A Nerd Plus One – The Adventure Has Begun And Continues! (I’m Thankful for it!)

As they say in that movie…”Life moves pretty fast…” and so life has indeed been going fast for me on my end. Since Thursday, January 31st, 2019 my life adventure has had a little addition for me and My Guy Dave. We are now parents. Yup, I’m a mommy! We have a baby girl! HGW!

Crazy! I’m a mom, the day I said that out loud I cried! Now my baby girl just reached 43 weeks and before I know it HGW will be a year old! Ahhh! Where does the time go? It just zips on by and I am here riding the wave enjoying every moment.

My little baby bean is crawling, babbling, giggling and bringing me absolute joy! I’m spoiling her as much as she spoils me. I can’t explain just how exciting it is to come home from work and see my baby smile and have her jump into my arms. (mom brag…)

Movie watching, my most favorite past time, has gone to the back burner with baby around. My Guy Dave and I have watched more TV shows since interruptions to TV aren’t as distracting as stopping a movie. We dove into ELEMENTARY (and still not done with it..) during the first of many late nights up with baby. She always seemed to perk up though when Sherlock, aka Jonny Lee Miller, got to talking. So much for sleeping baby!

And yet, movies have been seen! I am still keeping a tally, but I feel like I miss one now and again. Then believe it or not, I have been able to do a lot of reading. More tallies for me!

I truly do miss blogging, and sharing. I’m glad to finally take some time to get some rambling down while baby is happy in her playpen and I can jot down the feelings and memories because in a blink of an eye I’ll be a parent with a grown up kid…and then I can watch my movies anytime…(my priorities, huh?) But no rush, no rush to those days…

I’m looking forward to all the time I can with this kid ‘o mine, as we read, play and later on go and take her to movies. There are parks and things and more fun fun be had along with My Guy Dave (dad) and our Cooper dog. Family Stuff! Yup Yup Yup!

So what to share? Or what to focus on? It’s been a baby filled time. HGW experienced her first earthquake on the 4th of July, the same day we felt her teeth starting to come out! She’s got 6 teeth right now and is chomping on solids, she loves BANANAS.

HGW crawls around everywhere and wants to practice her walking from room to room. This baby will keep me nimble and spry as I chase after her. She is lucky to be with my folks, her Grandma and Grandpa. They get to do the spoiling grandparents thing and it’s fun watching them all together. I’m lucky, yup.

From here on out I’ll do my best to share nerdy adventures I have with my baby! We dressed her up as Wonder Woman for Halloween, though I called her my Wonder Tot.

With THANKSGIVING now past I’m just THANKFUL to have HGW, My Guy Dave and Cooper Dog, as my little family! We’re happy, healthy and that’s all I want! I’m thankful for my folks, my sis and her family, and all the rest of the family I have and My Guy Dave’s family, yay, family! It’s family time, excellent…But HGW has my heart like no other. YUP (Mushy stuff!)

I just want it out there, here on my little blog spot, my little place on the web where my family adventure sharing will continue when I can find the time to ramble on and on. Yeah I got to work on making/taking that time. (ME TIME!) Yup.

So, thanks for reading this prattle. It felt nice to just gab. I’m a silly, happy mom…so crazy! I’m a mom, and that’s C-O-O-L, cool. Yup.

Happy Little Family!

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