 | DVD (w/ Celia)
  • DANCE OF THE DEAD (2008) | 5/19/18 | Hollywood Chinese (Q&A)
  • ARACHNOPHOBIA (1990) | 5/27/18 | ROSEMEAD HIGH SCHOOL 24hr fest finale
  • BLACK PANTHER (2018) | 6/7/18 | ACADEMY (With Dad, Ramone, Celia, Effie)
  • HOT FUZZ (2007) | 6/11/18 | Netflix
  • SPECIES (1995) | 6/16/18 | HBO GO
  • SPECIES II (1989) | 6/17/18 | HBO GO
  • IT (1990) | 6/19-6/22/18  | HULU
  • ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK (1988) | 7/2/18 | HULU
  • THE WOLF MAN (1941) | 8/11/18 | SVENGOOLIE ME TV
  • RABID (1977) | 8/18/18 | KANOPY
  • MATINEE (1993) | 8/22/18 | BLU-RAY Library
  • DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS (1963) | 8/26/18 | AMAZON
  • THE FUGITIVE (1993)
  • PASSENGER 57 (1992) | 8/30/18 | HBO GO
  • WHAT WE DO IN SHADOWS (2014) | 8/3/18 | AMAZON
  • MEN AT WORK (1990) | 9/15/18 | AMAZON
  • HAROLD AND MAUDE (1971) | 9/16/18 | NUART (w/ Celia)

Celia got to see Harold and Maude for the first time on a big screen!!!

  • DARKMAN (1990) | 9/24/18 | CABLE
  • BAD MOON (1996) | 9/29/19 | TUBI
  • REC 3 (2012) | 10/17/18 | HULU
  • THE BRIDE (1985) | 10/21/18 | AMAZON

MOVIES! I’ve watched 159 movies so far! Still planning on watching more, while I can! Tonight is HALLOWEEN so I’ll watch something for sure as candy gets passed out!

I’ve got a few movie blog ideas cooking and stuff to share, so please stay tuned, eventually I’ll write and I’m thankful for anyone who wants to read along!


Movies here and movies there, I watch them when I can! The world is crazy and crazier each day but I still have movies to entertain me, distract me, and make me happy. So yeah, I’ve leaned more towards fun movies that deliver me the happy thoughts more than anything as of late. Now, here’s what I’ve been watching since a few months back in the Summer Fun times up to right now!



  • MST3K: THE RETURN: WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM (1985) | 6/20/17 | Netflix 
  • MINIONS (2015) | 6/30/17 | Netflix 
  • CERTAIN FURY (1985) | 7/2/17 | DVD 

  • MUTANT (1984) | 7/11/17 | Amazon Instant
  • VALERIAN (2017) | 7/20/17 | AMC Mission Hills San Diego 
  • BATMAN & HARLEY QUINN (2017) | 7/21/17 | SDCC Ballroom 20 
  • ONE DARK NIGHT (1982) | 7/23/17 | Amazon 
  • ROAD HOUSE (1948) | 8/8/17 | DVD 
  • ALLISON’S BIRTHDAY (1981) | 8/28/17 | YouTube 
  • KNIGHT RIDERS (1981) | 8/31/17

  • COLOSSAL (2016) | 9/2/17 | Blu-Ray
  • IT’S A DISASTER (2012) | 9/14/17 | DVD 
  • THE MOST TERRIBLE TIME IN MY LIFE (1993) | 9/15/17 | DVD 
  • UNLOCKED (2017) | 9/19/17 | Amazon Instant 
  • WHEELS OF FIRE (1985) | 9/23/17 | YouTube
  • MOANA (2016) | 9/28/17 | Netflix 
  • WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY (2017) | 9/29/17 | Netflix 
  • THE STAIRWAY TO THE DISTANT PAST (1995) | 9/30/17 
  • EQUINOX (1979) | 10/4/17/ | FilmStruck
  • GATES OF HELL (1953) | 10/6/17 | DVD 
  • CULT OF CHUCKY (2017) | 10/7/17 | Netflix 
  • THE GRAVE(1996) | 10/8/17 | Amazon Instant 
  • THE TRAP (1996) | 10/13/17 | DVD
  • TOP SECRET AFFAIR (1957) | 10/14/17 | DV-R 
  • WOLF GUY (1975) | 10/17/17 | Blu-Ray 

  • THE MAGICIAN (1958) | 10/17/17 | DVD 
  • BABY DRIVER (2017) | 10/20/17 | Amazon rental 
  • THE RETURN (1980) | 10/20/17 | Amazon 
  • BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA (1974) | 10/28/17 
  • BEWARE! THE BLOB (1972) | 10/31/17 
  • THE DEVIL PLAYS (1931) | 11/1/17 

My big favorites and highlights among the new movies:

BATMAN & HARLEY QUINN, which I saw at Comic-Con with a crowd of my fellow Comic-Con nerds. The more adult cartoon from WB had good laughs. Nightwing + Harley…ooohhh indeed! (Yea for BOOSTER GOLD cameo!!!!!)

Superhero Team!

The Ida Lupino ROAD HOUSE was a good find, I had discovered the sheet music for it (which I gave to my sister) and then rented the movie at good old Vidéotèque. Ida Lupino is one of my favorites! Ida is a singer who came to a little night club, where the owner, played by Richard Widmark, thought he had dibs. Well, old Widmark couldn’t take it when she fell in love with his bestfriend/partner. When a lady know what she wants, don’t get in her way!

COLOSSAL was one of the more serious films I’ve watched, even if it had a giant monster, as of late. It wasn’t a movie that made me happy, and it sure did make me anxious as it really captured the toxic male culture that affect women, but all in all it ended just right.

My most FAVORITE, favorite, favorite discovery has to be a trilogy, from DVD’s found at the South Pasadena Library. The Maiku Hama trilogy: THE MOST TERRIBLE TIME IN MY LIFE, THE STAIRWAY TO THE DISTANT PAST and THE TRAP, all starring Masatoshi Nagase (from Mystery Train)!!!!!! Masatochi is detective Makiu Hama, that’s his real name, and through the course of three films and strange cases I absolutely fell in love with this world. I can’t understand how I never heard of these films back in the 90’s and now I just want to seem them all together on a big screen!!!! (Hey do I know any programmers who can make a girls dream come true???)


CULT OF CHUCKY delivered another fun CHUCKY outing. This series just keeps on entertaining little ‘ol me! YUP!!!

My other October Halloween highlights with things I had never seen before include DRACULA, starring Jack Palance and BEWARE! THE BLOB, which was directed by Larry Hagman. First off DRACULA was a good fun straight forward take on Bram Stoker’s world. Palance was a tough vamp for sure. Then BLOB, just a silly movie, where a fun cast of actors let themselves get gobbled up by the globby pink/red mass. Cindy Williams, Burgess Meredith, Gerrit Graham were a few fun faces to see. How can you not enjoying watching some hippy dippy, avocado sandwich eating kids get attacked in a little town. Hee, hee! So bad it’s good!



  • THE CURSE (1987) | 6/28/17 | YouTub
  • DEAD END DRIVE-IN (1987) | 7/1/17 | DVD
  • ICEBREAKER (2000) RiffTrax | 7/5/17 | Amazon Instant
  • STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE (director’s cut) (1979) | CABLE | 7/27/17
  • ROAD HOUSE (1989) | 8/12/17 | DVD, outside w/ Dylan & Vanessa and others
  • POLTERGEIST (1982) | 9/4/17 | DVD
  • CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (1977) | 9/13/17 | Living Room Theaters (Portland) *Only people in the theater!
  • MARY POPPINS (1964) | 9/24/17 |  DVD
  • HOT FUZZ (2007)  | 9/24/17 |  DVD
  • ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975)  | 9/24/17 |  DVD
  • HERCULES (1997) | 9/27/17 | Netflix
  • MYSTERY TRAIN (1989) | 9/30/17 | FILMSTRUCK
  • FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980) | 10/1/17 | CABLE
  • WACKO (1982) | 10/5/17 | YouTube
  • THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER (1990) | 9/7/17 | Amazon
  • BORN IN EAST L.A. (1987) | 10/9/17 | Samuel Goldwyn Theater (Q&A Cheech Marin)

  • EVIL DEAD (1981) | 10/21/17 | THE FRIDA CINEMA
  • SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983) | 10/21/17 | THE FRIDA CINEMA
  • THE BURNING (1981) | 10/22/17 | THE FRIDA CINEMA
  • DRACULA 2000 (2000) | 10/28/17 | Amazon
  • HALLOWEEN (1978) | 10/31/17 | Amazon Rental

Dave and I were on vacation and we got to have a very special movie outing, checking out the re-release of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. It was at an awesome spot in Portland and we were the only ones in the theater!!!! WOOT!!!

Later in September, when I threw out my back I was stuck in my bed and got a chance to re-watch some fun films I had on DVD: MARY POPPINS, HOT FUZZ and ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW which sure made a strange marathon.

My sister and I had a rare date night, and we got to see a 30th Anniversary screening at the Academy of BORN IN EAST L.A. with Cheech Marin, Paul Rodriguez and Kamala Lopez Q&A. Let’s hear it for the chicanos!!! Seeing this movie on a big screen was a dream come true. I’d only ever watched it on Cable and on VHS. Seeing it with my sister was super duper special! It is one of her all time favorites, by the way! WAAS SAPPENING!!!

For October I was so very happy to finally get to go to a horror movie marathon! I trekked on down to THE FRIDA CINEMA and saw a bunch of movies, if you haven’t read my movie report it’s right here:  http://shempcat.com/camp-frida-outing/

Movie Marathon Fun Time!

And with that I’ll wrap up my ramblings and get back to movie watching! Today is THOR DAY and so I’ll be getting some superhero movie fun in just a few hours!

Hope you’re having fun in movie watching land! Let’s all enjoy the films so we don’t go crazy in this crazy world! Yup.

What is October without horror movies? Well I have not been able to hit the cinemas as often as I like and I have missed out on more than one movie marathon the last few years, but you can’t keep a movie watcher like me down for long!

Let’s Watch Movies Together!

The Frida Cinema, down in Santa Ana has been on the revival cinema scene for a while now, since 2012. I’ve been following from afar loving their programming, wishing I could take the trek on down. Well, my time finally came as it was October and they announced their first Horror Movie Marathon event, CAMP FRIDA! This was to be camp themed and a handful of secret movies would be sandwiched between EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2. Yup two of my ALL TIME FAVES! So of course, my guy Dave and I got our tickets and counted down the days to go!

The theater is nestled in downtown Santa Ana and a Día De los Muertos event was going on, along with the High School Homecoming dance as kid were dressed to the nines ready to party. Being an L.A. nerd I worried about lining up early, but the vibe in Santa Ana is more chill when it comes to stuff like lines. So the bright side was Dave and I got to explore it up a bit, find a nice meal and power up before sitting down hours and hours.

But, yes, I did manage to get myself the FIRST in line spot, just like Riff Randall. 😉

The camp theme was in full effect with eager Counselor Aly and her pals coming out to instruct us of what was to come. The Main Lodge would house our movies and if we were 21 and up we could get some grown up drinks and bug juice throughout the night.

There was to be some fun camp activities, coloring time, a talent show, buttons for sale of all the movies to come. A Low-Budget camp, but all the fun!!! SOPHIE’S SWEETS Cupcakes were up for grabs for a little donation. There was a spinning wheel on stage! (What was it for!?!)

The Main Lodge was a small theater, seated over 300 campers if I’m not mistaken. The event hadn’t sold out, but it did fill up. Just as we filled seats counselors were in the aisles twirling around some pine scented air fresheners to give us the in the woods feel.

Listen to your Counselors on how to survive!

This event put on by the FRIDA had some promotion help from the students of CAL STATE FULLERTON, there was the #CAMPFRIDA on Snapchat filter to be used all night and more than a few selfies taken from the stage!

A while after 9pm ready to kick off the festivities, the crowd was asked by Brian, of who in the theater had never seen EVIL DEAD and about 20 people raised their hands. Someone shouted out a sort of boo, but more people rallied back with a cheer, because what’s a better place to see EVIL DEAD for the first time than in a theater, with lots of people reacting to the horror fun?! There was about another 20 plus people seeing EVIL DEAD for the first time on a big screen, though they’d see it a 100 times over. I’m in the lucky group who’s seen it so many times over and on a big screen too!

So EVIL DEAD hit the screen, this was no nonsense marathon, straight into the movies and horror of the night! I really have seen EVIL DEAD a bunch of times, and I plan to watch it many more. There’s always something special about watching it on a big screen. It still gets me to jump at times! I love seeing young BRUCE CAMPBELL. I bask in Sam Raimi’s direction. The sound assault of the Evil Dead attacking those young folks in the forest, the crowd truly enjoyed the ride! PARTY DOWN! 

Hi Camp Counselor Aly!

There was a 20 minute break next before the next film.

Say Cheese!!!! Hi Snapchat!

As a way to announce what the next secret movie to screen there was a little game! A picture was shown on the screen and people would raise their hand if they knew the answer….it was quite hard to not shout it out. There were pins made of those pictures and only a $1.00! I got myself a button or three before the night was done!

Next up was SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Yea! The crowd was so happy. Counselor Aly admitted she had only just seen the movie for the first time a while ago and was still reeling about the crop top shirts featured in the fim. I actually had never seen this one on a big screen. So that was way exciting for me. SLEEPAWAY CAMP has Angela and her cousin, who’s a camp going regular off to the woods with a bunch of other campers. Angela is a bit strange, doesn’t talk, doesn’t play the games and other boys and girls just want to pick on her. What is the secret here? People start getting injured or die! But who’s the killer? Hmmmm…I know most people are ready to spoil things, but what’s the fun in that? SLEEPAWAY CAMP is a crowd pleaser for sure!

Everyone Bunks In The Main Lodge!

After another break we were told there was to be two movies to choose from next! THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT or CABIN IN THE WOODS. It was rather nice that there was another option for those who can’t handle BLAIR WITCH shakey cam. My guy Dave was ready to go watch CABIN but stayed with me in the end. I hadn’t watched THE BLAIR WITCH since it first came out. I saw it twice in the theaters and found it to be creepy and that night was afraid of my dark room corners. The shakey cam didn’t bug me, just the creepy factor!

Watching BLAIR WITCH again was just as entertaining. The movie was quite a lightning moment back then and I’m glad I chose to watch it again this time out. Yes, I got creeped out! They just did a good job of setting up the documentary feel, and no one like getting trapped in the woods. That helpless feel, the urge to yell at the screen saying just follow the river downstream…but man, no one can scream like that Heather!

There was another 20 minute break as CABIN IN THE WOODS was still playing. I was going to watch, but had a comfy spot. Counselor Aly was out and her helpers passed out CAMP FRIDA postcards and they even offered to send them off for us!

Next up was a FRIDAY THE 13th movie! But what would it be? That’s where the spinning wheel came into play! Jason himself came to spin the wheel, but in the end he chased off Counselor Aly. UH OH!

THE FINAL CHAPTER started AND yeah we all know it was far from the Final one! There’s the handy recap from all the other movies! Yup, and though Jason was thought dead he’s soon back to killing, from the hospital to the woods. Oh, that poor hitchhiker! So who will Jason kill next? The family? Corey Feldman is a young horror make-up nut and his older teen sister enjoys the woods, hoping her divorced folks will get back together. The party Kids? A bunch of other kids are around just to party in a cabin, so we get the Crispin Glover dancing and lots of sex, sex. Jason is in slasher heaven! The viewing crowd ate this one up of course!

From Jason the back to camp times continued as our next film was THE BURNING.

Oh, before I forget…We were treated to a little video from Counselor Aly, seems she ran off to escape Jason and though she found safety in a tent, it didn’t last, poor Aly, R.I.P. (Good one Camp Friday, Good One!)

I first saw THE BURNING at a New Bev horrorthon, and I recall that the big disappointment was that the print we saw was missing some key kill scene. Well this time it was intact. I hadn’t seen THE BURNING since that last time. It’s a fun movie, I think a lot in attendance were seeing it for the first time. Especially when it came to the reaction of spotting Jason Alexander on screen. THE BURNING though got some interesting crowd reactions from the start as this one was a Weinstein production. Yup, when old Harvey’s name hit the screen twice, EVERYONE BOO-ED! Realizing a Weinstein had a hand in the screenplay, for me, it actually made all the skeezy guys in the movie MORE skeezy. GROSS!!! Yup. So we get an old camp, where a bad camp worker was burned ages ago by some mean kids, many years later that old camp guy is back for his revenge. Kids are getting killed while other teens are interested in doing it. I like seeing young Fisher Stevens in this movie. There’s good gore kills too, a fitting flick for the nights theme.

After THE BURNING we learned another movie would screen before EVIL DEAD 2! It was THE WITCH. I really like THE WITCH, but it’s a slow burn movie, takes it’s time and I was tired. The lure of EVIL DEAD 2 finale was hard to resist, but my guy Dave and I opted for an early out, so we could drive back to L.A. before AM traffic would be a bit worse for us, especially after not having slept for oh so many hours. Sadly we missed out on the end of the marathon award, but maybe next year!

I really can’t wait for the chance to get back to THE FRIDA, I had a blast, love the atmosphere and the people working there were super cool! This outing really made my October complete! Yup!

See you soon FRIDA! I shall return! Yup!

on-the-road-to-conComikazie, now known as Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, was just last weekend. Yup, one week ago! Zooom!

I hadn’t been able to attend last year, but this year I had a free Sunday and my niece Celia was able to come along too with me and my dad! As a trio, we three eagerly made our way through traffic, to the Los Angeles Convention center! Yup! VROOM VROOM down the 110 freeway! (Yeah it was not VROOM VROOM, but slow slow!)

We got inside just about 11AM and began our big adventure to walk up and down all the aisles, browsing all there was to see and buying things that said “buy me!” The floor was pretty busy for a Sunday! Lots of people all happy and having fun! It was packed but never overwhelming to get through the crowd.





                  WHICH WAY SHOULD WE GO????


BADGES, WE HAVE BADGES! (oldie but goodie!)

BADGES, WE HAVE BADGES! (oldie but goodie!)

One of my favorite things about conventions is the cosplay! There’s lots of cosplay too at this convention! I loved it! I’m like “OOOH! LOOK AT THAT!” I am giddy seeing the detail people put into their outfits!! I do ask cosplayers if I may take their pictures first and remember it’s the polite thing to do! (Manners, people!)

One of the first and best cosplay we saw was a couple dressed as Hawkgirl and Hawkman! Their wings were fully retractable and flapped! It was amazing!

Their Wings Move!!

             Their Wings Move!!


STRANGER THINGS was super popular too!!

Blurry But Still AMAZING! Winona Forever!

Blurry But Still AMAZING! Winona Forever!



And now just a one more favorite!



Besides the cosplay there’s so much to see, so many talented artists sharing their work! Toys that I dream of having, Comic Books I need for my collection. Buttons, Pins, bows, wallets, handmade goods! I just LOVE going to conventions! Yup!







UH OH!!!!!!!!!!!

UH OH!!!!!!!!!!!

My dad had our comic book need list, though a much more condensed version than what we usually venture out with, so near the end when we found the 50 cent comic book bins we didn’t go as crazy as we could have! Celia was awesome and helped me dig through the boxes! We filled in some good comic book gaps!







We walked and walked all morning and into the afternoon! Celia got some cool stuff, and a few gifts for her siblings! I scored a new bow, my dad and I got comic books! It was a success!







Yup, I had fun at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, whew, that’s a lot to say! (type!) Celia had fun and so did my dad! We delighted in our nerdom and are looking forward to doing so again real soon! It’s nice to share my geeky ways with my family! You got to pass on the things you love and that’s what going to Conventions is about! Wearing your fandom on your sleeve! YUP!

MOVIE TALLY! I am a slacker! But what else is new? Let’s share movies!!! I love movies! Yup!

As I continue to watch movies (slow and slow and steady) my total is 163 movies, with 113 new movies and 51 re-sees! Here’s my list from mid July to now!


  • MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (2016) | 7/12/16 | DVD 
  • CULT OF THE COBRA (1955) | 7/16/16 | Svengoolie 
  • CELL (2016) | 7/17/16 | Cable Rental 
  • GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) | 7/19/16 | Edwards Alhambra 
  • THE KILLING JOKE (2016) | 7/22/16 | Comic-Con Ballroom 20 
  • STAR TREK: BEYOND (2016) | 7/26/16 | NOHO 7
  • TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) | 7/28/16 | CGV 
Take the train! Zombies, Train, OH MY!

Take the train and Run! Beware of Zombies! ZOMBIES!

  • SATAN MET A LADY (1936) | 8/4/16 | DVD 
  • THE MALTESE FALCON (1931) | 8/4/16 | DVD 
  • THUNDERBOLT (1929) | 8/4/16 | TCM 
  • ALL FALL DOWN (1962) | 8/5/16 | TCM 
  • CURUCU, BEAST OF THE AMAZON (1956) | 8/7/16 | Svengoolie
  • JASON BOURNE (2016) | 8/9/16 | Alhambra Edwards
  • MI-5 (2015) | 8/10/16 | HBO GO 
  • THUNDER & LIGHTNING (1977) | 8/14/16 | YouTube
Moonshine, Gator Preachers, Highjinks!

Moonshine, Gator Preachers, Carradine, Cars! Vroom!

  • EYE OF THE STRANGER (1981) | 8/14/15 | YouTube
  • ONE BY ONE aka MAJORETTES (1987) | 8/15/16 | YouTube 
  • SUICIDE SQUAD (2016) | 8/23/16 | Alhambra Edwards
  • REALITY (2015) | 8/25/16 | DVD
  • RANCHO DELUXE (1974) | 8/25/16 | DVD
  • LURED (1947) | 8/26/16 | TCM DV-R | Rating: 5
Mike is a detective and he's pretty dang cool!

Mike is a detective and he’s pretty dang cool!

  • VIRTUAL ASSASSINS aka CYBERJACK (1995) | 9/1/16 | STARZ App
  • JANE GOT A GUN (2016) | 9/2/16 | Netflix
  • THE FOREST (2016) | 9/6/16 | HBO Go
  • MAN FROM RIO (1964) | 9/11/16 | Reel Grit 
  • MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (2016) | 9/22/16 | Edwards Alhambra 
Magnificent Seven gang! Take the Ride! Western Fun!

Magnificent Seven gang! Take the Ride! Western Fun!

  • GHOST TEAM (2016) | 9/29/16 | Stream 
Ghost Team! Justin Long is my hero! Ghost Beware!

Ghost Team! Justin Long is my hero! Ghost Beware!

  • MAN MADE MONSTER (1941) | 10/1/16 | Svengoolie 
  • THE FALLING (2014) | 10/1/16 | Netflix 


  • GHOSTBUSTERS (1984) | 7/27/16 | Cable Rental
  • WILLOW (1988) | 7/31/16 | DVD
Willow, Madmartigan! High Adventure!

Willow, Madmartigan! High Adventure!

  • NIGHT MONSTER (1942) | 8/14/16 | Svengoolie
  • DELIRIOUS (1991) | 8/14/16 | YouTube
  • LUCY (2014) | 8/16/16 | Cable
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014) | 8/21/16 | DVR
  • NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (1986) | 8/22/16 | DVD
  • HACKERS (1993) | 8/30/16 | Cable
  • FINAL DESTINATION 3 (2006) | 9/2/16 | Netflix
  • THE PHANTOM (1996) | 9/4/16 | Netflix



Yup, my guy Dave got me to watch HACKERS, yet again, I don’t know how he does that!!! Oh, AND Dave and I did rent WILLOW on DVD just for my nieces! It was a hit!  And, I got see THE PHANTOM yet again this time with both of my nieces! They liked it, yup yup yup! Movie sharing fun that is what it is all about! Yup!

Now that October is here, I’m going to aim for a movie a day, just like some other movie watching folks out there! Wish me luck!!! Happy Movie Watching one and all! Yup!

MOVIES!!!!!!! Yup, I watch them. January was filled with movies I’ve never seen before. Yea!!!!! These are my highlights of the month! (Do I use too many exclamation points?)

apes posterThanks to having HBO GO I finally watched all of the original PLANET OF THE APES movies. I’d seen most of them in bits and parts but never sat through them from beginning to end (except for part one).  PLANET OF THE APES still holds up and after that I’d say CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is my next fave. Let’s hear it for the apes!


The Apes Said NO!!!!!

    The Apes Said NO!!!!!


For my first theatrical outing I got to see THE HATEFUL EIGHT, 70mm road show version in 35mm at the New Beverly with my guy Dave and my dad.

I have been turning to YouTube more for movies, especially movies on the Paramount Vault channel. They have a bunch of oldie flicks and that’s where I watched KING CREOLE on Elvis’ b-day! Sing Elvis, SING!

Elvis Sings, Matthau is a meanie and Carolyn Jones is the beautiful bad girl.

Elvis Sings, Walter Matthau is a meanie and Carolyn Jones is the beautiful bad girl.


heroes of eastA few Sundays were filled with Kung Fu flicks I found on Netflix; HEROES OF THE EAST (1978) and THE FIVE VENOMS (1978). They really delivered on the fights and action. In HEROES OF THE EAST an arranged marriage of Chinese man and Japanese woman begets a martial arts challenge. The Chinese man must battle 7 Japanese warriors. THE FIVE VENOMS, features the fighting styles of the Centipede, Lizard, Snake, Toad and Scorpion. An old master sends off his last pupil to find out which of his students chose to use their fighting styles for evil. I highly recommend checking them out. Yup.


Also on Netflix I found THE VAMPIRE’S COFFIN (1958) a Mexican vampire movie, a.k.a. EL ATADÚD DEL VAMPIRO. I love watching old Spanish movies (I get to practice my español).

vampiroIt was a fun film and now I found it was a sequel so I have to seek out part one! But what happens is a doctor steals Count Lavud’s coffin from a graveyard and once the stake in his heart is removed he’s awake and looking for blood. Of course as fate has it the Count is near the woman he desires. This vampire loves phasing through walls and flying as a bat. I truly adore old vampire movies, this vampire stalked the streets in style with his cape and shadow.

My favorite film find of the month was on YouTube called TIME TABLE where the motto is “There is no such thing as a perfect crime, just a lucky one.” A well planned train robbery starts off the film and in true noir fashion there’s more to it than just an old robbery. A few highlights of this film was the mention of L.A. cities and Alan Reed who was the voice of Fred Flintstone. It was a good solid noir but if I say more, it would spoil the ride.

time table

“Every case is an ulcer.”


So those films were among my favorites and below is my list of what I saw the whole month, only 2 re-sees! Here’s hoping for more movies in February and more movie outings! Yup.


  1. HOT PURSUIT (2015) | 01/01/16 | DVD 
  2. WE ARE STILL HERE (2015) | 1/2/15 | Blu-Ray 
  3. BENEATH PLANET OF THE APES (1970) | 1/3/16 | HBO GO
  6. THE HATEFUL EIGHT (2015) | 1/4/16 | New Beverly
  8. REHEARSAL FOR MURDER (1982) | 1/6/16 | Amazon Instant 
  9. KING CREOLE (1958) | 1/8/16 | YouTube Paramount Vault 
  10. INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN (1957) | 1/8/16 | YouTube Paramount Vault 
  11. SATAN’S SATELLITES (1958) | 1/9/16 | YouTube Paramount Vault | (from a 1952 serial)
  12. THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE (1983) | 1/9/16 | YouTube Paramount Vault 
  13. HEROES OF THE EAST (1978) | 1/10/16 | Netflix 
  14. BLACK COAL, THIN ICE (2014) | 1/10/16 | Netflix 
  15. HONEYMOON (2014) | 1/11/16 | Netflix 
  16. WARLOCK 2: ARMAGEDDON (1993) | 1/14/16 | YouTube 
  17. THE FIVE VENOMS (1978) | 1/17/16 | Netflix 
  18. THE SNOW WHITE MURDER CASE (2015) | 1/17/16 | Reel Grit 
  19. TIME TABLE (1956) | 1/23/16 | YouTube (GLUB = Go Getter, Lucky, Up and At ‘Em, Bunco Artist At Heart) 
  20. THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK (1958) | 1/23/16 | YouTube Paramount Vault 
  21. DOUBLE EXPOSURE (1944) | 1/23/16 | YouTube Paramount Vault 
  22. HIGH NOON PART II: THE RETURN OR WILL KANE (1980) | 1/27/16 | Encore Western/Cable 
  23. THE VAMPIRE’S COFFIN (EL ATADÚD DEL VAMPIRO) (1958) | 1/30/16 | Netflix 
  24. MAN IN THE VAULT (1956) | 1/31/16 | YouTube Paramount Vault


  1. PLANET OF THE APES (1970) | 1/3/16 | HBO GO
  2. VOLUNTEERS (1985) | 1/5/16 | HBO GO

Time to go watch more movies!!!!!!!!! YUP!