Cheers! Let’s have a drink, shall we? Watching old movies, movies set in the 30’s-50’s there’s always some drinking going on. The fellas come home from a hard day and pour themselves a drink. They go out to bars and joke with the bartender and drink down shots. Well I’ve recently watched some movies with interesting drinks I have never tried or never heard of before and one day I would like to drink them. Yup.

Below is a list of some drinks and the movies they were mentioned in, yup. (I’m sharing drink recipes that I’ve found on the internets and checking them in a handy bartender book my guy Dave has, yup.)

StingerKISS THEM FOR ME (1957) Cary Grant Suzy Parker Kiss Them For Me movie

A Stinger is made by adding crème de menthe to brandy/Cognac, you take a mixing glass filled with ice, add the crème de menthe (2/3 ounce) and brandy (1 3/4 ounce), stir and then strain it into a cold cocktail glass. It can also be served on the rocks.



gun runnersBoilermakerTHE GUN RUNNERS (1958)

A shot of Whiskey and a glass of beer. You drink the whiskey first and then chase it with a beer (A shot and a beer) OR you can mix the shot into the beer and drink together.



Pink Lady –  TOPPER (1937) THE DEVIL DIAMOND (1937)

Pink Lady-0007A gin drink and the main ingredients are gin, grenadine and egg white. Though it seems some recipes call for cream instead of egg white but then it’s a Pink Shimmy. It is said apple jack is in the original recipe for a Pink Lady which gave the drink it’s distinct flavor so you mix the gin (1 1/2 ounce), apple jack (3/4 ounce), grenadine (1-2 dashes), and 1 egg white into a shaker with ice, shake vigorously and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a cherry.

As I discover more drinks in movies I will add to this list, so stay tuned!  I do hope to have a day, party or gathering where I can try these drink myself and share them with my friends. Who’s up for a round? Cheers and drink responsibly! Never, EVER Drink And Drive, like they did in those old movie! Stay safe people, stay safe!